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Extra-Crunch-Zusammenfassung: CEO-Twitter-Etikette, steigende Klickraten, Edtech-Lawine



Extra-Crunch-Zusammenfassung CEO Twitter-Etikette Anhebung der Klickraten Edtech-Lawine

Yesterday, China ordered ride-hailing company Didi to stop signing up new customers after regulators announced a cybersecurity review of the company’s operations.

As of this writing, Didi’s stock price is down 5.3%. In today’s edition of The Exchange, Alex Wilhelm suggested that the move wasn’t a complete surprise, but it still “puts a bad taste in our mouths,” since the company went public days ago.

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When Didi filed to go public, it listed several potential pitfalls facing Chinese companies that go public in the U.S., including “numerous legal and regulatory risks” and “extensive government regulation and oversight in its F-1.”

What does this news signify for other Chinese companies that are hoping for stateside IPOs?

We’ll be off on Monday, July 5 in observance of Independence Day. Thanks very much for reading, and I hope you have an excellent weekend.

Walter Thompson
Senior Editor, TechCrunch

3 guiding principles for CEOs who post on Twitter

Did you hear about the CEO who made misleading claims about a funding round and got sued? How about that pharmaceutical executive whose taunts to a former Secretary of State led to a 4.4% decline in the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index?

In case it isn’t clear: Startup executives are held to a higher standard when it comes to what they post on social media.

“Reputation and goodwill take a long time to build and are difficult to maintain, but it only takes one tweet to destroy it all,” says Lisa W. Liu, a senior partner at The Mitzel Group, a San Francisco-based law practice that serves many startups.

To help her clients (and Extra Crunch readers) Liu has six basic questions for tech execs with itchy Twitter fingers.

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And if the answer to any of them is “I don’t know,” don’t post.

The 2021 edtech avalanche has just begun

A report from Brighteye Ventures on Europe’s edtech scene shows that this year’s deal flow is on pace to meet or surpass 2020, when remote instruction exploded.

According to Brighteye’s head of Research, Rhys Spence, the average deal size is now $9.4 million, a threefold increase from last year. Still, “It’s interesting that we are not seeing enormous increases in deal count,” he noted.

How Robinhood’s explosive growth rate came to be

Gezackte Linie, geschrieben vom Robinhood-Quill-Logo auf grafischem Hintergrund

Bildnachweis: TechCrunch

Trading platform Robinhood has attracted enough users and activity to change the conversation around retail investing — economists will likely be discussing the 2021 GameStop saga for years to come.

After the company filed to go public yesterday, Alex Wilhelm sorted through Robinhood’s main income statement to better understand how it scaled year-ago revenue from $127.6 million to $522.2 million in Q1.

“Those are numbers that we frankly do not see often amongst companies going public,” says Alex. “300% growth is a pre-Series A metric, usually.”

So: where is all that revenue coming from?

As EU venture capital soars, will the region retain future IPOs?

Given the valuation gap between U.S. tech markets and those overseas, it’s easy to see why some foreign startups would head to our shores when it’s time to go public.

But Anna Heim and Alex Wilhelm found that a record increase in European venture capital activity is picking up the pace of IPOs this year, and many of these companies are content to go public in their native markets.

To gain some insight into where European investors believe they have an advantage, Anna and Alex interviewed:

  • Franck Sebag, partner, EY
  • David Miranda, partner, Osborne Clarke Spain
  • Yoram Wijngaarde, founder and CEO, Dealroom
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How VCs can get the most out of co-investing alongside LPs

Ein roter und ein grüner Schuh zusammengebunden

Bildnachweis: Diana Ilieva (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

In a recent private equity survey, 80% of respondents said their co-investments with people outside traditional VC firms outperformed their PE fund investments.

Alternative investors are highly motivated, and because they’re seeking higher returns than are generally available in public markets, they are less daunted by risk. In return, they benefit from less expensive fee structures and develop close ties with VCs, enlarging the talent pool as they build investment skills.

These relationships have direct benefits for VCs as well, such as more flexibility with diversification and consolidated decision-making power.

“With the right deal structure, deal selection and deal investigation, co-investors can significantly increase their returns,” says C5 Capital Managing Partner William Kilmer, who wrote an Extra Crunch post for VCs considering an alternative path.

Dear Sophie: How can I bring my parents and sister to the U.S.?

einsame Figur am Eingang einer Labyrinthhecke, in deren Mitte eine amerikanische Flagge hängt

Bildnachweis: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch

Dear Sophie,

My husband and I are both U.S. permanent residents.

Given what we’ve gone through this past year being isolated from loved ones during the pandemic, we’d like to bring my parents and my sister to the U.S. to be close to our family and help out with our children.

Is that possible?

— Symbiotic in Sunnyvale

How to cut through the promotional haze and select a digital building platform

Moderne Stadtgebäude auf einer Leiterplatte. Digitale Illustration.

Bildnachweis: Andreus (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Smart-building products include everything from connecting landlords with tenants to managing construction sites.

Given their widespread impact on the enterprise — and the novel nature of much of this new technology, selecting the right digital building platform (DBP) is a challenge for most organizations.

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Brian Turner, LEED-AP BD&C, has created a matrix intended to help decision-makers identify the fundamental functions and desired outcomes for stakeholders.

“When it comes to the built environment, creating those comfortable, healthy and enjoyable places requires new tools,” says Turner. “Selecting a solid DBP is one of the most important decisions to be made.”

Demand Curve: 7 ad types that increase click-through rates

Verwenden Sie diese sieben Anzeigentypen, um die CTR zu verbessern

Bildnachweis: Octavian Iolu / EyeEm (opens in a new window)/ Getty Images

One perennial problem inside startups: Because no one on the founding team has significant marketing experience, growth-related efforts are pro forma and generally unlikely to move the needle.

Everyone wants higher click-through rates, but creating ads that “stand out” is a risky strategy, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. This guest post by Demand Curve offers seven strategies for boosting CTR that you can clone and deploy today inside your own startup.

Here’s one: If customers are talking about you online, reach out to ask if you can add a screenshot of their reviews to your advertising. Testimonials are a form of social proof that boost conversions, and they’re particularly effective when used in retargeting ads.

Earlier this week, we ran another post about optimizing email marketing for early-stage startups.

We’ll have more expert growth advice coming soon, so stay tuned.

To guard against data loss and misuse, the cybersecurity conversation must evolve

Locking down data centers and networks against intruders is just one aspect of an organization’s security responsibilities; cloud services, collaboration tools and APIs extend security perimeters even farther. What’s more, the systems created to prevent the misuse and mishandling of sensitive data often depend heavily on someone’s better angels.

According to Sid Trivedi, a partner at Foundation Capital, and seven-time CIO Mark Settle, IT managers need to replace existing DLP frameworks with a new one that centers on DMP — data misuse protection.

These solutions “will provide data assets with more sophisticated self-defense mechanisms instead of relying on the surveillance of traditional security perimeters,” and many startups are already competing in this space.


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Wir haben ChatGPT nach dem Aktienkurs von Google (GOOG) für 2030 gefragt



Wir haben ChatGPT nach dem Aktienkurs von Google (GOOG) für 2030 gefragt

Investors who have invested in Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) stock have reaped significant benefits from the company’s robust financial performance over the last five years. Google’s dominance in the online advertising market has been a key driver of the company’s consistent revenue growth and impressive profit margins.

In addition, Google has expanded its operations into related fields such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence. These areas show great promise as future growth drivers, making them increasingly attractive to investors. Notably, Alphabet’s stock price has been rising due to investor interest in the company’s recent initiatives in the fast-developing field of artificial intelligence (AI), adding generative AI features to Gmail and Google Docs.

However, when it comes to predicting the future pricing of a corporation like Google, there are many factors to consider. With this in mind, Finbold turned to the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT to suggest a likely pricing range for GOOG stock by 2030. Although the tool was unable to give a definitive price range, it did note the following:

“Over the long term, Google has a track record of strong financial performance and has shown an ability to adapt to changing market conditions. As such, it’s reasonable to expect that Google’s stock price may continue to appreciate over time.”

GOOG stock price prediction

While attempting to estimate the price range of future transactions, it is essential to consider a variety of measures in addition to the AI chat tool, which includes deep learning algorithms and stock market experts.

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Finbold collected forecasts provided by CoinPriceForecast, a finance prediction tool that utilizes machine self-learning technology, to anticipate Google stock price by the end of 2030 to compare with ChatGPT’s projection.

According to the most recent long-term estimate, which Finbold obtained on March 20, the price of Google will rise beyond $200 in 2030 and touch $247 by the end of the year, which would indicate a 141% gain from today to the end of the year.

2030 GOOG price prediction: Source: CoinPriceForecast

Google has been assigned a recommendation of ‘strong buy’ by the majority of analysts working on Wall Street for a more near-term time frame. Significantly, 36 analysts of the 48 have recommended a “strong buy,” while seven people have advocated a “buy.” The remaining five analysts had given a ‘hold’ rating.

1679313229 737 Wir haben ChatGPT nach dem Aktienkurs von Google GOOG gefragt
Wall Street GOOG 12-month price prediction: Source: TradingView

The average price projection for Alphabet stock over the last three months has been $125.32; this objective represents a 22.31% upside from its current price. It’s interesting to note that the maximum price forecast for the next year is $160, representing a gain of 56.16% from the stock’s current price of $102.46.

While the outlook for Google stock may be positive, it’s important to keep in mind that some potential challenges and risks could impact its performance, including competition from ChatGPT itself, which could affect Google’s price.

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Disclaimer: The content on this site should not be considered investment advice. Investing is speculative. When investing, your capital is at risk.


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Diese Apple Watch App bringt ChatGPT an Ihr Handgelenk – deshalb wollen Sie es



Apple Watch Serie 8

ChatGPT feels like it is everywhere at the moment; the AI-powered tool is rapidly starting to feel like internet connected home devices where you are left wondering if your flower pot really needed Bluetooth. However, after hearing about a new Apple Watch app that brings ChatGPT to your favorite wrist computer, I’m actually convinced this one is worth checking out.

The new app is called watchGPT and as I tipped off already, it gives you access to ChatGPT from your Apple Watch. Now the $10,000 question (or more accurately the $3.99 question, as that is the one-time cost of the app) is why having ChatGPT on your wrist is remotely necessary, so let’s dive into what exactly the app can do.

What can watchGPT do?


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Discord setzt auf KI: Chatbots, Automods, Whiteboards und mehr



Discord setzt auf KI: Chatbots, Automods, Whiteboards und mehr

KI ist die Zukunft, zumindest drüben auf Discord.

Die Messaging-Anwendung, die ursprünglich für Gamer entwickelt wurde, hat sich zum beliebtesten Online-Treffpunkt der Generation Z entwickelt und führt jetzt eine Reihe von Funktionen ein, die auf künstlicher Intelligenz basieren.

In einem (n Bekanntmachung(Öffnet in einem neuen Tab) Am Donnerstag teilte Discord mit, was bald auf die Plattform kommen wird: ein KI-Chatbot, ein automatisierter KI-Moderator, ein Konversationszusammenfassungsgerät, ein Avatar-Remixer und ein Whiteboard. Einige dieser Funktionen beginnen heute, am 9. März, mit der Einführung. Andere werden in den kommenden Wochen und Monaten eingeführt.

Während KI dank der Beliebtheit des ChatGPT-Chatbots von OpenAI in den Mainstream vorgedrungen ist, verfügt Discord schon seit geraumer Zeit über eine aktive KI-Community. Nach Angaben des Unternehmens haben bereits auf der Plattform vorhandene KI-Apps von Drittanbietern bereits mehr als 30 Millionen monatliche Nutzer. Fast 3 Millionen Server auf Discord haben einige KI-Elemente in die Community integriert.

Tatsächlich ist Midjourney die größte Community auf Discord, ein Text-zu-Bild-KI-Projekt, das es Benutzern ermöglicht, Kunst direkt auf dem Server zu generieren. Laut Discord hat der Server von Midjourney mehr als 13 Millionen Mitglieder.

Da KI bereits ein so integraler Bestandteil von Discord ist, schien es nur eine Frage der Zeit zu sein, bis Discord selbst damit begann, KI direkt in die Plattform zu integrieren.

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AutoMod AI
Bildnachweis: Discord

Das erste Feature, das bereits heute auf einigen Discord-Servern verfügbar ist, ist AutoMod AI. Discord hat bereits eine AutoMod-Funktion, die Räume für Admins grundsätzlich automatisch anhand der Regeln des Servers moderiert. Discord hat jetzt OpenAI-gestützte KI in AutoMod integriert, sodass es den Server durchsuchen und Moderatoren kontaktieren kann, wenn es der Meinung ist, dass möglicherweise gegen Regeln verstoßen wird. Laut Discord kann AutoMod AI auch den Kontext einer Konversation berücksichtigen, sodass Benutzer beispielsweise nicht für falsch interpretierte Beiträge bestraft werden.

Clyde ist ein Bot, mit dem Discord-Benutzer möglicherweise bereits vertraut sind, und ab nächster Woche erhält Clyde ein KI-Upgrade. Derzeit liefert der Clyde-Bot Informationen wie Server-Fehlermeldungen und reagiert auch auf Timeout- oder Ban-Anfragen von Benutzern und Mods. Das ist jedoch so ziemlich alles, was Clyde tun konnte. Bis jetzt.


Bildnachweis: Discord

Clyde wird nun in der Lage sein, alle möglichen Fragen von Benutzern zu beantworten, ähnlich wie der ChatGPT-Chatbot von OpenAI. Benutzer müssen einfach „@Clyde“ gefolgt von ihrer Eingabeaufforderung eingeben. Clyde wird in der Lage sein, Informationen abzurufen und auch dabei zu helfen, bestimmte Emojis oder GIFs basierend auf der Beschreibung eines Benutzers zu finden.

Eine weitere KI-Funktion, die nächste Woche in Discord eingeführt wird, sind Gesprächszusammenfassungen. Auch hier ist der Name ziemlich beschreibend für das, was es tut. Mit Benutzern auf der ganzen Welt bewegen sich viele Discord-Kanäle unabhängig von der Tageszeit immer. Mit Gesprächszusammenfassungen können Benutzer nachholen, was sie auf einem Discover-Server verpasst haben. Die KI-gestützte Funktion „bündelt“ Chats in Themen, sodass Benutzer leicht nachlesen können, was sie am interessantesten finden.


Bildnachweis: Discord

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Ab heute können Entwickler mit Avatar Remix spielen, einer Open-Source-Discord-App, die KI-Kunst in die Messaging-App integriert. Avatar Remix ermöglicht es Benutzern, den Avatar eines anderen Benutzers zu nehmen und ihn „mit der Kraft generativer Bildmodelle“ zu verändern. Was bedeutet das? In der Demo, die Discord Mashable zeigte, konnte ein Benutzer dem Avatar eines Freundes einen Partyhut oder einen Schnurrbart hinzufügen, indem er einfach seinen Benutzernamen erwähnte und beschrieb, welche Änderungen er vornehmen möchte.


Bildnachweis: Discord

Das Unternehmen startet auch einen „KI-Inkubator“, der Unterstützung für Entwickler bietet, die KI-gestützte Apps auf Discord erstellen.

Schließlich enthüllte Discord ein bald erscheinendes Feature, das von der Discord-Community schon lange gefordert wurde: ein Whiteboard. Aber natürlich wird dies nicht irgendeine kollaborative Whiteboard-Funktion sein. Es wird KI-betrieben sein und es den Benutzern ermöglichen, bei der Erstellung von KI-Kunst und mehr zusammenzuarbeiten.


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