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Google Says No Penalty For Using Affiliate Links Without Markup


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Googles Search Advocate John Mueller says websites will not receive a manual penalty for using affiliate länkar without the recommended markup.

This is stated during the Google Search Central SEO office-hours hangout recorded on December 10.

A question is submitted asking if a website will be penalized for not marking up affiliate länkar with the rel=”sponsrad” eller rel=”nofollow” attributes.

In short, Mueller says: “Probably not.”

For his full answer continue reading the section below.

Google’s John Mueller On Manual Penalties For Affiliate Links

To be sure, it’s a strongly recommended best practice to use either the rel=”sponsored” or rel=”nofollow” attributes on affiliate länkar.

However,there’s no reason to lose sleep if there are affiliate länkar on your site without the recommended markup.

Mueller säger:

“So, from our point of view, affiliate länkar fall into that category of something financial attached to the länkar, so we really strongly recommend to use this setup.

But, for the most part, if it doesn’t come across as you selling länkar, then it’s not going to be the case that we would manually penalize a website for having affiliate länkar and not marking them up.”

If that sounds confusing — the key takeaway here is that you skall use either the rel=”sponsored” or rel=”nofollow” attributes when publishing affiliate länkar.

Google recommends it, so you can’t go wrong by following that advice.

What Mueller is saying here is Google won’t go as far as to issue a manual penalty if this best practice isn’t followed.

Mueller says as much in his next statement:

“But it is a best practice and I strongly recommend doing that, but it’s not something where I’d say we will go off and manually take action on these sites.”

This is generally in line with the guidance Google has provided in the past with regard to affiliate länkar.

When there’s financial compensation associated with a link, whether it’s linking to an advertiser or linking to a product from which you earn a commission, the link should be declared with an attribute.

Google recommends using the sponsored attribute in these cases, but the nofollow attribute is acceptable as well.

Why Is It Important To Use These Attributes?

Marking up affiliate links prevents your site from passing link equity to the other site.

That’s an important SEO best practice, as you should never pass link equity to sites that are incentivizing you to link to them.

If you’re linking to a page because you believe it provides value to your visitors, and you’re not receiving anything in return, then it’s not necessary to declare them with markup.

You can even link to products and services without using an attribute as long as you’re providing a genuine recommendation.

Dess aldrig acceptable to sell links, however, regardless of the attributes attached to them.

For more on when you should and shouldn’t use link attributes, see this explainer:

To hear Mueller’s full response, see the video below:

Featured Image: Screenshot from YouTube.com/GoogleSearchCentral, December 2021.



Hur man startar affiliate-marknadsföring utan pengar 2023


How To Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money in 2023

Åsikter uttryckta av Entreprenör bidragsgivarna är deras egna.

To start affiliate marknadsföring without money, people often think you must become a blogger with a dedicated website — draining money and resources. Although it is helpful to have a blog when you can reinvest in your business and scale upward, it’s not essential. Affiliate marketing with no money means affiliate marketing with free traffic.

Tick tack is a potential free traffic source that relatively few marketers, about 14%, currently utilize. Luckily, TikTok doesn’t appear to throttle the organic reach of content creators.

Tiktok doesn’t use follower count as a ranking signal, so you don’t need a million followers to make money as an affiliate. You just need to reach the right people. Here’s how to start affiliate marketing on TikTok.

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Choose a niche affiliate program

To succeed in affiliate marketing on TikTok, focus on what people spend their disposable income on and stick to it. Once you provide hacks around these areas, you can influence people to purchase them using your link.

An example of this is the Shein Haul. Some categories you could consider include clothing, makeup, electronic gadgets, food, livsstil and fashion. As a Tiktoker, you can simply start by showing off some items you got on Shein. Add länkar to the items, as people want to order any clothing they like during your try-on.

Hack your TikTok channel growth with emerging trends

At the core of TikTok genetic makeup are “trends.” The app is built around trends. To grow your TikTok reach and start affiliate marketing with no money on the platform, you have to begin to understand trends. Creatively tap into TikTok trends by:

  • Using trending music and sounds; remember to use these sounds while they are still new, so your content gets the impressions while it’s still hot.
  • Joining challenges, dances and mashups. Always bring in something new and unique to challenges. If possible, make a better and improved version so others can draw inspiration from yours.
  • Take content clues from already viral videos and look out for patterns. What sounds, hashtags and captions did they use? What was captivating in the first few seconds, and how did people react in the comments?
  • Initiate trends with your content and make it irresistible; mash-up popular sounds and switch up a current challenge. When you create videos with exciting sounds that are easy to replicate, it’s bound to go viral, as FOMO would want others to replicate

When your content finally goes viral, capitalize on the content that goes viral to build momentum in pushing traffic to your affiliate offer. How can you do this? Engage with every comment on your profile, welcome new followers and ask them what they want to see. This will skyrocket engagement with the viral video and increase its reach. Replicate this process in other videos.

Implement the product into your videos organically

People will scroll away if you sound like a robotic sales ad. To do affiliate marketing on TikTok, infuse your products organically by doing a storytime while using the product, adding it to your daily routine, sharing the product as a reply to a comment asking about it or doing a product review. Try to be as objective as possible.

Essentially, your priority should be to provide valuable information to your audience in an entertaining manner. Then strategically weave the affiliate product into the fun videos.

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Promote like crazy

Once you get the views, it’s time to promote your affiliate länkar och maximize your engagements. You can do this by:

1. Linking affiliate products

Add your affiliate länkar in easily discoverable areas by:

  • Using a popular hashtag if there are other similar affiliate products
  • Including your affiliate link in your bio or through a bridge page
  • Adding an affiliate URL in your content description
  • Offer a coupon or your unique discount code in the comments

2. Build your other social platform audience

Redirect your generated traffic to build engagements and followers on your other platforms. Do this by customizing your profiles and adding a Youtube or Instagram link. Also, let your viewers know they can watch the full clip on Youtube (if you have one).

Slutgiltiga tankar

Starting affiliate marketing with no money means building an audience with a free traffic source — in this case, TikTok. Though TikTok does not restrict organic reach, unlike most social platforms, it still requires a great deal of consistency. Remain consistent in creating entertaining yet valuable content. When you finally start making money doing affiliate marketing on TikTok, invest in TikTok paid ads to scale even faster.

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