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8‌ ‌tips‌ ‌which‌ ‌help‌ ‌you‌ ‌to‌ ‌get‌ ‌more‌ ‌Pinterest‌ ‌followers‌



Many people post a lot to get more followers but still fail Because they didn’t know the correct way to post. If there are good followers on social media, the chances of business growth increase by a certain amount.

Thousands of people search on Pinterest to buy something or to share. But because of your small mistakes, very few people reach out to us.

So let understand a few points today that will increase our followers

1) Original content:

Always try to post some original content because 80% of posts are pinning. Original content will stand out in a great way. In the original, you can post images, infographics, content that you learn or read on the internet.

This means posting original content is a great way to stand out. For example, you can post:

Original images


The content you find online


Funny photos

2) Repin other’s content:

It’s tough to find enough posts if you only pin your own content. Repinning material from others should be a big part of your Pinterest marketing strategy as well. It’s a nice habit to post with original content but repin other’s content with the new description and keyword is more beneficial. it’s a way to get noticed by the source and get them to follow your page.

3) Start following people:

It’s simple: you’ll get more followers on Pinterest if you follow other people. Don’t wait for people to follow you, start following people who might be interested in following you. as per human psychology if you follow them, may they are following you back, and it makes a huge difference.

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4) Use Relevant keyword:

always try to use the relevant keyword of your post. If you want to know which keyword is used by people to search then use the Pinterest search bar, it will suggest many keywords related to you.

5) Keep contest:

Having a contest related to your business can be very rewarding. Many people may be aware of your business which can benefit your business future.

6) Stay connected:

If you don’t stay connected, people will lose interest in you. That’s why to stay more connected with your unique post.

7) Link Pinterest to your other social media:

Linking from Pinterest to websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will help you get more exposure on Pinterest to friends, family, and your followers in other places. If you have more followers on other social media, they must like your content that’s why they are there, so ask them to follows you on  Pinterest also.

8) Make the website Pinterest friendly:

One more way to get Pinterest followers is by adding Pinterest to follow and share buttons to your website. put the follow and share button of Pinterest on your website to get more followers.


LinkedIn Announces the Retirement of its LinkedIn Lite App



LinkedIn Announces the Retirement of its LinkedIn Lite App

LinkedIn has announced that it’s shutting down LinkedIn Lite, its pared-back version of the platform, designed for users in regions with more restricted connectivity and data access provisions.

Originally launched back in 2017 as a way to help “level the playing field for all members when it comes to accessibility”, LinkedIn Lite includes the basic functionality of LinkedIn, and is designed to load faster, while also using less data, handy for regions with more restrictive data plans.

But as LinkedIn continues to evolve, the Lite app gets further behind, with the full app’s more advanced functionalities – like video connection, full profile display features, Creator Mode, etc. – all getting more and more distant from the streamlined tool.

And with global connectivity evolving, LinkedIn now feels confident that it can move on without the scaled-back variation, which could also help boost in-app engagement and usage, and make LinkedIn a more significant presence in key markets.

Which, as you can see here, are growing. Now at 810 million total members, LinkedIn continues to gain momentum in developing regions, especially India (85m members, up from 60m in 2019), South Africa (+2m since 2019), the Philippines (+3m) and Nigeria (+1m)

LinkedIn Member Map

As with most social apps, India is a key focus, and LinkedIn says that Indian adoption of the full version of the app is now rising at 4x the global average, as mobile adoption continues to soar in the nation.

At the same time, retirement of the Lite app could also give LinkedIn’s team more opportunity to develop and maintain its new ‘InJobs’ app in China, with the full version of LinkedIn removed from China last October due to increasing regulatory pressure and scrutiny.

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At 56 million users, maintaining connection with China is key, and maybe that’s another factor in LinkedIn’s decision to step away from its scaled-down version.

Either way, the LinkedIn Lite app will be removed from Android app stores on 27th January 27th, before being deactivated completely March 15th.

LinkedIn says that it will transition Lite app users over to the full LinkedIn experience over the next few weeks.

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Twitter Shares New Insights into Rising Discussion Around the NFL Playoffs [Infographic]



Twitter Shares New Insights into Rising Discussion Around the NFL Playoffs [Infographic]

Super Bowl LVI is just around the corner, which also means that we’ll soon see the biggest showcase of ad content of the year, highlighting new trends, creative activations and opportunities, which can sometimes re-shape advertising approaches from that moment forward.

And this year looks set to be particularly significant. As more people look towards a post-pandemic future, there’s a big opportunities for clever marketers to tap into this enthusiasm, and the various trends that come with it. That’ll likely see more innovative, integrated ad approaches, which will extend beyond the initial big game activations, and showcase new opportunities.

Twitter’s keen to cash in on that excitement. This week, Twitter’s published a new overview of user trends around the NFL playoffs, highlighting the huge boost in tweet activity heading into Super Bowl weekend.

As Twitter notes:

In the 2022 Divisional Round alone, we saw 27% more impressions on Tweets about the NFL, 58% more Tweets overall, and 42% more unique authors, compared with one year ago.”

It could be a key platform for boosting your tie-in efforts – and if you are considering the potential of Twitter ads for your campaigns, then these new stats might help.

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Twitter Shares New Insights into the Rising K-Pop Discussion in the App [Infographic]



Twitter Shares New Insights into the Rising K-Pop Discussion in the App [Infographic]

Do you like K-pop?

Increasingly, the chances are that you do, given the massive growth of K-pop fandom around the world, with megabands like BTS and Blackpink building huge audiences, and each becoming cultural forces within themselves.

That fandom is most significantly present on Twitter, which has become a key hub for K-pop enthusiasts. K-pop tweeters are now so prominent that they even have the power to quash controversial hashtag movements, by banding together to flood the streams with K-pop-related tweets instead. 

It’s amazing to see, and today, Twitter has shared some new insights into the rising K-pop conversation, which got even bigger, once again, in 2021.

As explained by Twitter:

With a massive 7.8 billion global Tweets in 2021, #KpopTwitter once again showed its power by breaking its previous record of 6.7 billion Tweets in 2020. Registering a notable 16% increase in Tweet volume globally, #KpopTwitter conversations became more diverse and vibrant in 2021.”

So where, exactly, is K-pop discussion trending, and who are the big bands of note? Check out the below insights from Twitter – which also includes a list of rising K-pop stars if you want to get ahead of the curve.

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