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Game Awards 2020: PlayStation vs. Xbox – Who Won More



With The Game Awards 2020 all said and done, it’s time to look back at whether PlayStation or Xbox “won” this year’s somewhat unorthodox ceremony.

Med The Game Awards 2020 in the rear-view, it’s interesting to see which games, consoles, and publishers managed to win the most awards. While the success of PlayStation eller Xbox’s consoles over its competitor’s isn’t necessarily determined by how many of its exclusives won awards, the metric is certainly a piece of the overall PlayStation-versus-Xbox “console war.”

There are few years more important for gaming than when new PlayStation and Xbox consoles drop, but without games, the new consoles would be reduced to streaming-capable Blu-ray players. Both console families had interesting showings and announcements at The Game Awards, but one clearly took home more awards than the other.

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Based solely on the number of console exclusives that won awards, Sony definitely came out on top, with 11 total wins and 24 nominations. The Last of Us 2 won seven awards, beating out the previous record of four wins for Disco ElysiumRed Dead Redemption 2, och Overwatch in 2019, 2018, and 2016, respectively. The Last of Us 2 also beat out Death Stranding’s 10 nominations in 2019, with 11 of its own.

Which 2020 Game Awards PlayStation Won Over Xbox

The dramatic action-adventure title from Naughty Dog won 2020’s coveted Game of the Year award, as well as Best Game Direction, Best Narrative, Best Audio Design, Best Performance, Best Action/Adventure Game, and Innovation in Accessibility. Other wins for PlayStation came with Best RPG and Best Score and Music for Final Fantasy VII Remake, as well as Best Art Direction and Player’s Voice for Ghost of Tsushima.

Conversely, Xbox’s console-exclusive nominees won just two awards based on eight nominations, taking home the Games for Impact award for Tell Me Why och den Best Sim/Strategy award for Microsoft Flight Simulator. While these raw numbers may seem abysmal for Xbox, it’s worth noting that Microsoft and Sony have taken very different strategies when it comes to exclusives this console generation – in addition to factors like timed-exclusive releases, as Final Fantasy VII Remake is only a PlayStation-exclusive until its exclusivity period ends in March 2021.

Most of The Game Awards 2020’s big game announcements didn’t come from Sony or Microsoft, but each did have a few surprises in store. Despite telling viewers beforehand to lower their expectations, Xbox surprise-revealed the Perfect Dark reboot, which likely excited fans of the long-dormant Rare franchise. Xbox also announced Ark 2, and PlayStation revealed the charming Season och F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch. There’s no word yet on whether games like Ark 2 och F.I.S.T., which aren’t published by either Microsoft or Sony, are timed exclusives. But with Perfect Dark alone, Xbox’s reveals likely made a bigger impression than PlayStation’s.

This year’sThe Game Awards saw exciting new games announced and records broken. As this incontrovertibly terrible year comes to a close, the time has come to look toward what’s next. Based on what was shown and announced at this year’s ceremony, the future of gaming seems brighter than ever.


Författare: Dimitri is a frilans video game writer for Screen Rant. He is a lover of movies and video games and an even bigger lover of writing about them. In addition to writing, he is a video producer and Partnered Twitch streamer. Growing up in the Seattle area, he attended Washington State University and enjoys watching the Seahawks and the Sounders (usually) win.

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THQ Nordic Digital Showcase Recap


THQ Nordic Showcase Hero Image

Earlier today, the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase presented games from developers across the globe, featuring everything from racing, wrestling, action-adventure, RTS, RPGs, and more! We also got a look at some upcoming sequels to THQN favorites, new gaming experiences, plus a few surprises sprinkled in! Let’s check out what was revealed:

Get ready for the return of a survival horror icon with Alone in the Dark

The franchise that defined the survival-horror genre is coming to Xbox in the reimagining of Alone in the Dark! Developer Pieces Interactive is returning to the franchise’s roots with a take on the classic setting while updating and reimagining the game for a new generation of players. You’ll experience a completely original story set in the gothic American south during the 1920s; a noir setting with classic Lovecraftian horror elements. You’ll revisit an expanded and transformed Derceto Mansion, the location that featured in the original game, and engage in classic survival horror gameplay that made the original so famous.

Crypto is back. With a license to probe in Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed

Blast and body snatch your way to domination over planet Earth as publisher THQ Nordic and developer Black Forest Games present the return of Crypto to Xbox in Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed. Experience an adventure inspired by the swinging ‘60s with everyone’s favorite alien invader, Crypto, as he returns with a license to probe and this time, he’s groovier and even more dangerous that ever.


The return of the classic action RPG, Gothic, now updated for a new generation of players

Coming soon to Xbox platforms, Gothic is a reimagining and remake of the iconic 2001 action RPG. Developer Alkimia Interactive aims to bring back and build upon the unique atmosphere and gameplay of the legendary original, mixed with contemporary RPG game design to bring the series up to date. The reimagining of Gothic places you in the role of a nameless prisoner in the mines of King Rhobar, where your choices and actions will decide not just your fate but the fate of the colony itself.

Cutter Slade returns in Outcast 2 – A New Beginning, the latest chapter in this classic open world adventure franchise

The legendary Cutter Slade returns with the original developer, Appeal Studios, at the helm to deliver the long-awaited sequel to Xbox. It’s a new adventure on the alien world of Adelpha, where the almighty Yods have resurrected the wise-cracking, sharp-shooting ex-Navy Seal, Cutter Slade, or “The Ulukai,” as they like to call him. With his trademark jetpack that lets you jump, air-dash, and glide, you’ll traverse the game’s dangerous, beautiful, and hand-crafted open world, allowing you to approach the story at your own pace accompanied by an epic soundtrack from composer, Lennie Moore.

Explore over 100 miles of open world terrain in the most authentic hunting experience yet with Way of the Hunter

Experience a next-gen hunting experience from developer Nine Rocks Games, in partnership with THQ Nordic. In Way of the Hunter, you’ll journey across ancient hunting grounds of the Pacific Northwest, showcasing a diverse set of challenges from hunting elk and deer to waterfowl. The game also lets you challenge your hunting skills in Transylvania where you’ll track wild boar and grizzly bears. Thanks to a sophisticated system that simulates the lifecycles of thousands of creatures, you’ll have to learn how to track animals, understand the terrain, and study dozens of different species recreated with authentic behaviours to come out on top.


Welcome to the Mixworld! Crash, stunt, race, and create in Wreckreaction

Developed by Three Fields Entertainment, featuring creators from the Burnout och Need for Speed franchises, Wreckreaction has been designed to become your ultimate open world racing, driving, and stunt sandbox experience. Enter your very own Mixworld, a 400-square-kilometer racing realm, that lets you create, shape, and wreck whichever way you see fit. It’s there you’ll have to out-race, out-stunt, and out-crash your friends (and the rest of the world) on courses and tracks designed by you and the Wreckreaction community. Your Mixworld is an arcade racing canvas, where your imagination can run wild… and so can the vehicles!

All Elite Wrestling: Fight Forever brings a new wrestling experience to Xbox

THQ Nordic is bringing Xbox fans the glamour and action from “All Elite Wrestling,” the sports entertainment franchise that’s taking TNT and TBS networks by storm. Developed by Yuke’s Co, whose heritage includes developing some of the best-selling wrestling video games of all-time, All Elite Wrestling: Fight Forever is designed to combine nostalgic arcade wrestling gameplay with the full spectrum of finishers and tandem offensive moves you’ve come to love from AEW. Including some of the biggest stars in the ring, while placing an emphasis on fun, fast, and frantic fighting with pick-up-and-play controls, you’ll be wrestling like an AEW pro in no time.

SpongeBob returns in a fantastic new adventure in SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake


Are you ready, kids? SpongeBob and Patrick return to Xbox! Travel merrily to a multitude of different Wishworlds, each with its very own setting and rules, including Wild West Jellyfish Fields full of crazy cowboys, or the Halloween Rock Bottom where anything might happen. Embark with your friends on thrilling adventures in this upcoming 3D platformer where you’ll choose your favorite costume and polish up your platforming skills including… karate? What could go wrong?  Everybody get ready to do the Cosmic Shake with your favorite sponge and his Bikini Bottom buddies.


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