Facebook shuts down the web and in-stream placements from Audience Network

Facebook this month announced that is shutting down the in-stream video and mobile web placements until Apr 10. Facebook says that starting Apr 11, there’ll no longer be advertiser demand for these placements from Facebook. Here the exact deadlines for the shutdown.

Facebook is asking publishers to remove the web or in-stream placements from the waterfall integration, as Facebook will stop responding to ad requests for web and in-stream placements. Facebook also told publishers that the performance may fluctuate during the deprecation period.

According to Facebook, the decision was based on where Facebook sees growing demand from the advertisers, which is across mobile apps.

Facebook will save the data for 6 months after Apr 11, and payment to publishers will be as normal, on the 22nd of the month.

It’s not the first time that Facebook moves away from the web. In 2018, Facebook phased out Atlas, a web adserving and measurement platform acquired from Microsoft, back in 2013.

Facebook Audience Network is an extension of inventory available across independent publishers (off-Facebook), via Facebook Ads Manager.

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