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Facebook takes on Twitter with Venue, a ‘second screen’ companion for live events



facebook takes on twitter with venue a second screen companion for live events

Facebook’s R&D group, NPE Team, is launching Venue, a new app for engaging fellow fans around live events. This is the third new app to launch this week from Facebook’s internal team focused on experimenting with new concepts in social networking. With Venue, the company aims to offer a digital companion for live events, starting with this Sunday’s NASCAR race.

The new app appears to be a challenge to Twitter, which today serves as the de facto “second screen” for commenting on live events and engaging with fellow fans. On Twitter, fans often use hashtags to add their commentary to live events that can range from TV show premieres to sports competitions to major political happenings, like live-streamed congressional hearings or the “State of the Union” presidential address, for example.

Twitter’s in-house curation team also rounds up the highlights from major events (e.g.), which are quick summaries featuring notable tweets, video clips, photos, comments and more about an event or related news story.

While there are some similarities with Twitter, Facebook’s Venue takes a different approach to the second screen.

Venue Moments Screenshots

Instead of having everyone viewing the event constantly chiming in with their own thoughts and reactions, the commentators for a given event hosted in Venue will only include well-known personalities — like journalists, current or former athletes or aspiring “fan-analysts.” The latter could include popular social media personalities, for example.

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These commentators will provide their own takes on the event and pose interactive questions and polls for those watching. The event host may also open up short, constrained chats around specific moments during the event — but fan commentary isn’t the main focus of the app.

In addition, fans don’t stay glued to their phone during the entire event when using Venue. Instead, the app sends out a notification to users when there’s a new “moment” available in the app. These “moments” aren’t like Twitter’s summaries. They’re one of the short, digital opportunities where fans can participate.

Facebook will first test Venue with NASCAR’s Food City presents the Supermarket Heroes 500 race on Sunday, May 31, 2020. Social media personality, nascarcasm, will host the in-app “venue.”

Future NASCAR races will also be hosted in Venue, with commentators including nascarcasm, FOX Sports NASCAR reporter Alan Cavanna and NASCAR driver Landon Cassill.

“As NASCAR makes its return to action over the coming weeks, Venue will provide users with a unique and exciting way to connect with fellow race fans from around the globe – all from the safety and comfort of their own homes,” said Tim Clark, NASCAR SVP and chief digital officer, in a statement. “NASCAR was built on innovation, and we couldn’t be more excited to help a great partner like Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team innovate around new platforms,” he added.

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Facebook believes the new app will give viewers the chance to better engage with live events and fellow fans.

“Live broadcasts still offer the rare opportunity for millions of people to consume content simultaneously,” Facebook explained in its Bekanntmachung. “Despite drawing large concurrent viewership, live broadcasts are still a mostly solo viewing experience,” it noted.

That’s a bit of a stretch. Fans certainly engage with one another when chatting about live events on Twitter. And when Twitter streams the video from a live event — something Venue doesn’t do, by the way — Twitter will offer a dedicated space where users can easily see the tweets from fellow viewers. Other live video platforms, including Facebook’s own Facebook Live and Instagram Live, also include chat experiences, as do YouTube Live and Twitch.

The real difference between Venue and Twitter is that it shifts the balance of power. On Twitter, everyone’s comments are given equal footing. In Venue, it’s the expert hosts leading and curating the conversation.

Facebook hasn’t announced what future events Venue may host beyond NASCAR, but it sounds like it has plans to expand Venue further down the road, as it refers to NASCAR as its “first” sports partner.

The Venue app is live today on iOS Und Android.

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Best ASO Tips To Boost Your App Search In 2022



App Store-Optimierungsbild fc2b1cab

You need your application to be really effective in the overpopulated application market. Then, at that point, you will have to drive downloads to endure. So when it’s all said and done, you must account for yourself. Get your application the consideration it merits.

The uplifting news, however, is that customers love to download applications – last year, we downloaded in excess of 200 billion applications around the world, and that figure is set to increment to 258 billion every year by 2022 as cell phone reception increments.

Assuming you need to be seen and have your application downloaded by however many clients as could reasonably be expected, then, at that point, you should begin by taking a gander at the application store.

Underneath, we’ve assembled probably the best application store improvement methods to assist you with creating more downloads in 2021 and then some…

Start with Your Application Name 

The odds are you as of now have an extraordinary name for your application, yet an appropriately advanced application is about significantly more than marking.

Assuming you need to amplify transparency and guarantee you’re showing up when clients look for applications like yours, you ought to remember the primary keywords for your application name or title, comparable to how you’d make a title label while improving a site page.

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You could begin with your application name so it tends to be plainly recognized, thus it appears on the home screen of gadgets.

Then, at that point, you can add a scramble or vertical bar prior to adding a few pertinent watchwords to your speciality, or even put your application name in quotes as we did with FORE Business Golf Networking.

Urge Users to Leave Reviews 

You could ask for reviews by clients through the means of your site, or through an in-application notice toward the finish of their meeting, yet make sure to restrict the number of pop-ups you execute with the goal that you don’t disturb or disappoint your clients, as this could urge them to erase your application.

We’d support all application engineers and entrepreneurs to react to criticism on their applications, as this can further develop client relations and resolve issues in an open arena.

Zero in on Your Application Depiction 

Your application depiction is your principle assemblage of text your landing page content, in a manner of speaking. Utilize a site like to discover information on your picked catchphrases to expand your openness. As portrayals are shortened, ensure you remember the main data for the initial three lines of your depiction, and afterwards add things like social confirmation, emoticon, and suggestions to take action to build commitment and downloads.

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Incorporate Appealings Screen Captures 

Pictures and recordings won’t help your application rank, yet they will expand changes and assist clients with working out whether it’s an application they truly need.

There’s a little guide in empowering clients toward downloading your application if in any case, they’re not going to interface with it, or download and leave a negative survey when they understand it wasn’t what was promoted.

Assuming you need to ‘tart up’ your item page, then, at that point, you can add marking and extra text and data and designs to your recordings and screen capture, yet they ought not to diminish your item.

Pay for App Store or Play Store 

As we have SEO and pay-per-click, you need to work one next to the other (one is a gradual methodology with long haul benefits – the other is a speedy success yet requires an endless spending plan), application store promotions can be utilized to get the message out with regards to your new programming and assist you with positioning at the highest point of query items pages – in front of your opposition and enormous names in the application world.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to focus on the right crowd and art an advertisement that will assist you with changing over and that since you’re paying for situations, that doesn’t mean clients will download or cooperate with your application.

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Wrapping Up!

You can employ a group of  App  Store Optimization Services suppliers to benefit a scope of application store improvement administrations, including watchword advancement, resource enhancement, and restriction to guarantee your application is seen by individuals that matter.

We have long periods of involvement in creating and showcasing applications and have assisted different customers with expanding their downloads by infiltrating rewarding and regularly undiscovered business sectors.

Prachi Gupta likes to write information about Digital Marketing Trends that can help audience to grow their business.

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WhatsApp will finally let users encrypt their chat backups in the cloud



whatsapp wird es Benutzern endlich ermöglichen, ihre Chat-Backups in der Cloud zu verschlüsseln

WhatsApp said on Friday it will give its two billion users the option to encrypt their chat backups to the cloud, taking a significant step to put a lid on one of the tricky ways private communication between individuals on the app can be compromised.

The Facebook-owned service has end-to-end encrypted chats between users for more than a decade. But users have had no option but to store their chat backup to their cloud — iCloud on iPhones and Google Drive on Android — in an unencrypted format.

Tapping these unencrypted WhatsApp chat backups on Google and Apple servers is one of the widely known ways law enforcement agencies across the globe have for years been able to access WhatsApp chats of suspect individuals.

Now WhatsApp says it is patching this weak link in the system.

“WhatsApp is the first global messaging service at this scale to offer end-to-end encrypted messaging and backups, and getting there was a really hard technical challenge that required an entirely new framework for key storage and cloud storage across operating systems,” said Facebook’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg in a post announcing the new feature.

Store your own encryption keys

The company said it has devised a system to enable WhatsApp users on Android and iOS to lock their chat backups with encryption keys. WhatsApp says it will offer users two ways to encrypt their cloud backups, and the feature is optional.

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In the “coming weeks,” users on WhatsApp will see an option to generate a 64-digit encryption key to lock their chat backups in the cloud. Users can store the encryption key offline or in a password manager of their choice, or they can create a password that backs up their encryption key in a cloud-based “backup key vault” that WhatsApp has developed. The cloud-stored encryption key can’t be used without the user’s password, which isn’t known by WhatsApp.

whatsapp e2ee sicherung

Bildnachweis: WhatsApp/supplied

“We know that some will prefer the 64-digit encryption key whereas others want something they can easily remember, so we will be including both options. Once a user sets their backup password, it is not known to us. They can reset it on their original device if they forget it,” WhatsApp said.

“For the 64-digit key, we will notify users multiple times when they sign up for end-to-end encrypted backups that if they lose their 64-digit key, we will not be able to restore their backup and that they should write it down. Before the setup is complete, we’ll ask users to affirm that they’ve saved their password or 64-digit encryption key.”

A WhatsApp spokesperson told TechCrunch that once an encrypted backup is created, previous copies of the backup will be deleted. “This will happen automatically and there is no action that a user will need to take,” the spokesperson added.

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Potential regulatory pushback?

The move to introduce this added layer of privacy is significant and one that could have far-reaching implications.

End-to-end encryption remains a thorny topic of discussion as governments continue to lobby for backdoors. Apple was reportedly pressured to not add encryption to iCloud Backups after the FBI complained, and while Google has offered users the ability to encrypt their data stored in Google Drive, the company allegedly didn’t tell governments before it rolled out the feature.

When asked by TechCrunch whether WhatsApp, or its parent firm Facebook, had consulted with government bodies — or if it had received their support — during the development process of this feature, the company declined to discuss any such conversations.

“People’s messages are deeply personal and as we live more of our lives online, we believe companies should enhance the security they provide their users. By releasing this feature, we are providing our users with the option to add this additional layer of security for their backups if they’d like to, and we’re excited to give our users a meaningful advancement in the safety of their personal messages,” the company told TechCrunch.

WhatsApp bestätigte auch, dass es diese optionale Funktion in allen Märkten einführen wird, in denen seine App in Betrieb ist. Es ist nicht ungewöhnlich, dass Unternehmen Datenschutzfunktionen aus rechtlichen und regulatorischen Gründen zurückhalten. Äpfel bevorstehende verschlüsselte Browsing-Funktion, zum Beispiel, werden Benutzern in bestimmten autoritären Regimen nicht zur Verfügung gestellt, wie China, Weißrussland, Ägypten, Kasachstan, Saudi-Arabien, Turkmenistan, Uganda und die Philippinen.

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Jedenfalls kommt die Ankündigung vom Freitag Tage später ProPublica berichtet dass private Ende-zu-Ende-verschlüsselte Konversationen zwischen zwei Benutzern von menschlichen Auftragnehmern gelesen werden können, wenn Nachrichten von Benutzern gemeldet werden.

„Das Erstellen von vollständig verschlüsselten Backups ist wirklich schwierig, und es ist besonders schwierig, es zuverlässig und einfach genug für die Benutzer zu machen. Kein anderer Messaging-Dienst dieser Größenordnung hat dies getan und dieses Maß an Sicherheit für die Nachrichten der Menschen bereitgestellt“, sagte Uzma Barlaskar, Produktleiterin für Datenschutz bei WhatsApp, gegenüber TechCrunch.

„Wir arbeiten seit vielen Jahren an diesem Problem, und um dies aufzubauen, mussten wir ein völlig neues Framework für Schlüsselspeicher und Cloud-Speicher entwickeln, das auf den größten Betriebssystemen der Welt verwendet werden kann, und das hat einige Zeit in Anspruch genommen.“


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Dispo startet einen Test, um das Interesse der Benutzer am Verkauf ihrer Fotos als NFTs zu messen



dispo startet einen Test, um das Interesse der Benutzer am Verkauf ihrer Fotos als nfts zu messen

Dispos, die Foto-Sharing-App, die Einwegkameras emuliert, hat gestern mit der Einführung eines Tests begonnen, der das Interesse der Benutzer am Verkauf von Fotos als erfassen wird NFTs. Einige Benutzer sehen jetzt eine Verkaufsschaltfläche auf ihren Fotos, und wenn sie darauf tippen, können sie sich anmelden, um benachrichtigt zu werden, wenn die Möglichkeit zum Verkauf von Dispo-Fotos eingeführt wird.

CEO und Mitgründer Daniel Liss sagte TechCrunch, dass Dispo noch entscheidet, wie es NFT-Verkäufe in die App integrieren wird, weshalb die Plattform einen Test mit ihren Benutzern durchführt. Dispo weiß noch nicht, welche Blockchain es verwenden würde, ob es mit einem NFT-Marktplatz zusammenarbeiten würde oder welche Umsatzanteile Dispo einnehmen würde.

„Ich denke, aus dem Test kann man mit Sicherheit sagen, dass es eine native Erfahrung in der Dispo-App geben wird“, sagte Liss. „Es gibt eine Reihe von Möglichkeiten, wie es aussehen könnte – es könnte eine native Erfahrung innerhalb von Dispo geben, die dann über eine API mit einer anderen Plattform verbunden wird, und die wiederum unser Partner ist, aber für die Community würde es wie nativ aussehen Dispo-App.“

Dispo NFT 02

Bildnachweis: Dispos

Dies markiert eine neue Richtung für die Social-Media-App, die versucht, das Erlebnis des Teilens von Fotos neu zu definieren, indem Benutzer nur die Fotos sehen können, die sie am nächsten Morgen um 9 Uhr morgens aufgenommen haben. Aus Sicht von Dispo hilft dieses Gimmick Benutzern, authentischer zu teilen, da Sie ein Foto machen und dann sind Sie fertig – die App ist nicht dazu geeignet, Dutzende von Selfies zu machen und das „beste“ Bild von sich zu posten. Aber obwohl es erst im Dezember 2019 auf den Markt kam, hat sich Dispo bereits mit beiden konfrontiert lebhafter Hype und verheerend Kontroverse.

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Bis vor etwa einem Jahr hieß die App David’s Disposables, benannt nach Mitgründer und YouTuber David Dobrik. Die App wurde in der ersten Woche nach ihrer Veröffentlichung über eine Million Mal heruntergeladen und erreichte Platz 1 der App Store-Charts. Im März 2021 ließ die App ihre Warteliste fallen und startete mit Funktionen für soziale Netzwerke neu, aber nur Wochen später, berichtete Insider Vorwürfe sexueller Übergriffe gegen ein Mitglied von Vlog Squad, Dobriks YouTube-Streichensemble. Als Antwort Spark Capital abgetrennte Krawatten mit der Firma, was zu Dobriks Abreise führte. Andere Investoren wie Seven Seven Six und Unshackled Ventures, die zur Serie-A-Runde des Unternehmens in Höhe von $20 Millionen beitrugen, kündigten dies an eventuelle Gewinne spenden von ihren Investitionen in Dispo an Organisationen, die mit Überlebenden sexueller Übergriffe arbeiten.

Liss sagte TechCrunch im Juni, als das Unternehmen bestätigte seine Serie A, dass Dobriks Rolle im Unternehmen die eines Marketingpartners war – Liss war von Anfang an CEO. Angesichts der Kontroverse sagte Liss, die App habe sich auf die Verbesserung des Produkts selbst konzentriert und sich von der Werbung zurückgezogen.

Nach Angaben des App-Analytics-Unternehmens SensorTower hat Dispo seit seiner Einführung bis heute schätzungsweise 4,7 Millionen Installationen weltweit erreicht. Obwohl die App im Januar 2020 die meisten Downloads verzeichnete, als sie über 1 Million Mal installiert wurde, kam der nächstbeste Monat der App im März 2021, als sie ihre Warteliste entfernte – in diesem Monat luden etwa 616.000 Menschen Dispo herunter. Zwischen März und Ende August wurde die App rund 1,4 Millionen Mal heruntergeladen, was einem Anstieg von 118% gegenüber dem Vorjahr im Vergleich zum gleichen Zeitraum im Jahr 2020 entspricht – aber es ist zu erwarten, dass die diesjährigen Zahlen höher sein würden als letztes Jahr. Die Mitgliedschaft der App war exklusiv.


Bildnachweis: Dispos

Jetzt, mit der Ankündigung, dass Dispo NFTs verfolgt, hofft Liss, dass sein Unternehmen nicht nur ändern wird, wie Menschen Fotos posten, sondern auch, wie die Beziehung zwischen Plattformen und den von Benutzern erstellten Inhalten aussehen wird.

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„Warum NFTs? Die stärksten Erinnerungen unseres Lebens haben Wert. Und sie haben einen wirtschaftlichen Wert, weil wir sie geschaffen haben, und die Vergangenheit der sozialen Medien erkennt das nicht an“, sagte Liss gegenüber TechCrunch. „Infolgedessen wird ein YouTuber mit einer großen Fangemeinde nur durch den direkten Verkauf an eine Marke entschädigt, anstatt vom Inhalt selbst zu profitieren.“

Das Hinzufügen von NFT-Verkäufen zur App bietet Dispo eine Möglichkeit, von einer Reduzierung der Benutzerverkäufe zu profitieren, aber es stellt sich die Frage, wie sich das Hinzufügen von NFT-Verkäufen auf das Community-orientierte Gefühl von Dispo auswirken könnte.

„Ich denke, es gibt eine enorme Neugier und ein enormes Interesse“, sagte Liss. „Aber diese Probleme und Fragen sind der Grund, warum wir mehr Daten brauchen.“


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