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World of Warships: Legends Spring Update is Now Live


World of Warships Legends Key Art

A whole new branch makes its appearance as early access ships. European destroyers sport powerful torpedoes and solid artillery, along with Repair Party consumable starting from Tier IV, thus compensating for the lack of Smoke Generator. Lead by two new officers, Conrad Helfrich and Stig Hansson Ericson, this line is ready to set sail. Those can be found, along with Jerzy Świrski, in European or regular Commander containers, or obtained for 900,000 Commander XP in the Store. Helfrich, however, being the starting Commander for Pan-European ships, will be awarded to players with their first such ship obtained.

World of Warships Legends Screenshots

The branch is going to be available through European regular or Big crates, with Guarantee system active for the latter, dropping Tier III-VI ships of the branch and the co-star of the Element of Choice campaign, Tier VII Premium destroyer Friesland, at certain amounts of containers opened (20 for Early Access ships, and 30 crates for Friesland). Friesland is also going to be available for purchase, for 750,000 Global XP points. Tier I Gryf and Tier II Romulus, on the other hand, will be unlockable for credits, while Tier VII Östergötland will be available with the start of the next update, simultaneously with the branch becoming researchable. Each Early Access ship (thus not including Gryf and Romulus) comes with a personal mission, rewarding in-game items.

World of Warships Legends ScreenshotsWorld of Warships Legends Screenshots

The Pan-European destroyers content drop is also reinforced by a couple ships, precisely the famous and coveted Tier VI Premium destroyer Błyskawica coming back to the Store and the all-new Öland of the same Tier and type, that packs a punch as well!

Back to Belfast Campaign

Versatility is her second name: meet Belfast ’43! She’s a British Premium cruiser of Tier VII, sitting at the newest campaign peak. That’s a new variant of the famous cruiser, but the powerful ability of running Smoke Generator, Radar and Sonar consumables at the same time is still there. Prepare for agile playstyle, that is pretty much different from what you’re accustomed for while riding the waves in the original version of Belfast!

World of Warships Legends ScreenshotsWorld of Warships Legends Screenshots

Belfast ’43 is obtainable with Admiralty Backing active after 100 milestones in 5 weeks with catch-up mechanic enabled. Alongside her players will be able to earn a ton of in-game items, such as crates, boosters, camouflages, and more.

3 Arena Seasons

A perfect opportunity to win some prizes, have fun, and test your skills: Arena seasons are here! Battles of 4 3-players teams (ship tiers are IV, V, and VI, respectively) with bonuses scattered around the map (no HP regeneration among them this time) and no carriers allowed: it sounds as good as it is.

World of Warships Legends ScreenshotsWorld of Warships Legends Screenshots

Prizes are awarded after each season end, with the participants separated into six categories, depending on their results. The prize range includes Commander Progression items, crates, Steel and more in-game goods.

Auction Debut

This update also serves as a testing ground for a new feature: the Auction. Players with at least 25 total games across all modes under their belts will be able to participate in blind bidding for exclusive lots with their doubloons or credits. The earlier the bid is made and the bigger it is, the bigger chance to get the desired item. Each bid may be revoked, and the funds remain locked until that happens or auction ends with awarding the winners with the items they bid for and returning the bid to all the other participants.

World of Warships Legends ScreenshotsWorld of Warships Legends Screenshots

This time the lots include a set of Insignias, the rare Golden flag to fly proudly, and an all-new ship: German Tier III Premium battleship König Albert. The Auction is going to run for 4 days, from June 2 to June 6.

Spend the spring on the seas and turn the tide!

Xbox LiveXbox Live

World of Warships: Legends



Experience epic naval action in World of Warships: Legends, a global multiplayer free-to-play online game in which you can master the seas on the decks of history’s greatest warships! Recruit Legendary Commanders, upgrade your vessels, and stake your claim to naval domination alongside and against players from around the world.

New content in the form of ships, Campaigns, Bureau Projects, events, and more arrive regularly! Each update brings new features to shake things up in-game.

Develop Legendary warships such as Yamato from the ground up in the Bureau, compete in Ranked Battles seasons for exclusive patches and extra rewards, and finish epic Campaigns to gain powerful new ships!

Take control of over 120 destroyers, cruisers, and battleships—a range that’s perfect for every playstyle, whether it be an all-guns-blazing approach, more careful and methodical attacks, or tactics that are unique to you.

Join forces with friends to challenge players around the world, and work together across consoles to devise strategies and plan attacks via voice chat. Cooperate to outgun your opponents and Turn the Tide of battle!

World of Warships: Legends features loot boxes known as “containers” and “crates.” These provide various items to boost your in-game progress


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Arcade Paradise – Tips to Help You Build the Ultimate Games Arcade!


Video For Arcade Paradise – Tips to Help You Build the Ultimate Games Arcade!


  • Arcade Paradise launches on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One today
  • Relive 90’s gaming nostalgia on your journey from rags to arcade riches!
  • Discover tips from the devs to help you get started in the game

Hi everyone, I’m Andreas Firnigl, CEO and founder of Nosebleed Interactive.

It seems like an age ago that we announced Arcade Paradise, and I’m very excited that launch day is now finally here! What a ride it has been. To help you get into the game the team have put together a short list of tips and tricks to help you build the ultimate games arcade; but first, a little background information for anyone that is new to the game.

Arcade Paradise is a 90’s themed arcade management simulator with over 35 fully playable arcade games to unlock. You play as Ashley, tasked by your father, played by Doug Cockle (Geralt from The Witcher series) to manage the day-to-day running the family’s laundromat business. Sounds a bit dull, right? … But hold on, wait. Things start to get really interesting when you discover a bunch of dusty old arcade machines lying in the back room of the laundromat, which have much more potential than the dreary laundromat business.

So, about those tips and tricks.

Be Your Own Boss

You’ve been handed the keys to the King Wash laundromat and it’s your final chance to impress before your father sends you to the local meat-packing plant to work. Sound grim?! So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

It’s up to you how you plan on making money, you’re calling the shots here. You’ll notice that each day will have its own sort of routine. It’s up to you how you tackle the chores. Start the day by cleaning the place up by throwing out all the trash and finding the rather ‘gummy’ special packages. You’ll make decent cash daily doing that.

Whilst that’s going on, why not throw on a few washes? That way you know you’ll be making additional money if you keep to a good schedule. Once all the chores are done, play to your hearts content… And don’t forget to fix the toilet.

washing machine

Smash Your Goals

You are here to play arcade games and smash high-scores! On top of that, you’ve got a plethora of goals to tick off, too.

Honouring the 90s vibes, each delivery and new game you acquire should feel like the times you used to excitedly read the game manual from cover to cover before finally playing that game you’ve been waiting for.

I Arcade Paradise the ‘goal’ system should hopefully give you that same buzz with each cabinet delivery.

Once delivered, open up your PDA, from there you’ll be able to dial into the specifics about all the games you own, and see each cabinet’s goal list.

Completing goals or even just spending time playing a machine will vastly improve its popularity and income from it, meaning more profit! It’s the best way of bringing in those bucks. More profit means more games! Tasty.

arcade machines

Get Your Upgrades

So you’ve been slaving away day and night running this place, admittedly many of those hours were spent playing games out the back (we won’t tell your father).

You also have a daily list of “to-dos”. Each completed activity will net you some £ (that’s right, pounds sterling!)

Fed up of that analogue safe? Winding that annoying dial back and forth? Why not purchase a digital one? Want some kick-ass trainers so you can run about the place? Get some of your favourite sneakers. And if you save up enough, you’ll even be able to buy your own car so you don’t have to travel home on the bus. Nice!


Just log into “PoundBuy” on your desktop PC to spend all that £ sterling. They have all the things you could want to improve your day-to-day workflow and get rid of some of the small gripes you may have. The upgrade system is going to make your life so much easier.

One final pro tip… ’on’t want the stress of making sure you S-Rank every’ne’s linens? We got you. We know people love cheat modes, and th’re’s one cheat mode to rule them all… Up, up…hmm… how did it go again?


We hope these tips help you on your journey from rags to arcade riches, and we can’t wait to hear how you get on!

Arcade Paradise is available now for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Xbox Live

Arcade Paradise

Wired Productions




Welcome to Arcade Paradise, the 90’s retro arcade adventure game. With the keys to the family laundromat, Ashley decides to transform the business and give the sleepy town of Grindstone something to get excited about! Stay one step ahead of your father, manage and invest profits, and build your very own Arcade Paradise!

Rags to riches… literally!
Take the laundromat business made up of dull chores from washing clothes to throwing out the trash, and turn it into a booming arcade with the coolest games in town raking in all the money!

Insert Coin
Over 35 arcade games, each fully realized with its own gameplay, stories, missions and high scores to set! Inspired by 3 decades of gaming, from early vector games right up to the 32-bit era.

Here comes a new challenger
Insert a second coin and play against a friend in a number of co-operative & competitive arcade games up to 4 players locally.

Set the high scores
Prove yourself across each game, set your initials, make your favorite arcade game more popular and upload to the online leaderboards!

Soundtrack worthy of the cassette collection
From the individual games to choosing what song to put on the jukebox inspired by some of the great records of the early 90s, the soundtrack captures the heart of a bygone era.

The greatest gaming era ever
Hello 90’s. If you could smell this game, it would smell like memories. Everything from the look and feel of the arcades, to using the latest PC connected to the mind-blowing dial-up connection, all has been recreated with pure love.

Gerald in the Riviera
Doug Cockle (famous for his voice acting in Victor Vran and The Witcher series) plays the role of Ashley’s berating father. Being too busy in the Riviera to see King Wash for himself, you will receive many phone calls from Gerald sharing his wise words of advice and constant reminders to fix the toilet.

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