YouTube Shows Users’ Comment History in New Profile Cards

YouTube is introducing profile cards, which display all comments a user has left on a particular video.

Tapping on the profile picture of a user who left a comment will pull up their profile card with a summary of public information about that user.

Information in the new YouTube profile cards include:

  • Name
  • Profile photo
  • Subscriber count
  • Recent comments/replies
  • Channels subscribed to

YouTube Shows Users’ Comment History in New Profile Cards

Comments displayed in a profile card are limited to the video currently being viewed. YouTube hopes this will contribute to a more welcoming community, which is certainly possible as users may think twice about leaving negative comments knowing they can be easily found in the profile card.

Perhaps even more telling than a user’s comment history is what channels they subscribe to, which will be on full display in their profile card. You can learn a lot about someone from the types of YouTube creators they subscribe to.

However, users can change what information is displayed in their profile card from the settings menu. So that may be worth looking into if you value your privacy on YouTube.

Profile cards are first rolling out to all users on the Android app in the coming days, with plans to launch on other devices in the future.


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