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27 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website




Building a website for your business? Writing a blog or crafting an artist’s portfolio? WordPress is a fantastic platform to promote your work or sell merchandise. And to make the best out of it, you’re going to need the best WordPress plugins to kickstart it. If you want your site to look professional and optimize it to the fullest, these plugins can help immensely.

They will make your site run faster, add layers of security, and help you analyze data to monitor its performance. In this guide, you will find the most essential plugins and how you can install them to make your website become a booming success.

What Is WordPress?

For non-web developers, WordPress may look just like any other blogging platform but it can do so much more than that. Through this platform, you can build any website that you want for any purpose. An incredible percentage of websites all over the world are powered by and even hosted on WordPress. While you may have to pay for some of its more advanced features, it is mostly an open-source platform which means anyone can use all of its basic features for free.

This makes building a website accessible to anyone, even those with zero experience in web development. It has probably the most user-friendly interface and is packed with tools that make it easy for you to manage your website even if you are not a programmer. However, it has two types of formats and in terms of WordPress plugins, it makes all the difference in the world.

You can either build your site directly from your browser or download the WordPress app and install it on your computer.

Download WordPress now vs.

It’s easy to confuse the two because they basically have the same name, just different domains. While this topic requires a more in-depth discussion, in terms of plugins, WordPress only allows you to use them in the “.org” site. allows you to create a self-hosted site for free but it’s not as simple as it sounds. As with most “.org” websites, it is a non-profit, open-source software but the term “self-hosted” needs some explanation. To create a website under the .org format, you need to have a hosting service. If you want to use a custom domain, you need to purchase one from a registry. You will then use the platform to build the site and use whatever tools are available, both free and premium ones. is a for-profit business that still has a free tier but with limited access to tools. You will have to choose a subscription from the available WordPress plans in order to use a custom domain. One of the key differences between the two is that you cannot install plugins under the .com platform unless you subscribe to a paid plan. WordPress will serve as your hosting service and this is why many people still choose to use the .com software so that they can manage everything in one place.

What Is a WordPress Plugin?

A plugin performs a set of functions that can enhance your website. Whether it’s for content management, search engine optimization (SEO), web security, or e-commerce, a plugin adds features to your site that are not included in the service. There are free ones and paid ones. Why not just include all the free features for everyone? It’s because not everyone will need every feature. If WordPress packs all these free plugins for every user, each will be stuck with a bunch of features that they don’t really need and it will just be confusing. It makes much more sense that these plugins remain optional.

You have a multitude of plugins at your disposal when it comes to WordPress. This is why it’s important to know how to choose the best WordPress plugins that will work best to your advantage.

Installing plugins that you can’t really use will only be a waste of your time and storage space. To narrow down your options, take a look at the list below and see what type of websites they are most suited for. To make it even easier, we’ve compiled the plugins into categories so you can immediately look at the ones that you need.

Best WordPress Plugins for Content Creation

These WordPress plugins help you shape or design the look and feel of your site. You can use them to build more professional-looking pages and apply themes that fit your website’s purpose. These are the best WordPress plugins for those who have never dealt with back-end programming or non-developers in general.


Elementor Plugin

This plugin is an almost completely fool-proof drag-and-drop tool. With this, you can design beautiful websites using WordPress templates if you want, without even knowing how to code. Visitors will hardly know if you hired a professional to do it no matter how complicated your site looks. Believe it or not, even professional developers and web designers use this plugin.

You can edit your web pages and see how they look in real time even without using the preview. You can design and edit elements on the exact page you’re working on. This allows you to build your website with a designer’s touch. You can add hover effects, funky headlines, use unique fonts, backgrounds, and more. Another great thing about Elementor is that if you don’t want to customize all that on your own, you can simply choose a theme, and voila! Apply different themes on different pages or use the same one, dealer’s choice.

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Envira Gallery

If you’re a creative looking for the right plugin, Envira is for you. You can create stunning photo galleries with this plugin. It’s best for photographers, actors, musical artists, and painters, and anyone who wants to display their work through images. Why use a gallery? Uploading a ton of photos one by one is time-consuming, and it also doesn’t have a very appealing visual effect. With a photo gallery, you can create a seamless user experience and allow your visitors to browse through your photo collections with ease. WordPress does have its own photo gallery feature, but it’s not as flexible as Envira.

You can drag and drop your photos to your web pages and speed up their load times once your website goes live. It is also optimized for SEO which means you can add tags and alternate texts to your photos so that they help increase your search rankings on Google. An alternate text is a description that you write on your photos which will appear in case the photos don’t load. These texts also affect your search rankings. Using Envira, you can build your gallery, arrange it, and add special effects within minutes. It is also mobile-friendly, which means you don’t have to tweak anything for your photo gallery to look nice on mobile browsers.

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Smart Slider

Smart Slider Plugin

This WordPress plugin is also great for creatives but will also be beneficial for e-commerce sites. It works almost like a gallery except that you can make images and videos move as in a slide show as the name suggests. It’s an excellent way to showcase media on your website. Pros and beginners alike use this plugin. It is powerful and intuitive and is also SEO-optimized. Why install this plugin even if you’re not a photographer or an artist? It lets you tell stories of what your business is about. If you own a food business or an online shop, you can easily display your products creatively.

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You can add buttons, rows, and columns to your slides, and make them look professional. Absolutely no tech skills necessary. Just pick a template and start building your slide show! You can choose whether you want your visitors to swipe through the media, scroll through them, or use keyboard navigation, or all of them.

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This is perhaps the best WordPress plugin for those who want to display any type of data on their website. It lets you create Excel-like tables and integrate them into your site. You can design them to fit perfectly with your website’s theme. This is incredibly useful if you want to manipulate data within the table. You can use formulas, sort, and filter entries.

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Popup Builder

While this plugin is more like a marketing tool, it also helps make your web pages look great. As the name suggests, it allows you to design popups for any purpose you like. You may need popups so visitors can easily subscribe to your newsletter or schedule an appointment. With this tool, your popups will look more suited for your website’s theme.

The goal is to grab your visitors’ attention to make them take action whether it’s to subscribe, purchase a product, or view another piece of content. You can choose from a huge variety of themes. It is so easy to use. You can set the location of where the popups appear, add animation and effects, and set how many times they appear and for how long. You can also add sound effects.

Other uses for adding popups include prompting visitors to log in, confirm their age if your site has an age restriction, chat with a representative, or fill out a form.

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Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

Smash Balloon Plugin

A lot of business transactions now happen on social media, and it will help your business grow if you create social media pages in addition to your website. If you want to integrate your social pages to your site, Smash Balloon is one of the best WordPress plugins to use.

Using this plugin, you can display your Facebook posts on any page on your site. If you have a Facebook group, you can also display posts and conversations from that group on your pages. Take note that your Facebook group’s privacy must be set to “Public”; otherwise, it will not show up. You can set it to automatically show photos, videos, and comments from your page to your site simultaneously.

The social feed will also automatically be designed to match your website’s theme so you don’t have to worry about it looking out of place but you have the option to change it. What’s great is that even your Facebook feed’s content will contribute to your SEO rankings! It features built-in caching, which means that displaying your social feed will not slow down your site. The plugin will load them at lightning speed. Your visitors can also hit “like” on your posts directly from your site.

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An alternative to the Envira Gallery Smart Slider plugins featured above is FooGallery. Like Envira, this plugin is a gallery management tool perfect for creatives. Easily add stunning photos to your site and arrange them in unique and eye-catching layouts. You will be able to see how your gallery looks like in real-time. No need to save and preview.

You can pick a template and then make as many custom changes as you want. Adjust the size, spacing, and alignment of your photos. You can also add borders, shadow effects, and hover effects to make it look more interesting. It is perfect for those without experience in web development because you can simply drag and drop photos within the gallery to rearrange them. Even pros will enjoy this plugin because it allows you to use or add your own lines of code as well.

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Best WordPress Plugins for Security and Performance

These are the best WordPress plugins to protect your site from cyber attacks and improve your site’s performance. Performance means how fast your web pages load including media content. It is important because it improves the general user experience of your visitors, makes your site load faster on mobile devices, and also improves your rankings.

Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL Plugin

This security plugin allows your site to automatically move to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). It adds a layer of security to your site. When you visit different websites, you may notice that some of them start with an HTTP (http://) URL and some have the extra “s.” This extra “s” means that the site has a secure connection. The plugin detects your settings and configures your site to run on HTTPS. All incoming requests—the number of times a website visit “requests” to load a page, are redirected to HTTPS. It will fix any insecure content you have on your site.

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Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security Plugin

Wordfence is one of the best WordPress plugins to set up a firewall and scan malware on your site. Its malware scanner detects threats and malicious IP addresses to keep your website secure. This plugin is quite a comprehensive security tool. It blocks suspicious traffic but unlike other cloud-based malware software, it does not break encryptions.

It also prevents data from leaking, protecting both you and your visitors. Wordfence is true to its name because it builds a “fence” around your site by scanning for vulnerabilities. It even scans files, comments, and any dangerous links within comments. Other tools included in the plugin are live traffic monitoring as well as detecting hack attempts.

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UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin

It’s not just threats that you have to protect your site from. You also need to protect your content from getting deleted in case something goes wrong. This plugin simplifies the backup process and lets you restore any lost data easily, making it one of them. Easily create a backup and restore them with a click. It lets you schedule regular backups as well as manually backup your site whenever necessary. You have the option to keep your backup files into other cloud services. These include Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

This WordPress plugin may come in very handy not only if your site gets hacked but also if your servers crash or your hosting service goes down. It’s so important to keep a backup of your files and this plugin is one of the most reliable ones. It has been tested on over three million websites.

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One of the best WordPress plugins out there in terms of speeding up your site’s load times is Smush. It features “lazy load” and compresses images to improve your site’s speed. Lazy load optimizes media content on your site so they appear faster on the browser; it defers offscreen images so they don’t add to load times.

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This plugin resizes and compresses your images without reducing their quality. It can compress multiple file types including JPEG, PNG, and GIF. It works with any WordPress theme and is easy to set up.

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Login Lockdown

This is the best WordPress plugin for websites that require users to log in, hence the name. What it does is record every failed attempt done by any user. It tracks their IP address and quickly disables the login function if they enter the wrong password too many times within a short time frame. This will prevent hackers and bots from using password detection tools. You can modify how long this block is enforced.

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Best WordPress Plugins for Web Analytics and SEO

Web analytics is crucial to gauge your website’s success when it comes to specific goals. It involves collecting data and reporting so you can measure its performance. An example of a goal is to reach a certain amount of users that click on your calls to action (CTA). Web analytics tools will provide you with those pieces of information. SEO plugins help your site rank higher on search engines.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Plugin

The most popular and also one of the best WordPress plugins when it comes to SEO is Yoast. It is the default SEO tool for websites. This software has helped millions of sites rank on Google and other search engines. It has a complete set of tools and features that you can use to manage your SEO. The plugin helps visitors find you by optimizing keywords found on your posts and pages. It offers templates for content titles and meta descriptions. It also helps you write SEO-friendly content. Aside from SEO analysis, it also analyzes the readability of your content. Readability is how easily understandable your written content is. Yoast supports multiple languages including German, French, Spanish, Arabic, etc.

It also features automatic internal linking so you don’t have to search for pages and pages of posts to see which internal links are applicable to your articles. The plugin will suggest relevant posts related to any article that you’re writing. It will alert you if any post doesn’t have any links directing to it. Why is internal linking important? It allows “site crawlers” to keep finding content on your site. This increases your search rankings and performance. How? It makes sure that visitors don’t get to a dead end while browsing. Once they are on a page, they will keep finding relevant content and keep reading. The longer they stay on your website and the more links they click, the better.

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MonsterInsights Plugin

This plugin is powered by Google Analytics. It’s a powerful tool that can help you double your traffic and even sales. With MonsterInsights, you will see exactly how many people are visiting your site, which pages they are viewing, and how much time they spend on posts and pages. It provides you with the stats that matter most. Using this tool, you can craft data-driven strategies to drive your business to success. If you’re an artist or a professional blogger, it will help you find the right audience. The plugin lets you use all of Google’s advanced analytics tools. You can generate reports and even print them. It’s so easy to use and understand so you don’t have to know all the technicalities of web analytics to use this plugin.

Its features include Behavior Report. This shows you exactly how people discover your site, which search terms they used on search engines, and which websites referred them to you if any. It also includes content reporting, which gives you insights on which content is performing best. But it has so many other features that will help you analyze what’s going on in your website.

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Broken Link Checker

As the name suggests, this WordPress plugin can detect broken links on your site. Internal and external linking is crucial strategies to make your website grow. As you can imagine, it would be extremely tiresome to check each and every page or article to see if there are any broken links.

This plugin tests all links on your content and fixes broken links to improve your SEO. These include links on posts, comments, and even custom fields. If it detects bad links, it will notify you through your dashboard. It also prevents search engines from following those broken links so it doesn’t pull down your rankings. The great thing is you don’t even have to manually update each post with a broken link. You can fix it directly from the plugin’s dashboard!

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Matomo Analytics

If you want to use an analytics tool outside of Google Analytics, Matomo is a great alternative. This plugin will give you an easy way to look at customer insights on your WordPress website to help grow your online business. It is packed with various web analytics features that provide the stats that you need while also protecting the privacy of your visitors. By using a highly ethical data gathering method, you can develop trust with your customers.

This is especially important for those running businesses that require gathering personal information like credit cards and addresses. It allows you to run web analytics on your own servers. There is no third-party software involved so both your site’s and your customers’ data are safe. Data is stored in WordPress, ensuring that there’s no cross-selling of information involved.

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Rank Math

Rank Math Plugin

Though not as popular as Yoast, Rank Math has a lot to offer in terms of SEO tools. This WordPress plugin helps drive more traffic your way. It gives you practical recommendations to optimize your posts with its intelligent SEO automation features. You will operate your WordPress website as if you have a full SEO team working for you. This is perfect for those who are only learning about SEO and are not yet very familiar with it. It’s easy to set up using Rank Math’s Setup Wizard, which will configure everything for you with just a few clicks. You can optimize unlimited focus keywords and guide you in using them effectively on your posts and pages.

You also have the option to add a search widget where you can integrate a Google Search Console. Your visitors don’t have to leave your site to search for information on the web. This is a powerful strategy to make them stay on your website longer. Remember, the longer a customer or visitor spends time on your site, the faster your rankings will increase. The plugin will also perform detailed SEO tests so you will know which keywords give you the most traffic. It also features 404 monitoring, internal linking suggestions, and translation support.

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Best WordPress Plugins for Marketing and E-Commerce

These WordPress e-commerce plugins provide you with marketing tools that will help you build a seamless e-commerce website to increase your sales and reach your marketing goals.

AddToAny Share Buttons

AddToAny Share Plugin

Social media integration has become an essential marketing strategy. In today’s culture, businesses both brick-and-mortar and online will barely survive without a strong social presence. This plugin will help you increase engagement on your social media pages. Your visitors can share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms in one click without leaving your site. You can set up floating share buttons on any page. This encourages them to share your content.

It also features Follow buttons so they can instantly follow you on Instagram, YouTube, etc. You can customize these buttons to fit your WordPress website’s theme. This plugin is especially useful to social media influencers and those who want to build a website for their vlogs. It is currently the most popular social media share button plugin used on WordPress.

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MailChimp for WordPress

MailChimp Plugin

Another powerful marketing strategy these days is email marketing. The MailChimp plugin for WordPress lets you integrate MailChimp’s features and customize everything on your dashboard. This plugin lets you build an email list. It allows visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter instantly. You can design professional-looking signup forms that are user-friendly and are optimized for mobile. Integrate it with other WordPress plugins that are used for creating contact forms, registration forms, and events manager. By integrating MailChimp’s service, you can easily send out campaigns to up to 2,000 subscribers.

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Currently the most popular open-source e-commerce software, WooCommerce is also one of the best WordPress plugins for e-commerce websites. It’s a great plugin for your online store that will help you manage your business and grow your client list. But it’s not only for online businesses, it is also being used by brick-and-mortar stores that are taking their businesses online. WooCommerce allows you to create enticing storefronts using themes that perfectly fit your site’s look and feel. You can customize the design of your online shop in minutes. Display and arrange your products in a few clicks.

The plugin also allows you to conveniently set up and manage your payment methods. You can set up your store to accept not only credit card payments but also other methods. These include online wallets, PayPal, Square, and even cash. All transactions are secure. The plugin also lets you set up your shipping methods. You can print USPS labels directly from your WordPress website’s dashboard.

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impleCode Product Catalog

Another great way to display your products and make them enticing is by using the impleCode Product Catago plugin. It’s a simple catalog but has a lot of e-commerce functionalities. By adding this plugin, your customers can request a quote with one click. The design is fully customizable. You can use the available templates or if you want, you can also use CSS codes.

Organize your products into categories. You can also activate the feature that lets them filter through the products. This way, your customers can easily find what they are looking for on your site.

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ShopMagic Plugin

If you want to get serious about your marketing campaign, the ShopMagic plugin can be a tremendous help. This WordPress plugin features automation of follow-up emails. It’s an extremely effective marketing automation software for WordPress websites. One example of its automation feature is cart recovery.

This means that it will automatically send an email to customers who have abandoned their carts on your site. It is designed to convert sales and improve customer retention. Take note that this is a WooCommerce extension. So, make sure that you have the WooCommerce plugin featured above as well.

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Best WordPress Plugins for Advanced Users/Web Developers

These are the best WordPress plugins for those with experience in programming or web development. These plugins let you tinker a little bit more on the backend side of things.

Advanced Custom Fields

By installing this plugin, you can take full control of designing your site. It lets you edit screens and as the name suggests, add custom field data. You can add these custom fields on any page on your site including posts, media, and comments. It features over 30 field types. Even the preset templates are developer-friendly!

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Code Snippets

Code Snippets Plugin

Though this plugin is designed for professionals, it has a clean and simple interface. It lets you run Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) snippets on your site. By adding PHP codes, you can extend your WordPress website’s functionalities. The plugin has a graphical interface. You can easily activate and deactivate it anytime.

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Query Monitor

This is an advanced developer tool panel that enables you to debug database queries. Fix PHP errors, enqueued scripts, broken HTTP API calls, and more. You can quickly detect functions that are not performing properly. It also shows you warnings when the plugin detects errors on your site. You will have detailed information on your database and web server.

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If you want to add community features to your WordPress site, BuddyPress is one of the best WordPress plugins for that. You can build a modern, sophisticated social network within your site. This is specifically designed for website builders and developers. It is focused on easy integration and extensibility. You can get your visitors to signup for a membership, create user profiles, and interact with other members.

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Header, Footer, and Post Injections

While WordPress has its own header and footer functionalities, advanced users may want more customization. This plugin provides that level of flexibility. It also provides you a centralized point to manage all of your other plugins. You can add codes anywhere on any page. It also enables shortcodes.

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Where to Find WordPress Plugins

Whether you are using or, the plugin menu is accessible from your dashboard. On the left menu, open the submenu of the Tools section and click on Plugins. From there, you will see plugins under different categories. Remember that you have to be subscribed to a Business Plan if you are on the “.com” platform to install them.

How to Install a WordPress Plugin

After navigating to the Plugins page described above, click on the plugin that you want and click install on the upper right of the page. You can then immediately find the plugin on your dashboard. You have the option to deactivate any plugin anytime.

Final Word

Adding WordPress plugins is a remarkable way to enhance your website. Even if you have the native WordPress features at your disposal, a plugin makes it incredibly easier to customize your site. So, pick from the plugins above and create the best WordPress website today!

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Your Audience Isn’t Really Interested in ‘Just the Facts’ Anymore [Rose-Colored Glasses]



Your Audience Isn't Really Interested in 'Just the Facts' Anymore [Rose-Colored Glasses]

Last week, I spoke to a client in the health care industry whose team wanted to develop a new digital content customer experience. But they felt frustrated.

Five years ago, with help from a couple of ad agency consultants, they’d come up with the idea to launch a digital platform to provide easy access to facts. All they needed, they thought, was to set up a digital library that could answer every question existing clients might have.

They would “let the facts speak for themselves” and win the customer retention battle.

<Narrator>: “It didn’t work.”

You see, facts almost never speak for themselves (they’re bashful that way). And they almost never win an argument.

Think about the last time you presented a set of facts you thought would clinch your argument. Boom. You dropped the mic and the knowledge bombs. You won, right?

Nope. Presenting facts does nothing to correct a false belief, and it usually causes your opponents to double down on their beliefs.

A group of researchers actually have studied this so-called “backfire effect” and found that correcting someone “actually increases [emphasis mine] misperceptions among the group in question.”

The backfire effect indicates correcting someone actually increases misperceptions among the group in question, according to #research from @UMich and @GeorgiaStateU via @Robert_Rose @CMIContent. Click To Tweet

In a big data, deep fake world, we have more “facts” than ever before. The question is: Does anyone care what we have to say?

A few years ago, researchers at Wharton showed people various algorithms. Most people in the study found them interesting and valuable – until an algorithm made a mistake. Once people saw the mistake occur, they were “very, very unlikely to use it and didn’t like it anymore.” Study participants seemed to judge algorithms more harshly than they would people, one researcher noted.

But, if these people had input into the algorithm or were allowed to adjust the forecasts, they not only liked the algorithms more, they didn’t lose nearly as much confidence when an error occurred.

These findings bode well for preserving the role of human involvement in an increasingly automated world. But it also speaks volumes in terms of how delicate belief and trust are.

So, the content question in 2022 isn’t about how to present “just the facts.” The question is how to make people care about any of the facts. And this isn’t just a marketing question. It’s a fundamental communication question.

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Increasingly, facts are a commodity. They’re easy to attain, so we don’t value them. And because we don’t value them, they can be assailed with … well … “alternative facts.”

Facts are easy to attain, so readers don’t value them, says @Robert_Rose via @CMIContent. Click To Tweet

As I told my health care client, companies have to give people something to believe in (to quote the classic Poison song). You have to give audiences something more than facts to care about.

If you don’t, you risk creating some version of this scene from the TV show The Simpsons: Lisa feels sad because one of her favorite teachers left. Her father, Homer, doesn’t get why. “I knew you wouldn’t understand,” she says. “Hey,” says Homer, “just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t understand.”

Ultimately, with every piece of content, ask this: “Do we want people to care?”

If not, there’s no problem going with the cold corporate template and “let the facts speak for themselves.” If you do want people to care, you better give people more than content they can believe. You better give them content they can believe in – even if it means putting in more effort.

Creating belief is about understanding intent

So, how do you start creating content that goes beyond simple fact-based research, data, and information?

Go back to that argument you had on social media or with the colleague or boss who never seems to “get it.” Think about those customers you’re trying to convince to purchase from you or advocate for you.

You’re never going to win those battles with facts – you must understand why they are arguing, searching, or deciding. You must understand their intent.

To understand intent, you must first create mechanisms – content-driven experiences – that enable your brand to listen more effectively to the signals generated across their interactions.

Create #content-driven experiences to understand audience intent and listen to signals generated by the interactions, says @Robert_Rose via @CMIContent. Click To Tweet

As one might expect, this requires more effective use of data than is likely available for most businesses. A thorough content strategy is needed to provide data to help the business understand each piece of content’s type and purpose and how they apply contextually to each step of the customer’s journey.

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What does that content strategy look like?

In my research and consulting practice, I’ve seen marketing organizations create a self-enablement process to create this level of capability. It typically involves a three-step process:

1. Arrange the data house

Create a dictionary or interpretation for understanding intent. Put simply, you need to discern the most appropriate response to the customer’s interaction with your content.

This is where a metadata structure and content tagging system to track behavioral context (or intent) come in. For example, a white paper called Discover How Digital Marketing Is a Good Thing for Your Business might be tagged with a “beginner” or “learning” intent. Someone who consumes this white paper would NOT be considered a lead but will be nurtured as an engaged audience.

2. Develop best next capability

Once you have an intent signal, you need to understand what’s the “best next” thing to make that customer understand and care about the answer.

Businesses need to create content-driven experiences to deliver a “best next” experience to content consumers. For example, that targeted messaging to the beginner or learning audience member should prompt them to want to read a how-to-change piece.

That’s overly simplistic, of course, but you can see how levels of nuance may need to be captured with more than just answers to a question. Through additional content consumption, a poll, or a survey, you can glean if this beginner is feeling confident or fearful about change. As you learn more about the nuanced aspects of the customer’s journey, you can automatically deliver the best next experience for that customer.

Similarly, it’s not all about technology and dynamic content. There’s a human element to this, too. You can share this information with others who can deliver additional experiences that fall outside the digital content realm. For example, you could share insights about the beginner prospect’s behavior with sales. Once sales understands what the prospect needs, their role can evolve from a persuader to a consultant helping the prospect understand the best way to move to the next step.

3. Connect the experiences

This step enables the most insight. Once you map your content to understand what you need to deliver based on intent, you must develop the capability to aggregate this data and serve up the content (and the intent) contextually across the different experiences. You need to find a way to connect the experiences into a singular view of the audience’s progression through their journey.

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For example, if the beginner persona ultimately purchases your services, you might want to connect their profile to the onboarding or training module of a 101-level set of training classes. The insight gleaned from a more statistically relevant data set improves these activities or even makes them possible in the first place.

This third step may be the most difficult part of the process because it often means integrating multiple technologies to create a single view of the customer.

But you can start small. Even if you can just connect the intent upper/beginning part of the journey (awareness) to the mid part of the journey (sales), you are starting to get much better.

It’s the content, not the data, that makes people care

Data gives you the opportunity to make people care about what you have to say. To get beyond just “answers,” you must create compelling content that integrates those answers (facts, figures, data, information) into compelling experiences that appeal to the audience’s feelings.

One widespread marketing fallacy is that buyers want factual answers about the products and services they’re considering.

It’s not true. More often than not, the brand that supplies the least information, facts, data, etc., about a product and provides the most inspiration, belief, and emotional connection will be the chosen one.

You need to convince customers they are buying into a brand they can believe in. To do that, you need to give them an experience they believe in, too.

Want to learn how to balance, manage, and scale great content experiences across all your essential platforms and channels? Join us at ContentTECH Summit this March in San Diego. Browse the schedule or register today.

Cover image by Joseph Kalinowski/Content Marketing Institute

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Top 5 Tech Tools to Grow Your Business in 2022

Businesses across the world run on tools, technologies, processes, and people. Smart tools and technologies help make businesses smarter.

For the last 3 years, we all have been experiencing the world from a different perspective. The very fact that technology helped us stay connected over the past few years can’t be denied at all. It kept the workforce moving and motivated. In short, good technology has the power to solve problems and to bring considerable change. The pandemic has taught us to value life and to make a difference in each individual’s life, is what businesses in 2022 will definitely look forward to.

Accelerate your business in 2022 with these 5 top tools and technologies.

Digital Marketing Tools- The Smartest Way to Market in 2022

An online healthcare business in 2020 started same-day medicine delivery at competitive prices. Times were such that people were not stepping out. It was marketed with the most appropriate selection of words, like “No-Contact Delivery,” and was followed by customer-centric online marketing campaigns and advertisements. As it was a useful business meant to solve a real-world problem people were facing, it took no time to raise revenues.

It didn’t just run marketing campaigns!!!

It solved a real-world problem!

This will be the very essence of DIGITAL MARKETING this year–Solving real-life problems to make lives easier.

When used and implemented right, digital marketing “IS” the tool for a successful business in future years to come. Businesses in 2022 can attract a wider audience through the latest digital marketing strategies such as:

  • User-friendly Interactive content
  • Shoppable posts
  • Social media stories
  • Influencer marketing
  • Better SEO tactics
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Popular Keywords, Organic and paid search; etc.

Data Science Tools: Help Generate Insights and Better Decision Making in 2022

Have you ever noticed how your Netflix dashboard displays personalized movie and TV show recommendations, exactly how you like? Or how such platforms predict the trending content and notify it to you beforehand so that you’re not left behind in this fast-paced, data-driven world. Or imagine, how the online purchased items in real-time can be tracked, with nearly appropriate logistics routes. All thanks to Data Science tools that carry the potential to decipher hidden patterns and insights which may help businesses across the world to grow.

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Technology Trends for the year 2022 frankly shout out the significance of data science. Enterprises across the world, especially logistics, healthcare, financial institutions, e-commerce, social media houses, etc. will be deeply influenced by powerful data science tools and technologies.

In the healthcare sector, it will aid in drug discovery and identification of new diseases. Effective analysis of disease-related trends will eventually help the healthcare sector understand the “new world” better. Banking sector will largely benefit from effective Data Science tools in 2022 as online transactions surge. With intelligent data science tools, banks can help detect fraudulent transactions in real-time.

Project Management Tools

The panorama of project management is transforming rapidly. The year, 2022, will bring cutting-edge tools and technologies in the area of Project Management. If a business has to survive and grow exponentially in 2022, it has to have a rock-solid future plan. The essential team collaborative tools covered here are Agile methodologies, Process Automation, and enterprise project management software.

This year, the project management arena will observe a few emerging trends. Let’s take a quick look here.

  • Agile methodologies
  • Content Management Tools for project efficiency
  • Effective Vendor Management
  • Process Automation
  • Cost-Reduction Strategies
  • New strategies and policies to increase revenue.
  • Updated corporate values
  • Flexible remote-work policies
  • Artificial Intelligence in Project Management
  • Soft Skills

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning Tools- Future of Businesses and Organizations

AI and Machine learning are not new concepts. But, In 2022, the world will witness a different kind of potential that AI and Machine learning has to offer to the enterprises. This year, they will be in their best forms.

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Let’s have a look.

  • From a business perspective, AI will assist to provide an elaborated view of the market for humans to understand well.
  • In the field of marketing, AI can help identify potential customers.
  • AI can help predict what’s in and what’s not for businesses to grow.
  • AI can help sort-through large data chunks and thus, will help in saving time and cost.
  • In the domain of cybersecurity, AI will help enterprises grow in a smart manner by controlling cybercrime, providing extended threat protection, timely detection of possible business loopholes, etc.
  • Another interesting thing that AI has in its bucket is automated driverless cars to make commutes hassle-free.
  • AI aims to create an augmented workforce for effective business operations.
  • Robotics will be more improved than ever. This year, the workforce will probably get to work with smart machines.
  • It will help create a Metaverse-Unified persistent digital environment. Creative AI will also be a term that will be sought after in 2022.

In short, AI and machine learning will occupy a larger space in the enterprise cloud this year. These tools will significantly shape the way enterprises work in the near future.

Mobile Device Management tools- Manage Your Devices Over-the-Air for a Seamless IT Experience

Again, this year also, MDM solutions will continue helping IT admins across the organizations as their smart tech buddy! The year looks lucrative and promising as the businesses go mobile and as various MDM solutions capture the technical universe.

With a smart MDM solution, IT departments can secure, monitor, and manage mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, rugged devices, digital signages, etc. irrespective of their type, operating system, and location of use. This helps in effective workforce management, employee productivity, security, and integrity.

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Their demand will increase year-by-year due to the very business-centric need to manage, secure, and monitor corporate data so as to maintain customer’s trust in the company.

Let’s have a look at how MDMs will add value to any enterprise in 2022.

  • Scheduling and implementing recurring IT tasks and bulk activities
  • Track the employees’ productivity
  • Help locating devices and lock them if lost or stolen
  • Detect inappropriate SIM swaps and network changes
  • Allow/Block malicious content
  • Turn any Android, iOS, or Windows device into a kiosk as per business-specific requirements
  • Manage content on digital signages
  • Push Applications silently
  • Configure and apply policies over the air
  • Track unmanaged devices
  • Generate automated reports for IT admins to stay updated…and many more features that will bring confidence across the organizations when it comes to going 100 percent mobile.

Backed by exceptional remote support, Scalefusion, an MDM solution offers a plethora of features for the IT admins to select, based on specific industry needs.


Future belongs to those who believe in the power of technology. And technology is ever-transforming. In 2022 ambitious businesses will keep an eye on the above-mentioned tools and technologies to stay ahead, grow exponentially, and thus, climb up the corporate ladder.

So Businesses! Go ahead and skyrocket your way to success in 2022.

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Large audiences are still valuable



Large audiences are still valuable

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Good morning, Marketers, and the Superbowl reminds us large audiences are still valuable.

I was struck by reports that NBC had sold most of its Super Bowl ad inventory by mid-summer and at a higher price than last year even though the audience was at a 15 year low. The two determining factors, of course, are scarcity and reach. An audience of 96.4 million may be a dwindling audience — but it’s still a very large audience indeed.

In a fragmenting world where individuals are increasingly willing and able to consume niche content on niche channels, the ability to reach a large and diverse audience has some nostalgic appeal. OOH advertising has been renewing itself through digital connections and singular events like the Super Bowl can put big brands in front of vast numbers of eyeballs.

Such events are unlikely to become extinct — but they are becoming increasingly rare. Witness the plummeting audiences for the Olympic Games and the Academy Awards.

Kim Davis

Editorial Director


What we’re reading. Scott Brinker reviews data showing that two thirds of SaaS spend within companies is now managed by business units rather than IT. About 1 in 5 individual employees buy their own SaaS subscriptions and expense them. As he rightly says, it seems too late to call this “shadow IT.” “(I)t’s the kind of shadow that a towering landmark casts in the bright light of day. Tourists pay money to visit it and take selfies.”

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