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Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, businesses worldwide face lots of uncertainty.

One thing will remain constant throughout this period — customers expect excellent experiences when interacting with a brand. According to Acquia’s latest CX Report, businesses plan to prioritize customer retention over the next 12 months: 56% plan to improve customer experience, and 58% will focus more on customer service.

This should be a common goal. To weather a potential storm, businesses must keep customers by meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Register today for “Master the CX Trifecta in 2023: Data, Content & Tech,” presented by Acquia,  and create the foundation for CX success this year and beyond.

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Über den Autor

Cynthia Ramsaran

Cynthia Ramsaran ist Leiterin für benutzerdefinierte Inhalte bei Third Door Media, Herausgeber von Search Engine Land und MarTech. Cynthia ist eine Multi-Channel-Geschichtenerzählerin mit über zwei Jahrzehnten Erfahrung im Bereich Redaktion/Content-Marketing. Ihre Expertise erstreckt sich über die Marketing-, Technologie-, Finanz-, Fertigungs- und Gaming-Branche. Sie war Autorin/Produzentin für und war Vordenkerin für KPMG. Cynthia stammt aus Queens, NY und hat ihren Bachelor und MBA an der St. John's University erworben.


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Die Fallstricke und praktischen Realitäten des Einsatzes generativer KI in Ihrem Analyse-Workflow



Die Fallstricke und praktischen Realitäten des Einsatzes generativer KI in Ihrem Analyse-Workflow

We’ve heard much about how generative AI is set to change digital marketing over the last few months. As consultants, we work with brands to harness technology for innovative marketing. We quickly delved into the potential of ChatGPT, the most buzzworthy large language model-based chatbot on the block. Now, we see how generative AI can act as an assistant by generating initial drafts of code and visualizations, which our experts refine into usable materials.

In our view, the key to a successful generative AI project is for the end user to have a clear expectation for the final output so any AI-generated materials can be edited and shaped. The first principle of using generative AI is you should not trust it to provide completely correct answers to your queries.

ChatGPT answered just 12 of 42 GA4 questions right

We decided to put ChatGPT to the test on something our consultants do regularly — answering common client questions about GA4. The results were not that impressive: Out of the 42 questions we asked, ChatGPT only provided 12 answers we’d deem acceptable and send on to our clients, a success rate of just 29%.

A further eight answers (19%) were “semi-correct.” These either misinterpreted the question and provided a different answer to what was asked (although factually correct) or had a small amount of misinformation in an otherwise correct response.

For example, ChatGPT told us that the “Other” row you find in some GA4 reports is a grouping of many rows of low-volume data (correct) but that the instances when this occurs are defined by “Google machine learning algorithms.” This is incorrect. There are standard rules in place to define this.

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Limitations of ChatGPT’s knowledge — and it’s overconfidence

The remaining 52% of answers were factually incorrect and, in some cases, actively misleading. The most common reason is that ChatGPT does not use training data beyond 2021, so many recent updates are not factored into its answers. 

For example, Google only officially announced the deprecation of Universal Analytics in 2022, so ChatGPT couldn’t say when this would be. In this instance, the bot did at least caveat its answer with this context, leading with “…as to my knowledge cut off is in 2021…”

However, some remaining questions were wrongly answered with a worrying amount of confidence. Such as the bot telling us that “GA4 uses a machine learning-based approach to track events and can automatically identify purchase events based on the data it collects.”  

While GA4 does have auto-tracked “enhanced measurement” events, these are generally defined by listening to simple code within a webpage’s metadata rather than through any machine learning or statistical model. Furthermore, purchase events are certainly not within the scope of enhanced measurement.

As demonstrated in our GA4 test, the limited “knowledge” held within ChatGPT makes it an unreliable source of facts. But it remains a very efficient assistant, providing first drafts of analyses and code for an expert to cut the time required for tasks. 

It cannot replace the role of a knowledgeable analyst who knows the type of output they are expecting to see. Instead, time can be saved by instructing ChatGPT to produce analyses from sample data without heavy programming. From this, you can obtain a close approximation in seconds and instruct ChatGPT to modify its output or manipulate it yourself.

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For example, we recently used ChatGPT to analyze and optimize a retailer’s shopping baskets. We wanted to analyze average basket sizes and understand the optimal size to offer free shipping to customers. This required a routine analysis of the distribution of revenue and margin and an understanding of variance over time. 

We instructed ChatGPT to review how basket sizes varied over 14 months using a GA4 dataset. We then suggested some initial SQL queries for further analysis within BigQuery and some data visualization options for the insights it found.

While the options were imperfect, they offered useful areas for further exploration. Our analyst adapted the queries from ChatGPT to finalize the output. This reduced the time for a senior analyst working with junior support to create the output from roughly three days to one day.

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Automating manual tasks and saving time

Another example is using it to automate more manual tasks within a given process, such as quality assurance checks for a data table or a piece of code that has been produced. This is a core aspect of any project, and flagging discrepancies or anomalies can often be laborious.

However, using ChatGPT to validate a 500+ row piece of code to combine and process multiple datasets — ensuring they are error-free — can be a huge time saver. In this scenario, what would normally have taken two hours for someone to manually review themselves could now be achieved within 30 minutes. 

Final QA checks still need to be performed by an expert, and the quality of ChatGPT’s output is highly dependent on the specific parameters you set in your instructions. However, a task that has very clear parameters and has no ambiguity in the output (the numbers either match or don’t) is ideal for generative AI to handle most of the heavy lifting. 

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Treat generative AI like an assistant rather than an expert

The progress made by ChatGPT in recent months is remarkable. Simply put, we can now use conversational English to request highly technical materials that can be used for the widest range of tasks across programming, communication and visualization.

As we’ve demonstrated above, the outputs from these tools need to be treated with care and expert judgment to make them valuable. A good use case is driving efficiencies in building analyses in our everyday work or speeding up lengthy, complex tasks that would normally be done manually. We treat the outputs skeptically and use our technical knowledge to hone them into value-adding materials for our clients.

While generative AI, exemplified by ChatGPT, has shown immense potential in revolutionizing various aspects of our digital workflows, it is crucial to approach its applications with a balanced perspective. There are limitations in accuracy, particularly concerning recent updates and nuanced details. 

However, as the technology matures, the potential will grow for AI to be used as a tool to augment our capabilities and drive efficiencies in our everyday work. I think we should focus less on generative AI replacing the expert and more on how it can improve our productivity.

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Die Kunst, gebucht zu werden: Das Podcast-Gastspiel meistern



Die Kunst, gebucht zu werden: Das Podcast-Gastspiel meistern

I didn’t think it was a big deal. We assumed these were typical results for those who focused and did the work.

The gaping mouths and the bulging eyes were our first clues. My next clue should have been when one podcaster told me he gets 50 to 100 pitches a week and he chose ours. Finally, reality set in like a bolt of lightning striking fifty feet in front of me. The words still rumble in my head like fading thunder echoing through the sky:

“I’ve never known anyone who booked 53 podcasts in two months.”Ryan Deiss

When Ryan said that from the stage at the M3 Mastermind, I finally realized my wife had done something extraordinary. This was no surprise.

She is an amazing woman. Anyone who read her CaringBridge journal in 2021 already knows that. TLDR: The doctors gave up on me and told her to “pull the plug.” She didn’t. She prevailed. I’m alive.

1685733288 232 Die Kunst, gebucht zu werden Das Podcast-Gastspiel meistern
Craig & Karen Andrews, December 2021

So, in March of 2023 I asked her to come to my rescue again. This time it was much lower stakes. I asked her to get me booked on podcasts.

Why Pursue Being a Podcast Guest?

Guesting on podcasts is a way to expand your own audience. According to ListenNotes, there are more than three million podcasts. The podcast hosts did the time consuming work of building their audience. And as a podcast guest, you get nearly effortless access to that audience.

Guest interviews are a great way to build your authority. Almost every host launches the podcast episode talking about how awesome you are. Their audience trusts them… and now their audience – the podcast listeners – trust you.

Your guest podcast interview will drive business and opportunities. Our 90-day rolling pipeline report tells that story best. “FTO Deals”, our discovery call metric, is up 700% compared to the prior 90-days when we weren’t guesting on podcasts.

“FTOs Sold” means we closed a new client. That’s up 400% compared to the prior 90-days. And we expect that to rise further because most of the discovery calls haven’t happened yet.

1685733288 346 Die Kunst, gebucht zu werden Das Podcast-Gastspiel meistern
Fill your pipeline by being a podcast guest

Our podcast focus started within this 90-day view. Most of the podcast episodes are scheduled to go live in the next couple of months. And yet we’re seeing triple-digit 90-on-90 growth on our most important metrics.

Look closer and you’ll see another hidden nugget. Double-digit lead growth drove triple-digit opportunity and sales growth. That’s what authority does for you.

If you’re running out of ways to unleash an instant triple-digit firehose on your business, then read on. I’ll show you how we did it.

How to Get on a Podcast: How it Started

Be careful when you curse adversity in your life. If you let adversity be your mentor, it will rip the scales off your eyes and a world of new opportunities becomes crystal clear. And that’s what happened here.

It began in November 2022 when NCR laid off my wife, Karen. We’re not upset with NCR. They’ve been wonderful to Karen. For the three months I was in the hospital, they let her work half-time while paying her full-time. But the layoff was a shock.

While Karen was trying to figure out her “next thing,” I asked her if she could get me booked on podcasts. She clearly knocked the cover off the ball and accidentally found her “next thing.”

Her first step was research. Why would a podcast host want me on their podcast? Podcast hosts receive tens or hundreds of pitches each week. They’re looking for their ideal podcast guests. So, the outreach email is key.

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Create a Personalized Outreach Email for Each of the Podcast Hosts

Sorry, there are no shortcuts here. Automated mass outreach won’t get you guest appearances on any of the relevant podcasts.

I’ll break down one of Karen’s emails step-by-step so you can see the key elements.

1685733288 596 Die Kunst, gebucht zu werden Das Podcast-Gastspiel meistern

The Intro: Praise the Podcast Host for Their Mission

Praise the host for their mission. Connect with their “Why.” Go to their podcast page. They’ll almost certainly make their mission clear there. They’ll also help you identify their target audience. Make sure their target audience aligns with your target audience. Otherwise, you’re just wasting their time.

Here’s an example of Karen’s intro:

Hi Roy,

My name is Karen and I work on behalf of Craig Andrews.  We have been listening to your podcast and love what you are doing!  

1685733288 160 Die Kunst, gebucht zu werden Das Podcast-Gastspiel meistern
Recognize and applaud the podcast host’s superpower

Make sure you get their name right!! Ryan Deiss said he gets outreach emails every week praising him for his interviews on the DigitalMarketer podcast. The problem is Ryan doesn’t do the podcast. Getting the host’s name wrong is the first clue that you’re doing spammy outreach.

Next, praise their mission. We could improve this outreach by being specific in praising the mission we see them fulfilling. That would probably boost our results further. But even this generic simplicity has been working. But that’s because of the next paragraph.

The Intro: Reference a Specific Podcast Episode and What Your Learned

This is the most time-consuming part of the process. And no, you can’t automate this.

A leading podcast host achieved their vaulted position by being selective in their podcast guests. So, your window of opportunity is through a few scarce words that communicate you’ll be a great podcast guest. And great podcast guests speak to their audience by knowing their audience.

1685733289 262 Die Kunst, gebucht zu werden Das Podcast-Gastspiel meistern
Reference a specific episode in your podcast outreach email

So, you need to listen to an episode. Make your outreach email reference:

  • A specific episode.
  • A specific guest.
  • A specific insight you got from that episode.

Here’s what that looks like in Karen’s outreach:

We recently listened to your podcast with Tom Sharp about Strategy Patterns for Business Growth.  We really appreciated his idea that you need to know yourself, your boundaries and your goals and doing the work to understand those goals.

BOOM! Do that and you just distinguished yourself as a podcast guest that cared enough to actually listen to their podcast. You don’t have to listen to all the podcast interviews. One is enough.

Now you have their attention. Next you must prove you’ll bring the goods to serve their audience.

The Meat: Bring the Heat and Add Value to the Podcast Listeners

Bring something new to the table. You’re not going to get booked by pitching “How to Grow Your Business Using Facebook Ads.” That was fresh and relevant about a decade ago. But you may get booked with something more current like:

How you can overcome Facebook’s recent trend of reduced targeting with four carefully selected headline elements.

1685733289 192 Die Kunst, gebucht zu werden Das Podcast-Gastspiel meistern
Bring something that’s both unknown and valuable

In our case, we specialize in accelerating high-ticket sales. So, we wanted to find podcasts that had a podcast audience with people that fit that description.

In 2023, high-ticket businesses are struggling closing deals. So, our guest podcasting is focused on building irresistible First-Time Offers to overcome the tough economic conditions. This is a great message for podcast audiences that are struggling with sales. Here’s what that looks like in Karen’s email:

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Craig has some fresh thoughts for our currently tough economy that he thought would benefit your audience.

He specializes in First-Time Offers that serve as a “coffee date” to begin an engagement with a potential customer.  Help before you sell!

Again, our goal isn’t to be on all the podcasts – just the ones with our ideal customers. So, we want the message to enchant our perfect podcast hosts while repelling other podcasts that aren’t ideal.

Once you have them enchanted, next deal with their fear.

The Promise: Convince the Podcast Hosts You’re Not a Greedy Bastard

The podcast world is about giving – not taking. So, don’t be a greedy bastard.

Unfortunately, the world is oversupplied with shysters and takers. Your outreach email needs to quickly communicate that your guest appearance will focus on giving. Promise a free gift for the podcast host’s audience.

1685733289 343 Die Kunst, gebucht zu werden Das Podcast-Gastspiel meistern
Focus on serving and giving

Here’s what that looks like in Karen’s outreach:

He would love to offer a free gift to your audience as an additional way of adding value.  

When you do that, you quickly communicate that you understand the unwritten agreement. It demonstrates your giving nature in action. It also communicates you’ve done this for other podcasts – so you’re an expert guest and a giver. Win-win-win…

But that’s not enough. You’ve got to bring more to the table.

The Sizzle: Promise to be an Interesting Podcast Guest

Beuller… Beuller… Beuller…

1685733289 582 Die Kunst, gebucht zu werden Das Podcast-Gastspiel meistern

Ben Stein brought humor to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off by being the most boring economics teacher on the planet. But let’s be honest… you’re no Ben Stein.

Unlike Ben Stein, you have not mastered the craft of being entertaining by being boring. The only way you’ll land on someone else’s podcast is by being interesting. Promise to tell a story. Look through your life and find interesting stories that tie into your core message.

Here’s what that looks like in Karen’s outreach:

A few interesting things about Craig:
He spent 6 years in the Marines.
He lived and studied in Japan.
He received a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering and later figured out he loved marketing.
In 2021, he spent 3 months in the hospital and woke up from a coma only able to wiggle a finger and a toe.  His recovery has been a miracle.


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Life gifted me with a white-knuckled story of narrowly escaping death. So, yes, I pimp the heck out of that story. But I’ve discovered that some podcast hosts really don’t care about my near early departure from this world.

Karen offers a variety of interesting life events so the podcast host can pick one that interests them most. Look through your life and find interesting stories that you can use to illustrate core elements of your message.

The Close: Bring the Social Proof

Top hosts want to know that you’ve been on other podcasts. Nobody wants to train you on being a great podcast guest. It may feel like podcast access is limited to those who’ve already been on a bunch of podcasts.

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But every podcast guest started with their first podcast. Then they went on more podcasts and built social proof. That’s been the case with me. Here’s how Karen handles that:

Craig has presented at Conversion Conference, various Vistage groups and other podcasts.

Karen used what we had in our arsenal. Yes, I have been on two or three podcasts. In one case I was episode #3 on a podcast that shut down after the 4th episode. But that’s still social proof.

1685733290 148 Die Kunst, gebucht zu werden Das Podcast-Gastspiel meistern
Find someone who thinks you’re awesome and quote them

If you’re just starting out, get a testimonial from your mom. Hopefully she thinks you’re awesome. Figure out what group she’s involved in… like her neighborhood gardening group. Speak to them about something that interests them. Here’s what that review looks like:

Craig brought an amazing message to the East Peoria Gardening Club. Everyone was captivated by his stories of how rosemary represents the essential spice that should be a part of everyone’s garden of life.” – Mary Andrews, President of the East Peoria Gardening Club.

Get on one podcast and use that as social proof to get on bigger podcasts. Remember, you’re not alone. If you’re trying to break into the guest podcasting space, there are also many new podcast hosts trying to break into the space as well. You’re perfect for each other.

The Close: Give a Call-to-Action to be Their Next Podcast Guest

It’s easy to forget the Call-to-Action (CTA). Don’t let it be implicit. Actively call the host to action. We steal some wisdom from Chris Voss and structure our CTA to be a natural “No.”

Would it be a ridiculous idea to set up a call to see how he can meet the unique needs of your listeners?

Notice how the CTA brings the focus back on their audience instead of you. That reinforces the idea that you’ll bring value to their audience.

Other Things Podcast Guests Need to Consider

Of course there are other things you need to consider in addition to the outreach email. Maximize use of the podcast directories. I recommend you create a speaker page that includes speaking examples, your bio, head shots and other assets.

Those are each a subject of their own. So, we’ll talk about those in other articles. But that doesn’t mean you should wait. Today is the time to begin your journey as a podcast guest.

Stop reading. Set your timer. Use the next 15-minutes to write your first draft of your podcast outreach email. You can perfect it later.

Put it to Work – Get Booked as a Guest

This journey began because I heard Lauren Petrullo proclaim her goal. She set out to get on 100 podcasts before the end of the year. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Neither did Karen. So, we set the same goal.

One of my favorite quotes is by General George S. Patton:

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

General Patton was the only allied commander that Field Marshal Rommel feared. Patton’s philosophy allowed him to make the impossible possible.

If there’s any genius in what we’ve done it’s that we set a crazy goal and aggressively pursued it. We were so ignorant of podcasting that we didn’t realize how exceptional our results were until several folks told us. Now it’s your turn. Go and do the same.

1675814445 466 Der Aufstieg von Web3 im Webdesign 8 Ways Website


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Wild Planet Foods + Instacart



Wild Planet Foods + Instacart

Tinuiti Live 2023 was jam packed with thoughtful keynotes, engaging networking opportunities, and practical fireside chats. This year’s sessions challenged us to question our way to clarity and there’s no better way to do just that than with an insightful Q&A.

Elizabeth Marsten, VP of Commerce Media Strategic Services at Tinuiti sat down with David DeRobbio, Partnerships from Instacart and Max Rudy, Director of E-commerce from Wild Planet Foods to chat about alles rund um Instacart während ihrer Tinuiti Live Breakout-Sitzung. Wild Planet Foods ist eine auf Nachhaltigkeit ausgerichtete Marke für Meeresfrüchtekonserven – deren Vision es ist, die Fischerei in eine Kraft des Guten zu verwandeln. Zinnfisch erlebt heutzutage eine Renaissance und Wild Planet hatte es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, mit der Hilfe von Tinuiti und Instacart gegen seine Konkurrenten, die Wale aus Dosenfisch, anzutreten. 

Zum Auftakt der Sitzung fragte Marsten Rudy, warum er daran interessiert sei, dem Team von Wild Planet beizutreten, und zunächst waren viele von uns überrascht, als wir erfuhren, dass er kein Interesse daran hatte …

„Aus Umweltgründen usw. war ich ursprünglich nicht daran interessiert, für ein Dosenfischunternehmen zu arbeiten, aber als Wild Planet ihre Geschichte und Mission erzählte, änderte ich meine Meinung. Dies ist nicht nur ein besser schmeckendes Produkt, sondern es macht auch im Nachhaltigkeitsbereich alles richtig, um eine positive Nettolösung zu erzielen.“ 

—  Max Rudy, Direktor für E-Commerce von Wild Planet Foods


Wild Planet ist das erste große, nachhaltig ausgerichtete Meeresfrüchteunternehmen. Dies ist ein integraler Bestandteil der Marke und sie stellen ihre Mission in ihren Inhalten erfolgreich dar und inspirieren Verbraucher zu durchdachten Käufen. Wild Planet stiehlt derzeit größeren Marken Marktanteile und ihre Strategie auf Instacart hat dabei eine große Rolle gespielt, aber Rudy teilte den Teilnehmern mit, dass dies nicht immer der Fall war … 

„Als ich zum ersten Mal bei Wild Planet anfing, sagte mein Instacart-Vertreter, dass wir die einzige Marke seien, die Anspruch auf einen Gutschein für kostenlose Werbefläche habe, weil wir die einzigen seien, die nicht für Instacart ausgegeben hätten.“ 


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Und obwohl sie sicherlich nicht die ersten auf Instacart waren, hat die Marke seitdem einen langen Weg zurückgelegt … 


„Wir begannen unsere Beziehung mit Tinuiti und innerhalb unseres ersten Quartals hat sich Instacart bei weitem zu unserem Best Practice und unserer treibenden Kraft für Einzelhandelsmedien entwickelt.“

—  Max Rudy, Direktor für E-Commerce von Wild Planet Foods


Für Wild Planet wurden keine Mittel bereitgestellt Instacart-Werbung letztes Jahr, stellte aber fest, dass „Sie Geschäfte auf Instacart machen, ob Sie sich darum kümmern oder nicht, deshalb ist es wichtig, Instacart wie einen Kunden zu behandeln.“ Ihre Fähigkeit, das Tool-Set zu nutzen, gibt Marken die Möglichkeit, das Regal wirklich zu demokratisieren und mit wirklich großen Playern zu konkurrieren.“

Während der Diskussion wurde eingeräumt, dass Einzelhändler von Natur aus stationäre Unternehmen sind und dass der Übergang zu einem digitalen Unternehmen über Nacht für viele Geschäfte keine praktikable Option ist. Aber mit Hilfe von Instacart, Lebensmittelgeschäfte können einen nahtlosen Übergang in die digitale Landschaft schaffen.

„Instacart ist eine großartige Gelegenheit für Herausforderermarken, sich den virtuellen Regalplatz zu sichern, den sie bei einem traditionellen Ladengeschäft möglicherweise nicht unbedingt bekommen.“

—  David DeRobbio, Partnerschaften von Instacart


DeRobbio erklärte, wie Instacart Marken mit den von ihnen angebotenen Tools gleiche Wettbewerbsbedingungen bietet. Er beschrieb, dass Sie, egal wie hoch das Budget ist, mit der Hilfe von Instacart genau das erreichen können, wenn Sie leidenschaftlich daran interessiert sind, Marktanteile zu gewinnen und Ihre Präsenz digital auszubauen.

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DeRobbio teilte weiterhin einige Beispiele dafür, wie Tinuiti mit Wild Planet zusammenarbeitet, um durch Retargeting-Möglichkeiten und den bereits erzielten Erfolg auf Instacart erfolgreich zu sein. Beispielsweise hat die Retargeting-Anzeige von Wild Planet zu einem Anstieg von +54% geführt Neu im Markenverkauf



„Wenn man darüber nachdenkt, was es braucht, um im Laden ins Regal zu kommen, und dann das mit über 1.100 Einzelhändlern multipliziert, dann ist Instacart wirklich ein Produktivitätsfaktor.“ 

—  Max Rudy, Direktor für E-Commerce von Wild Planet Foods



Rudy räumte ein, dass Wild Planet potenzielle Kunden auffordert, den Kauf ihres Produkts zu wagen, da es $3-4 mehr enthält als eine normale Dose Thunfisch. Sie betonten, wie wichtig es ist, mit der Tool-Suite von Instacart echte Produktbilder, Inhalte und eine solide Markenbotschaft zu zeigen, damit Verbraucher sich auf den Kauf verlassen können, den sie tätigen.

Zum Abschluss der Sitzung verlagerte Marsten das Gespräch in die Zukunft und fragte DeRobbio, was Marken tun und wie sie über Instacart in den Jahren 2023 und 2024 denken sollten. Anschließend stellte er einige Tools vor, die Marken in Zukunft in Betracht ziehen sollten, darunter:


  • Markenseiten sind völlig kostenlose, dedizierte Landingpages, die Werbetreibende auf Instacart erstellen können. Sie stärken CPG-Industrie Partner, um Verbraucher sowohl innerhalb als auch außerhalb der Instacart-Plattform effektiv zu einem sorgfältig kuratierten und leicht navigierbaren Ziel zu führen. Markenseiten dienen als praktischer Shopping-Hub, der es Verbrauchern ermöglicht, in ein umfangreiches Produktportfolio einzutauchen und eine breite Palette von Angeboten zu erkunden.
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  • Kaufbares Display Anzeigen Kombinieren Sie personalisierte Nachrichten, ausdrucksstarke Bilder und „In den Warenkorb“-Funktionen, um die Kaufbereitschaft zu steigern und größere Körbe zu erzielen. Mit Shoppable Display, verfügbar über Self Service im Ads Manager, können Marken ganz einfach ein ansprechenderes Einkaufserlebnis bieten.


  • Kaufbares Video kapselt alle Funktionen von Shoppable Display mit einer zusätzlichen Videokomponente. Shoppable Video bietet Marken die Möglichkeit, die Aufmerksamkeit eines Benutzers mit automatisch abgespielten Videos zu fesseln, die Käufer auf einer neuen Ebene ansprechen. Diese Inline-Anzeigen, durch Verhalten angreifbar oder Schlüsselwörter ermöglichen es Marken, ihre Geschichte zu erzählen, ihre Produkte zu teilen und Verbraucher durch den zusätzlichen Einsatz von Bewegung und Ton zu fesseln.


DeRobbio erwähnte auch, dass Instacart weiterhin Innovationen bei weiteren Möglichkeiten im oberen Trichterbereich entwickeln wird, einschließlich der Veröffentlichung einer Videoanzeige-API. Er neckte auch Neues KI-Funktionen Damit können Käufer ganz einfach Artikel aus einem Rezept zu ihrem Instacart-Warenkorb hinzufügen. Wir halten Sie auf dem Laufenden, sobald Instacart weitere Informationen zu diesen aufregenden KI-Funktionen veröffentlicht.

„Es ist so aufregend, dass sich mit den verschiedenen Werkzeugsätzen immer neue Möglichkeiten ergeben. Als Marke muss man einfach seine Geschichte auf den Punkt bringen und wissen, was man an diesem Punkt im Trichter erreichen möchte.“

—  Max Rudy, Direktor für E-Commerce von Wild Planet Foods


Sind Sie bereit, umfassender über die Strategie Ihrer Marke auf Instacart nachzudenken? Kontaktiere uns heute um auf der Plattform loszulegen und sicherzustellen, dass dies der Fall ist Schauen Sie sich diese Sitzung (und weitere Tinuiti Live-Sitzungen) auf Abruf an


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