Google blocks 2.7B bad ads in 2019

Google this week said it has blocked and removed 2.7 billion bad ads in 2019. Scott Spencer, VP Product Management, Ads Privacy and Safety, at Google, wrote that 1 million advertiser accounts were suspended for policy violations, and 1.2 million accounts on the publisher network were terminated.

According to Google, the common bad ads are phishing ads, and “trick-to-click” ads. Google says it has assembled an internal team, last year, to track the patterns and signals of these types of fraudulent advertisers. Last year, Google blocked more than 35 million phishing ads and 19 million “trick-to-click” ads in 2019.

Google protects publishers and advertisers policing the ads. In 2017, Google removed 320,000 publishers from the Adsense and Doubleclick Ad Exchange for violating the publisher policies. In the same year, Google blacklisted nearly 90,000 websites and 700,000 mobile apps.

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