Google Search Console Can More Accurately Report on Indexed Pages via @MattGSouthern

Google Search Console has been updated with the ability to report more accurately on indexed pages in the Index Coverage report.

This update actually occurred on December 15, but Google just announced the change today via Twitter.

There’s also an annotation on the Index Coverage report itself stating that “an event has occurred” on December 15 that may affect data in the report. The annotation links to a data anomalies page with further information:

“The Index Coverage report can now more accurately report on indexed pages. Because of this, some pages that were Crawled – currently not indexed are now known to be indexed. As a result, you may see a transfer of pages from Excluded to Valid state. This does not reflect any changes in your site, but a more accurate accounting system.”

This change will affect data in the Index Coverage report from December 15 onward.


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