Google Says Some Search Console Data For December Might Be Inaccurate

Google quietly announced that a bug was discovered in Search Console which may impact reporting for a period of time in December.

December 8-13, 2019 Discover Update

Specifically, the bug affects reporting of Google Discover impressions and clicks between December 8 and December 13. As a result, site owners may see a data drop in the Performance report during that time period.

Google Search Console Error

This is important to take note of, especially for those who prepare monthly reports for clients. Google confirmed the issue has been fixed and that it only impacted data reporting.

The bug did not affect a site’s content being surfaced in Google Discover. Data reported after December 13 will be accurate, although data that was lost between the 8th and 13th will not be recovered.

Some good news, at least when it comes to Google Discover data, is Search Console will now be updated with the latest stats even faster. The turnaround time for data reporting has gone from 3 days to less than 24 hours – read more in our coverage here.

Screenshots taken by author, December 2019


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