The Internet of Things and Its Impacts on Consumer Engagement [Infographic]

The Internet of Things enables a device to have more intelligence than it would as a stand-alone system.

Internet connectivity provides devices the capacity to share data, in order to power commands and processes that can help improve consumers’ lives. For example, easy access to the internet has opened your smartphone’s capabilities; it can now act as an interface to control a number of devices, even from afar, from your thermostat to the locks on your front door. These devices and sensors can act with or without your input, and Gartner has estimated that there will be over 25 billion internet-connected things in use by 2021.

And as this technology becomes more commonplace, the parts comprising such devices will become more financially accessible, algorithms will become more detailed and capable, and the internet of things will become even more powerful. This means the data from social media platforms, as well as from consumers’ daily lives, will be connected, and our devices will continue to make our world more streamlined. And that has significant implications for all sectors.

For a broader overview of the internet of things, and its growing impacts on how we live, check out this infographic from the team at Salesforce.

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