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Capsule gets $1.5M to build ‘super simple’ decentralized social media



Capsule‘s plan to launch a super simple decentralized social media platform which is safe from censorship by Big Tech has advanced another stage: The nascent startup has closed a seed round of funding ($1.5M) led by Beacon Fund, a dedicated crypto fund by Polychain Capital — which is itself focused on startups building on Dfinity’s decentralized network for next-gen ‘open’ apps (aka, the Internet Computer).

As we reported in January, the idea for Capsule started with a tweet that almost immediately pulled in a pre-seed raise of $100k. That’s now been topped up with seed financing to get a prototype to market later this month.

Mobile apps are also on the cards and the funding will be used to build out Capsule’s team as well (currently it’s around four people).

Capsule founder Nadim Kobeissi, a cryptography researcher who previously authored the open-source E2E-encrypted desktop chat app Cryptocat, says they’re on track to put out an MVP this month — once they’ve made a few tweaks to the infrastructure.

“The prototype is ready,” he tells TechCrunch. “We’re investigating switching some of the infrastructure from GUN to IPFS [InterPlanetary File System; aka a p2p hypermedia protocol], and improving the user interface. We could launch an MVP now but are choosing to hold off by a few weeks.”

Polychain Capital outted its Beacon Fund last September. The $14.5M investment vehicle is funded by Polychain, Andreessen Horowitz, and the Dfinity Foundation — and aims to support entrepreneurs and teams building on Dfinity’s the Internet Computer (TIC); aka a serverless architecture for natively hosting software and services (which it refers to as the “first blockchain computer that runs at web speed with infinite capacity”).

Kobeissi’s original concept for Capsule, meanwhile, was to create self-hosting microservices. He says that hasn’t changed — but sees potential for TIC to help solve some specific technical issues.

“The Internet Computer will hopefully be helping us build a ‘customized mini-blockchain’ to solve two issues with Capsule: Global authenticated timestamps for posts as well as a root of trust for user’s authentication keys for posts,” he says. “We were looking to solve these issues somehow before this investment and were already considering Dfinity as the potential solution given that it has a programming language that allows for building these ‘custom mini-blockchains’ as we see them.”

“The rest will still be a self-hosting, self-contained, precisely engineered micro-services concept, with IPFS (previously GUN) as a decentralized database/connectivity back-end,” he adds.


Given the intent with TIC is to hosts all sorts of decentralized apps it’s possible — indeed, likely — that a bunch of decentralized social media plays will emerge. Last year, for example, Dfinity launched a proof of concept for an ‘open’ version of the professional social network, LinkedIn — which it punningly called ‘LinkedUp’.

It went on to demo a TikTok clone — and to open TIC up to outside developers last summer. So there could soon be a bunch of apps built atop its network touting social networking services without the meddling hand of Big Tech. Where, then, does Kobeissi see Capsule’s USP — i.e. if/when there’s a sea of decentralized ‘mega-apps’ that can also claim resilience to censorship?

“We think Capsule’s value will lie in its exceptional user experience, quality, performance, ease of use and high quality engineering that draws on advanced technologies such as TIC and IPFS without saddling bloat,” he says. “Others may use the same technology but I think we can do a good job on building something simple that just works and that is a pleasure to use.”

“Ultimately, I think that Capsule will be to Facebook what healthy, vegetarian diets are to a McDonald’s diet,” he adds more generally of his intent for the service. “Capsule may be a social media service but its relationship with its users and developers will be fundamentally different than Big Tech platforms.”

Below are a few screenshots showing current mock-ups of the Capsule interface.



Best ASO Tips To Boost Your App Search In 2022



You need your application to be really effective in the overpopulated application market. Then, at that point, you will have to drive downloads to endure. So when it’s all said and done, you must account for yourself. Get your application the consideration it merits.

The uplifting news, however, is that customers love to download applications – last year, we downloaded in excess of 200 billion applications around the world, and that figure is set to increment to 258 billion every year by 2022 as cell phone reception increments.

Assuming you need to be seen and have your application downloaded by however many clients as could reasonably be expected, then, at that point, you should begin by taking a gander at the application store.

Underneath, we’ve assembled probably the best application store improvement methods to assist you with creating more downloads in 2021 and then some…

Start with Your Application Name 

The odds are you as of now have an extraordinary name for your application, yet an appropriately advanced application is about significantly more than marking.

Assuming you need to amplify transparency and guarantee you’re showing up when clients look for applications like yours, you ought to remember the primary keywords for your application name or title, comparable to how you’d make a title label while improving a site page.

You could begin with your application name so it tends to be plainly recognized, thus it appears on the home screen of gadgets.

Then, at that point, you can add a scramble or vertical bar prior to adding a few pertinent watchwords to your speciality, or even put your application name in quotes as we did with FORE Business Golf Networking.


Urge Users to Leave Reviews 

You could ask for reviews by clients through the means of your site, or through an in-application notice toward the finish of their meeting, yet make sure to restrict the number of pop-ups you execute with the goal that you don’t disturb or disappoint your clients, as this could urge them to erase your application.

We’d support all application engineers and entrepreneurs to react to criticism on their applications, as this can further develop client relations and resolve issues in an open arena.

Zero in on Your Application Depiction 

Your application depiction is your principle assemblage of text your landing page content, in a manner of speaking. Utilize a site like to discover information on your picked catchphrases to expand your openness. As portrayals are shortened, ensure you remember the main data for the initial three lines of your depiction, and afterwards add things like social confirmation, emoticon, and suggestions to take action to build commitment and downloads.

Incorporate Appealings Screen Captures 

Pictures and recordings won’t help your application rank, yet they will expand changes and assist clients with working out whether it’s an application they truly need.

There’s a little guide in empowering clients toward downloading your application if in any case, they’re not going to interface with it, or download and leave a negative survey when they understand it wasn’t what was promoted.

Assuming you need to ‘tart up’ your item page, then, at that point, you can add marking and extra text and data and designs to your recordings and screen capture, yet they ought not to diminish your item.

Pay for App Store or Play Store 

As we have SEO and pay-per-click, you need to work one next to the other (one is a gradual methodology with long haul benefits – the other is a speedy success yet requires an endless spending plan), application store promotions can be utilized to get the message out with regards to your new programming and assist you with positioning at the highest point of query items pages – in front of your opposition and enormous names in the application world.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to focus on the right crowd and art an advertisement that will assist you with changing over and that since you’re paying for situations, that doesn’t mean clients will download or cooperate with your application.


Wrapping Up!

You can employ a group of  App  Store Optimization Services suppliers to benefit a scope of application store improvement administrations, including watchword advancement, resource enhancement, and restriction to guarantee your application is seen by individuals that matter.

We have long periods of involvement in creating and showcasing applications and have assisted different customers with expanding their downloads by infiltrating rewarding and regularly undiscovered business sectors.

Prachi Gupta likes to write information about Digital Marketing Trends that can help audience to grow their business.

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