7 Ways To Market Your Small Business On Less Than £100 a Month

Small business marketing on a shoestring can be achieved by combining free services along with paid. By being strategic with your resources, you can master marketing your business on a budget.

Here are 7 ways to market your small business on less than £100 a month.

1) Google My Business

In addition to listing your business on the UK Business Directory, fill out the Google My Business online form. This is a free service offered by Google. Google My Business is especially useful for local SEO (search engine optimization). Over half of all mobile searches are for local businesses. Completely filling out the form will give you a full profile. Make sure to include a brief bio, photographs and social media channels.

If you have multiple locations, fill out a separate form for each location. Be sure to fill out the exact same address as in your website and social media. Keeping consistent shows Google you are a quality site and they will rank you higher in search engine results.

2) Facebook

Facebook business pages are a free way to market your small business. You can share your latest news and products. Next, take that up a notch. Also create a Facebook Group and build community. You can become a micro-influencer by recommending daily practices or advice related to what your customer needs, in order to solve their problems or to enjoy life.

3) Podcasts

Make yourself become more visible through podcast interviews. Podcasts are always looking for new content. Send out press releases to podcasts that are related to your business niche, or for other small businesses like yourself. This is a great way to market your brand to potential new customers.

One bonus is that the link from the podcast page to your page is also valuable for your SEO. This is called a quality backlink. This demonstrates your expertise and Google favors sites that professionals and experts.

Podcasting doesn’t end here. Consider creating your own podcast. You may consider creating a lifestyle podcast that appeals to your niche. Read up on the steps to host a podcast and try to be creative with your £100 monthly allotment. While podcasting software such as Audacity is free, microphones can be expensive. Check used shops for quality mics.

4) Create A Content Calendar

Creating a content calendar is free. Social media is free. Yet, both require your valuable time. By creating a content calendar that includes your releases, holidays and other special events related to your product or niche, can help you save time and still engage with social media.

A content calendar just keeps you organized and consistent. Being consistent is important with social media.

5) Use PPC Wisely

Using PPC (pay per click) wisely can help that £100 monthly allotment stretch further. What are some PPC savings tricks?

  • Negative Keywords: Only pay for search keywords that apply to your business. This means that if your business is a window glass business, negative keywords are fused or car glass.
  • Local Keywords: Focusing on local keywords can be less expensive and get you more bang for your buck.
  • Timed Ads: Timing your ads, or publishing ads on just a few days a week can help you save money.
  • Prioritize Goals: Do you want to generate sales or are you more interested in brand awareness. By focusing on one goal, you can make that money stretch.

6) Recycle Content

Don’t be afraid to freshen up and recycle old content. This is an opportunity to fix your website’s SEO. This means that you are following best SEO practices. This includes only using a main keyword in one article. By creating multiple articles with the same keyword, the Google bots get confused and will just randomly choose a piece with that keyword. This may not be the content you want to be found first. Help Google out by using that main keyword in just one article or blog post.

Then, update related content with other main keywords. Lastly, link each of these articles to each other. This demonstrates to Google that you are an expert in your field, and will reward you with higher search results.

7) Hire Freelancers

Don’t be afraid to use that £100 monthly allotment to hire freelance writers. Having an expert help you build up your content can help with your SEO ranking, while freeing up your precious time.

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