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Giving Back to Get: 5 Ideas to Build Links by Helping Others



You already have a strategy in place for link building, right?

Your plan probably includes at least one of the following link building tactics:

The above tactics aren’t enough, though.

If your link building strategy feels like it’s missing something, that’s because it is missing something.

Interacting with real human beings – being a part of a community and helping others – is always good for business, and should be a part of your link building strategy.

Here are five ideas to build links by giving back.

1. Be a Guest Writer

Guest blogging is one of the most obvious ways to build links.

While it does require a little more effort than other link building tactics (You actually have to write something! Gasp!), it is an effective way to increase site traffic and boost SEO.

How It Works

It’s simple. Guest blogging – also known as guest writing or guest posting – is when you write or share your own content on other relevant websites.

As you’re writing your guest post, incorporate a link to your website into the text, if backlinking has been approved.

You should also add a link to your site in your author or contributor byline.

Giving Back to Get: 5 Ideas to Build Links by Helping Others

What to Watch For

Keep in mind that backlinks from websites with a low domain authority might do more harm than good.

Before you agree to guest post or before you pitch your content to another site, do a background check.

Make sure you’re writing for a trusted site by checking their domain authority on a site like Ahrefs or Alexa.

2. Get Involved in a Greater Cause

Whether you’re planting trees, volunteering at a local shelter, contributing to scholarships, or hosting an online business seminar, your involvement in the community or your contribution to an impactful cause is important to your brand’s reputation.

You may find it surprising though that it can also drive traffic to your site and increase conversions!

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How It Works

Get involved with a project in your community, or even with a national or worldwide project.

Many causes will have their own website, an email list, or pamphlets or flyers listing businesses including yours who are contributing to their campaign.

Share your involvement with your customers and prospects by publishing blog posts, updating your website, sharing on social media (don’t forget to use appropriate hashtags!), and using email campaigns.

By encouraging your customers and prospects to get involved, or by raising awareness of the cause you’re working for, you’ll establish yourself as a trustworthy company that has the community’s – and the world’s – best interests at heart.

Giving Back to Get: 5 Ideas to Build Links by Helping Others

What to Watch For

Understand that you’ll need to volunteer time and resources, and possibly money, products, or services.

Always remember the real purpose of your involvement with the project you choose.

While ultimately good for business, involvement in impactful causes is more about creating connections and benefiting your community than it is about earning a backlink.

3. Offer Free Resources

Everyone loves free stuff, especially useful free stuff that they can access with one click.

By offering free online tools and resources, your business will have an excellent opportunity to earn some quality backlinks.

How It Works

Create – or hire someone on your team to create – a valuable resource such as an ebook, a printable list or cheat sheet, an email course, a stock photo gallery, or a calculator.

These freebies are often offered as opt-ins, accessible once someone signs up for your email list.

Users will often mention your free resource without being asked (if it’s useful enough to be mentioned!).

Encourage user-generated content by requesting that your audience share posts or photos of your freebie in use in exchange for a feature, often in the form of a retweet, a regram, or a shout out on Facebook.

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Giving Back to Get: 5 Ideas to Build Links by Helping Others

What to Watch For

Be open to updating and tweaking the design and functionality of your resource to keep it relevant and useful.

Also, keep in mind that your audience may not be interested in sharing or promoting your tool or resource.

You’ll still need to promote your tool online using standard marketing tactics. Promoting your free resource should become a part of your overall marketing strategy.

4. Share Reviews & Testimonials

Sharing reviews and testimonials for services or products you use may be just as helpful as receiving reviews and testimonials for services or products you offer.

Newer companies, especially, are trying to build credibility and site authority, so they will be glad to feature your review or testimonial which includes a backlink on their site.

How It Works

If there’s a service or product that you use and love, write a review or testimonial.

Send the review, including your business name and a link to your site, giving the company permission to use your review on their website.

Reviews and testimonials are often linked 1-2 clicks away from a website’s homepage, so they carry a good deal of weight.

Giving Back to Get: 5 Ideas to Build Links by Helping Others

What to Watch For

Even if a company posts your testimonial on their site, you’re not guaranteed a link.

Also, remember that inbound links from websites with a low domain authority could do more harm than good.

Find the company’s website domain authority on a site like Ahrefs or Alexa.

5. Ask & Answer Questions

Participating in forums or leaving thoughtful, relevant comments on other blog posts are valid ways to improve authority and increase traffic to your site.

How It Works

Your customers are on Quora and Reddit. Join the conversation there.

Ask and answer questions and share thoughtful feedback.

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These forums are great places to market your website and build relevant links.

Likewise, regularly posting comments on other blogs who are speaking to your target audience is a great way to build links and lend authority to your site.

It’s also a community-building tactic that’ll pay off in the long run.

Giving Back to Get: 5 Ideas to Build Links by Helping Others

What to Watch For

Links shared in forums and blog post comments are typically “nofollow” links.

These links are not ideal, but keep in mind that your link profile should be diverse anyway, which will include nofollowed links.

Customize Your Strategy

High-quality, trusted backlinks will boost your site’s visibility and authority and are a huge help to SEO efforts.

Link building doesn’t have to be complicated.

When you’re giving back and helping others in the process, building links can even be fun and meaningful.

Some tactics will work, and some won’t. Test different methods to determine which is best for your business.


Timeframe: Month 8, then ongoing monthly

Results detected: 4-12 months

Average links per month: 10


  • Domain authority check
  • Content (guest posts, reviews, and testimonials, blog post comments, forum participation, etc.)


  • Improve trust and site authority
  • Attract diverse links
  • Community-building

Image Credits

Featured Image: Julia McCoy
All screenshots taken by author, September 2019


5 Reasons You Should Start Using Influencers to Create Content for You



5 Reasons You Should Start Using Influencers to Create Content for You

Imagine spending 3, 5, 7, 10 years creating content about topics you love out of pure passion. Working through decision fatigue on what to create, what platform to focus on building, and not knowing the latest marketing monetization strategies to actually make money. Only creating from a place of inspiration because you care and have a message to share for years before making a dime. The dedication and consistency is what builds audiences that LOVE your media channels, listening, watching, liking, and sharing your content on a regular basis. That’s what majority of influencers have done to build their channels. 

So why work with influencers to create content for you: 

Reason #1: Audience  

If you are looking to break into a new audience and build brand awareness working with an influencer is a good path to explore. An influencer knows it’s audience better than any SEO search so they know what content to create that will motivate, inspire, and trigger to get a response. They’ve built trust through years of content creation and testing out new ideas to engage their audience.    

Reason #2: Creative 

When you find the right influencer to work with they can be an extension to your business adding to the creative content department. Creative content is a pain point in a lot businesses and why organizations for years have paid big buck to marketing agencies to take this off their hands to make the commercial, promo video, and ads. When you have someone who’s outside of the organization, who’s built an audience, and can play in their strength it will be an added value to any brand and business.  

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Reason #3: Dynamic 

It’s not just any content that’s being created from influencers, it’s dynamic! Ideally, working with an influencer they are coming to the table with ideas for videos, social media, and ad content that will seamlessly incorporate the brand into their audience. Since they know their audience best let them lead this conversation and find a common working ground to let them move forward on their ideas. This type of content is the win-win-win for the brand, the audience, and the influencer’s media channels. 

Reason #4: Consistency 

Consistent content with any media channel is key to creating brand awareness for a business. When you have an influencer who’s outside of the organization not distracted by the day to day operations of a company, leaving them to create consistent dynamic content is something most brands didn’t even know they needed. 

Reason #5: Strategic 

It’s a strategic move for an organization to outsource content creation to an influencer who’s put in the creative work to build an audience. It’s an immediate traffic source to tap into and create brand awareness. There’s an opportunity to put paid marketing dollars behind the content and boost it’s engagement creating more opportunity for a brand. 

On average it takes a person 5-7 impressions to link a brand’s logo to the company. Add in another 7 impressions for them to remember it in the abyss of brands that are being marketed to them daily. When you work with an influencer to create dynamic consistent content you’re increasing your odds of your brand being recognized faster and identified by a trusted source. Good luck on your road to content creation with influencers!   

Valerie Viramontes

Valerie Viramontes is a purpose-driven entrepreneur, women’s and girls empowerment leader, conscious marketing expert, media strategist, and founder of V2 Solutions & Girl Hacks.

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Valerie created her boutique agency specializing in product launches and sponsorships for health conscious podcasters, influencers, and wellness companies. She uses her experience to create win-win-win deals for her clients, brands, and audiences. This has put her behind launches of companies and products with sales into the millions working with brands like Spartan Races, Barbell Shurgged, The Strong Coach, Complete Human and so many more! 

In Valerie’s free time she is a catalyst to remind young women of their inherent wisdom, intuition and power, and guide them to access the confidence within to make healthy choices in their lives. Add in hiking, dancing, reading, exploring new places to eat and she’s in her happy place!

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Data and privacy concerns grow among consumers



Data and privacy concerns grow among consumers

Consumers are showing greater concern over how data is gathered online and in apps and smart devices, according to a new study by GroupM, the media investment arm of WPP. The research was conducted in December by GroupM’s Audience Origin (formerly LivePanel) and included 1,000 U.S. consumers.

The findings indicated a decline in the number of consumers who feel comfortable sharing their data on health tracker apps or to allow smart home devices to automatically order refills for household items.

Sharing info. Over three quarters (77%) of respondents strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement: “I worry about how companies use my personal data online.” This was up from 72% in last year’s report.

Also, only a small percentage of consumers believe that the company who makes a device in the home, or its software, should have access to the data. That number is 5.4% in the current study, down from 6.9% in the previous one.

Read more: Predictions 2022: Data strategy and privacy

New tech. Consumers are less enamored with new technology in their house. Only 51% of respondents in the survey agreed with the statement: “It’s important my household is equipped with the latest technology.” The survey the previous year had 54% agree.

Also, 32% somewhat or completely agreed that new tech “confuses me,” up from 28% the year before.

Why we care. In this study, the numbers appear to be consistently in the 5% range for drop in consumer sentiment around privacy, data and new technology.

It’s not a massive drop, but it’s not nothing either. Individual brands can overcome this barrier by managing a better conversation with their customers about their privacy and data practices.

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Take, for instance, the wide disparity in the way email subscriptions are managed. Some brands offer a one-click unsubscribe, while others hide the option behind a number of additional screens and questions. Marketers can cut through with transparency, and the ones that do will be ahead of the game as privacy law catches up in the states.

About The Author

Chris Wood draws on over 15 years of reporting experience as a B2B editor and journalist. At DMN, he served as associate editor, offering original analysis on the evolving marketing tech landscape. He has interviewed leaders in tech and policy, from Canva CEO Melanie Perkins, to former Cisco CEO John Chambers, and Vivek Kundra, appointed by Barack Obama as the country’s first federal CIO. He is especially interested in how new technologies, including voice and blockchain, are disrupting the marketing world as we know it. In 2019, he moderated a panel on “innovation theater” at Fintech Inn, in Vilnius. In addition to his marketing-focused reporting in industry trades like Robotics Trends, Modern Brewery Age and AdNation News, Wood has also written for KIRKUS, and contributes fiction, criticism and poetry to several leading book blogs. He studied English at Fairfield University, and was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. He lives in New York.

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Trending in Marketing: Content Marketing Trends to Carry You Through 2022



Trending in Marketing: What Trends Are Coming in 2022

  1. We all know that women stereotypically shop more, but what about men? 75% of men are planning to spend more in 2022, Pinterest explains their study on why.
  2. Vertical scrolling is a feature on almost every social media platform, it’s what the common consumer is most familiar with. Instagram plans on taking their story feed vertical as well, giving the app a more “TikTok feel.”
  3. The graphic design niche isn’t for everyone, it’s hard to keep up with what’s what in the field. Here are 12 upcoming graphic design trends to keep you at the top of your game all 2022.
  4. The rules of SEO seem to change more than the Instagram algorithm, making it feel more like there are no rules at all. Could there be a “Best Word Count for SEO?”

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