Amazon DSP starts suggesting bids to advertisers

Amazon last month replaced win rate with new suggested bids, which provide insights into the auction landscape based on historical winning bids. Amazon says the suggested bids provide advertisers with an estimate of bids that have been used by other advertisers for similar products. The bid range is a range of winning bids for most ads in similar product category.

According to Amazon, if the suggested bid for a campaign is $0.70 ($0.40 – $1.40), the suggested bid is $0.70 and the bid range is $0.40 to $1.40.

Suggested bid and bid range is updated daily, based on the increase or decrease in competing bids and ads in each auction.

Advertisers can find the suggested bid for a Sponsored Products manual campaign, clicking on the campaign in the campaign manager, click the Targets tab, and the Suggested Bid will be displayed in the data table. On the campaign creation, the suggested bid is displayed in the table in the Keyword targeting and bids section.

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