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For any business startup to reach the peak of its success, there is an important aspect to invest in besides its product, team and customer acquisition. Let’s look at it squarely – businesses can’t make money without customers. So, this is where marketing and advertising come into the equation.

Advertising development

Advertising has evolved from what it used to be in the past to our present. In the early 20th century, print was the predominant form of advertising for individuals and businesses. Publications used to be spent on publishing companies to showcase their products and services in newspapers and magazines. But the story is different now.

With the birth of the Internet, advertising strategy has moved to another dimension. This technological advance brought it along with digital marketing. When you talk about digital marketing, two things come to mind; Search engine (paid search) and social media (paid social).

Online Marketing

Business brands, both small and large, are leveraging the Internet to acquire new customers, make sales and create awareness. Google And Facebook There are two giants when it comes to digital marketing. There are 4.66 billion internet users Today in the world, which accounts for 60% of the global population. In addition, the average Internet user spends an average of about seven hours online each day, making the Internet the best place for businesses.

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Among these Internet users worldwide, Facebook has 2.45 billion monthly active users By 2020. While Google is the most used search engine on the Tech Wide Web (92.16%), with 5.4 billion searches Every day until December 2020.

Facebook Advertising vs. Google AdWords

With a large share of Internet users responsible for both Facebook and Google, this makes them for both small and large platforms with the most demand for business for their advertising. But many businesses get confused about which of these two to use in their digital marketing campaign. The question is, should you choose one over the other? If yes, why?

Before you better conclude, here are some statistics you should know:

  • Facebook advertising revenue mostly (about half) comes from the US and Canada
  • India has the highest Facebook ad audience, followed by the United States, Indonesia and Brazil
  • Of hootsuite Global State of Digital in 2019 The report found that a large proportion of Facebook ad viewership comes in Generation Z, particularly those between 18 and 24.
  • Twenty-four percent of Facebook advertising revenue is from mobile.
  • Hootsuite also found that video posts receive more engagement than other types of posts. Compared to video engagement at 6.04%, photo posts are at 4.36%, link posts at 2.78% and status posts at just 16.6 percent.
  • Hootsuite Told that the potential reach of Facebook ads There are 1.9 million people: 43% women and 57% men.
  • Google delivers An 8: 1 return on investment (ROI) – or $ 8 for every $ 1 spent
  • 63% say they would click on a paid ad in Google search results
  • Google Display Network Reaches 90% Of online consumers
  • 33% of people click on search ads because of how relevant the ad is to their search
  • Google owns the world’s largest online display advertising network.

The first thing you should know is that the two platforms are different. And they deliver results based on the marketing goals set by a company. Now, to understand both Facebook and Google ads, let’s take a look at how they are both distinctive in their own way.

Unique Features of Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads

Google advertising is a text-based advertisement that targets keyword search. This means that advertisements specifically target people who offer your business. The advantage of this is that it gives your business the opportunity to be seen by prospects in “purchase mode”.

Facebook advertising, also known as paid social, targets prospects using information such as interests, location, gender, marital status, behavior, etc. Facebook is able to access all this information because it is a platform where people interact and express their lives. . Almost every Facebook user has all the information about his life online. So, Facebook advertising gives you an opportunity to streamline the target audience for your advertisement.

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Google advertising is based on pay-per-click (PPC). Advertisers are charged a specific amount when their ad is clicked. On the other hand Facebook charges advertisers after releasing the advertisement and it is running.

Whatever type you choose, both types of ads have their own specialties and uniqueness. And it is best to be seen as a supplement rather than a competitor. Know the scope of both and identify which aspect of your business will each benefit.

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