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Late Cretaceous Pack for Jurassic World Evolution 2 Releases September 15


Jurassic World Evolution 2 - Late Cretaceous Pack


  • New DLC for Jurassic World Evolution 2 releases September 15 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.
  • Features four stunning new prehistoric species.
  • Discover exciting species that roam the land, sea, and skies.

Following on from our last DLC, Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosyn Expansion, we’re adding four more awe-inspiring prehistoric species to help you expand your ever-evolving dinosaur parks. This time we’ve delved deep into the fascinating Late Cretaceous era to bring you spectacular new additions across land, sea, and air. Introduce them to your park by buying the Late Cretaceous Pack on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S when it releases tomorrow, September 15.

The Late Cretaceous age was a period over 65 million years ago that gave rise to all sorts of magnificent life forms. We chose to create this pack as the Cretaceous period had such diverse-looking species across the water, land, and air. It’s such a rich span of time to draw from, giving us amazing additions to Jurassic World Evolution 2, as well as making for a great companion to our Early Cretaceous Pack. So let’s explore the four new prehistoric animals featured in the soon to be released Late Cretaceous Pack.

First, Barbaridactylus, a flying hunter with a distinctive head crest. Our artists and designers have done a tremendous job bringing this species back to life. Barbaridactylus thrived towards the end of the Late Cretaceous age, and takes its name from the Barbary Coast of North Africa, near to where it was discovered. The Barbaridactylus is our first Nyctosaurid being added to the game and it’s really exciting to add a flying reptile with such a distinctive head crest. If you’ve not built an aviary in your park yet, I really recommend you get started so you can give a home to Barbaridactylus.

Next, Alamosaurus. This is a true titan, and one of the largest dinosaurs from North America. In fact, it can lay claim to being one of the largest dinosaurs ever. To give you an idea of its sheer scale, even its shinbone manages to outsize an average adult human. But that’s not all. Alamosaurus is armored too, sporting large spines running down its shoulders, back, and tail. With the Alamosaurus, I really like the shape and size of the neck – there’s a real heft to it as it moves around your parks.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 - Late Cretaceous Pack

Equally impressive is the medium-sized carnivore, Australovenator. Now, Australovenator is a speed demon, galloping around Late Cretaceous Australia with cheetah-like pace. Unlike a cheetah, however, this species has flexible, prehensile arms used for grabbing. In fact, one of my favorite elements is the unique animation for when the Australovenator reaches out and snags food. With its lightweight frame and hyper-mobility, this is an expert hunter excelling at stalking prey and running it down. Also, the patterning and colors on the Australovenator are some of my favorites. It has some really vibrant contrasting colors.

Another prehistoric animal we think you’ll love introducing into your park is Styxosaurus. This intimidating species is an efficient marine predator, ruling the waves with a lethal combination of large fins, streamlined shape, and deadly swiftness. Other than sounding very cool because it’s named after the River of Death, this is a great addition as it’s a marine reptile with bioluminescence to some of the pattern colors. At night, it’ll glow as it’s swimming around the lagoon.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 - Late Cretaceous Pack

Alongside the new pack, we will also be releasing free Update 4, with a range of new features coming your way. It contains improvements like the ability to wake up tranquillized dinosaurs using the new stimulant dart, either directly or through task assignment. And watch the skies, because flying reptiles can now attack capture team helicopters! There are also plenty of beautiful new lagoon decorations in the base-game update so you can personalize them, including banners, fountains, customizable lights, and even an Indominus rex skeleton, which can be placed at the bottom of the lagoon.

We’re so excited for you to give our latest DLC a go and discover the incredible new prehistoric animals waiting for you, as well as try out the all-new Update 4. Covering land, sea, and sky, they’re guaranteed to make amazing additions. Buy the Late Cretaceous Pack för Jurassic World Evolution 2 when it releases tomorrow on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and experience a world evolved!

NOTE: The Late Cretaceous Pack requires Jurassic Evolution 2 base game to play.

Xbox Live

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Frontier Developments





Xbox Game Pass

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is the much-anticipated sequel to Frontier’s ground-breaking 2018 management simulation, Jurassic World Evolution, offering an all new narrative campaign voiced by cast members from across the Jurassic World film franchise, exciting new features, four engaging game modes, and an expanded roster of awe-inspiring dinosaurs.   

An Original Jurassic World Story 

Learn what it takes to be a park management master in Campaign mode, a compelling, original narrative that puts you at the heart of the action following the earth-shattering events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Work alongside iconic characters from the films, including Dr. Ian Malcolm (voiced by Jeff Goldblum) and Claire Dearing (voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard), and lead the efforts to control, conserve, and contain wild dinosaurs now rampaging across the USA.

Create your own Jurassic World 

Take control with deeper management tools and creative options. Construct a range of customisable new buildings and hire new Scientists, and shape your park to meet the needs of both your guests and dinosaurs. Unleash your creativity in Sandbox mode, or test your skills in Challenge mode as you deal with diverse locations and environmental calamities.

Play with Chaos Theory

Play through key moments of your favourite films – with a twist. Experience ‘what-if’ scenarios from iconic Jurassic World and Jurassic Park films, each level set across eras and locations from all five movies. Dive into the Jurassic World franchise and see how events unfold when you take control.

Discover Awe-Inspiring Dinosaurs

Over 75 different prehistoric species come to life in Jurassic World Evolution 2, including highly requested flying and marine reptiles. These animals feel more alive than ever as they preside over territory, fight for dominance, and react intelligently to the world around them. Use bioengineering to customise dinosaurs with bold new colours, and alter their genomes to unlock traits.



Monster Hunter Rise Ascends till nya höjder på Xbox


Monster Hunter Rise Ascends to New Heights on Xbox


  • Coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and with Game Pass on January 20, 2023.
  • I Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll combine the series’ signature hunting action with exciting new acrobatic combat.
  • Enjoy enhanced visual options on Xbox Series X, plus content from the previously released title updates (up to version 10), and more to come with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in Spring 2023.

Welcome, new hunters! We’re excited to share that Monster Hunter Rise is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, plus Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, on January 20, 2023!

I Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll combine the series’ signature hunting action with exciting new acrobatic combat

Enjoy silky smooth action on Xbox Series X with the choice between 4K resolution and up to 60 FPS, or 1080P resolution with up to 120 FPS. Get lost in the atmosphere of the hunt with immersive 3D audio on both Xbox Series X|S systems. It’s a great time to jump in for Game Pass subscribers, and you can even continue hunting via Game Pass Cloud. You can also join the hunt by purchasing the game digitally starting at $39.99, with preorders (including a sweet bonus!) available now.

I Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll encounter a slew of new monsters inspired by Japanese folklore, like the flagship Wyvern of Malice, Magnamalo. Of course, iconic and beloved monsters from past titles also return, rounding out a roster of fearsome beasts that are sure to test your skills.

Through the game’s story, you’ll travel to the serene Kamura Village, home to everything you’ll need as a hunter. Unite with a colorful cast of characters as you become the village’s foremost hunter, some of which you’ll team up with to face the encroaching Rampage – a catastrophic event where hordes of monsters descend upon the village. Uncover the mystery behind the Rampage as you strive to forge a future for the people of Kamura.

Monster Hunter Rise

Seasoned hunters experienced with Monster Hunter World och Iceborne will feel right at home with the signature gameplay experience the series known for. Choose from 14 weapon types, each with their own unique playstyle and deep and rewarding mechanics to master. Defeat powerful monsters, and use materials carved from them to craft more and more powerful weapons and armor as you rise through the hunting ranks.

Monster Hunter Rise introduces several new unique elements to the hunter’s toolkit, with an emphasis on being more maneuverable and agile than ever. Wirebugs let Hunters shoot a special silk to unleash special attacks unique to each of the 14 weapons. Hunters can use them quickly zip up into the air and up walls, recover more quickly from impactful hits, maneuver into the right position to nail that perfect hit, and dodge a devastating hit just in the nick of time. Wyvern Riding is another unique Wirebug ability, where you can wreak havoc by controlling a monster, temporally turning one into an ally!

Monster Hunter Rise

The familiar Palico Felyne friends are back to lend their support, but this time they’re joined by the new Palamute Canyne companions. They’re a hunter’s best friend with their own set of special abilities, and you’ll be able to ride on Palamute’s back to quickly get around during a hunt. And yes, you can pet them!

Monster Hunter Rise

Choose to go it alone, or team up with up to three others online for cooperative hunts. You’ll be able to hunt together and continue your progress whether you’re hunting on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or via the Xbox app for Windows PC.

At launch on Jan. 20, the game will come equipped with content and Event Quests from the previously released title updates (up to version 10), offering dozens of hours of intense hunting action and plenty of rewards to earn. This includes a number of fun collaborations quests from other series, where you’ll take on special themed quests to earn gear themed after Street Fighter, Okami, och Mega Man, just to name a few.

Monster Hunter Rise

In Spring 2023, the hunt gets even bigger with the launch of the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak massive expansion, taking hunters on a journey to the kingdom to become a Master Rank Hunter and battle new threats, like the bloodthirsty Malzeno.

För den senaste informationen om Monster Hunter Rise, keep an eye on the official Monster jägare Twitter, Facebook, och Instagram.

Happy hunting, and see you in Kamura!

Xbox Live

Monster Hunter Rise



Pre-order bonus
– Palamute Retriever Costume layered armor
– Palico Forest Cat Costume layered armor
– Novice Talisman for some extra assistance in the early stages

Rise to the challenge and join the hunt! In Monster Hunter Rise, the latest installment in the award-winning and top-selling Monster Hunter series, you’ll become a hunter, explore brand new maps and use a variety of weapons to take down fearsome monsters as part of an all-new storyline.

Ferocious monsters with unique ecologies
Hunt down a plethora of monsters with distinct behaviors and deadly ferocity. From classic returning monsters to all-new creatures inspired by Japanese folklore, including the flagship wyvern Magnamalo, you’ll need to think on your feet and master their unique tendencies if you hope to reap any of the rewards!

Choose your weapon and show your skills
Wield 14 different weapon types that offer unique gameplay styles, both up-close and from long range. Charge up and hit hard with the devastating Great Sword; dispatch monsters in style using the elegant Long Sword; become a deadly maelstrom of blades with the speedy Dual Blades; charge forth with the punishing Lance; or take aim from a distance with the Bow and Bowguns. These are just a few of the weapon types available in the game, meaning you’re sure to find the play style that suits you best.

Hunt, gather and craft your way to the top of the food chain
Each monster you hunt will provide materials that allow you to craft new weapons and armor and upgrade your existing gear. Go back out on the field and hunt even fiercer monsters and earn even better rewards! You can change your weapon at any of the Equipment Boxes any time, so the possibilities are limitless!

Hunt solo or team up to take monsters down
The Hunter Hub offers multiplayer quests where up to four players can team up to take on targets together. Difficulty scaling ensures that whether you go solo or hit the hunt as a full four-person squad, it’s always a fair fight.

Enjoy an exciting new storyline set in Kamura Village
This serene locale is inhabited by a colorful cast of villagers who have long lived in fear of the Rampage – a catastrophic event where countless monsters attack the village all at once. 50 years after the last Rampage, you must work together with the villagers to face this trial.

Experience new hunting actions with the Wirebug
Wirebugs are an integral part of your hunter’s toolkit. The special silk they shoot out can be used to zip up walls and across maps, and can even be used to pull off special attacks unique to each of the 14 weapon types in the game.

Buddies are here to help
The Palico Felyne friends you already know and love from previous Monster Hunter adventures are joined by the brand new Palamute Canyne companions!

Wreak havoc by controlling monsters
Control raging monsters using Wyvern Riding and dish out massive damage to your targets!

Fend off hordes of monsters in The Rampage
Protect Kamura Village from hordes of monsters in an all-new quest type! Prepare for monster hunting on a scale like never before!

*This content is also available as part of one or more bundles. Please check your previous purchases to avoid duplication.

Xbox Live

Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition



Pre-order bonus
– Palamute Retriever Costume layered armor
– Palico Forest Cat Costume layered armor
– Novice Talisman for some extra assistance in the early stages

Includes Monster Hunter Rise and the Deluxe Kit content in one package!

Main game “Monster Hunter Rise”
– “Kamurai” Hunter layered armor set
– “Fish Collar” Palico layered armor piece
– “Shuriken Collar” Palamute layered armor piece
– “Jump” gesture set
– Samurai pose set
– “Kabuki” face paint
– “Izuchi Tail” hairstyle


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