Spotify expects to reach 8 Billion euros in 2020, same revenue of YouTube 3 years ago

Spotify last week gave the guidance for 2020. In the financial statement for the Q4 of 2019, Spotify says it expects to reach a total revenue between €8.08 and €8.48 billion, which is the same as YouTube did 3 years ago.

Spotify ended up 2019 with 271 million users, and expects to finish 2020 with between 328 to 348 million users, a growth of around 25%, slower than the 30% growth in 2019.

Spotify expects that the total paid users should be around half of their total users. Spotify paid users are 40% from Europe, 30% from North America, 20% from Latin America, and 10% from the rest of the world.

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