Walmart launches an ad platform

Walmart last week launched a new ad platform. Walmart Media Group (WMG) has now a self-serve portal where advertisers can deliver full native ad campaigns on and generate reports. Back in April 2019, Walmart Media Group acquired a self-serve ad tech platform Polymorpht to expand its advertising capabilities.

In the new ad platform, Walmart is offering insides based on both in-store and online data. Walmart says 90 percent of America are shopping at Walmart every year and nearly 160 million visit the Walmart stores and website every week.

Walmart also create Walmart Advertising Partners program to expand advertisers’ direct access to their Sponsored Products campaigns, a bidded auction-based marketplace. The first test partners of the API were Teikametrics, Flywheel Digital, Kenshoo and Pacvue.

AdExchanger reported that previously, advertisers were only able to purchase search ads, and sponsored product placements on Walmart, as part of a managed service buy. AdExchanger also reports that audience data is not yet available on Walmart Ad Platform.

Walmart Media Group enters on the run for the ad dollars in retail, in direct competition with Amazon Advertising. But, with Amazon DSP, advertisers are able to use Amazon data not only for measurement but also for targeting on almost all display programmatic inventory.

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