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The Do's and Don'ts of Choosing A Twitter Handle

With over 200 million daily users, using Twitter right offers you massive benefits as a new or existing business.

Just as you would spend a considerable amount of time choosing your business name, Having a good handle is always a plus for marketing on Twitter. It’s also crucial to take time to consider your options before choosing or changing your Twitter handle.

This article will show you the do’s and don’ts of choosing a Twitter handle and 25 examples of great Twitter business names.

Twitter Name Do’s

Do use your full business name.

Making your Twitter handle as close to your business name as possible will make it easier for people to recognize you online.

Furthermore, whenever you tweet, you promote brand awareness for your business.

Do use short names.

Another tip is to use a short username. Why? Because it makes it easier to remember and spell for anyone that searches for your brand on the network.

If your business name is pretty long, then you can shorten it.

Do use taglines.

Sometimes it happens that your username has already been taken. When that happens, you could report the account for impersonation(if your business name is trademarked), or you can use an abbreviated form of your business tagline as the new handle.

Do be consistent.

If you already have a following on Facebook, Instagram, or some other social media, it’s a great idea to use the same username for your Twitter handle.

This way, it’ll be easier for your followers on those platforms to identify you on Twitter.

Twitter Name Don’ts

Don’t use numbers or symbols.

Unless a number is relevant to your business name, avoid using it on your Twitter handle. It isn’t a cool look and can be confusing for some users.

Don’t use witty names.

A witty username is excellent for a personal account, but it might not be the right fit for a business handle. Customers expect some level of professionalism, and funny names rarely give that impression.

Don’t overdo underscores.

Underscores separate characters in a username, which can be useful if two or more words make up your business name. However, be careful not to overdo using them. It’s recommended to use no more than a pair of underscores.

Good Twitter Name Examples

Here are 25 examples of great Twitter usernames. This list is divided into existing usernames and imaginary ones. Either option can serve as inspiration as you update your current Twitter handle.

Existing Twitter handles

1. Real Madrid – @realmadriden

Real Madrid FC is the biggest football club in the world and is loved by fans from different parts of the world.

The Real Madrid handle, with “en” indicates it’s the club’s official account in English, making it easy to remember and search.

This Twitter name can inspire you if your business exists in different locations around the world or communicates with customers in different languages,

2. Wendys – @Wendys

Wendys might not be your go-to fast-food chain, but they’re probably one of your favorite Twitter accounts. The burger joint is famous for its savage roasts and rivalries with other restaurants online.

We love this Twitter name because of its simplicity. It’s relevant to the brand’s name, which makes it very easy to find and identify.

3. Taco Bell – @tacobell

Using an underscore or number can differentiate your account, but it also makes it harder to find.

That’s why we like Taco Bell’s Twitter username.

Although the brand’s made up of two names, Taco Bell discards the underscore. Therefore, it’s easier to search for it on Twitter without wondering where the underscore appears.

4. PlayStation – @PlayStation

Playstation makes arguably the most popular gaming console on the planet, so it’s important that its customers can find it on Twitter and other social platforms.

It uses ‘PlayStation’ instead of ‘Playstation’ or ‘playstation,’ which we find interesting.

The capital ‘P’ and ‘S’ are synonymous with PlayStation, so it’s no surprise that it remains so even in its Twitter handle. If your business name has prominent features, something along the lines of PlayStation’s P and S, then you can also retain the feature in your username.

5. Yves Saint Laurent – @YSL

The designer apparel maker has an iconic, and lengthy name. Therefore, it might be rather tedious to find the official handle on Twitter.

Perhaps that’s why Yves Saint Laurent decided to use the ‘YSL’ username. It’s short, memorable, and definitely easier to find.

Do you have a long business name? Then take a leaf out of Yves Saint Laurent’s username.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo – @Cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the most popular sportsman in the world, and his personal brand is worth millions of dollars.

It’s no wonder, then, that all his social media accounts, Twitter inclusive, use his easily recognizable name as their usernames.

If your business is tied to your name, you can use your first or last name (or the two). We like the ‘Cristiano’ handle because it’s pretty easy to recall and is quite unique.

7. CNN Breaking News – @cnnbrk

CNN has made a name as one of the most popular news networks in the world. The company has several departments, with some focusing on fashion, sports, politics, and more.

@cnnbrk is the account focused on releasing breaking news as it happens, so it needs to be different from the other official CNN accounts.

If your business runs a similar model, with different departments, then you can draw inspiration from this username.

8. Slack – @SlackHQ

Slack is a messaging platform, and more. It’s become a favorite messaging platform for companies across the world.

It would’ve been pretty easy for it to use the @slack handle — if it weren’t already taken. So, instead of paying off the current owner of the handle, it simply added HQ to the brand’s name.

With the HQ (Headquarters), Slack circumvents the ‘Slack’ username elegantly. You can copy Slack’s example if you face the same challenge.

9. PayPal Support – @AskPayPal

Paypal is a financial platform that facilitates sending and receiving money to and from almost everywhere in the world.

As such, it’s only proper to have a channel where users can reach it on Twitter.

Paypal uses ‘ask’ right before its brand name, which is a nice move for a handle that handles customer inquiries and issues. It’s a brilliant username you can copy when creating customer care Twitter handles for your brand.

10. eBay – @eBay

eBay is a hugely popular ecommerce platform that allows users to sell and buy goods.

Just as PlayStation mentioned earlier, eBay has an interesting Twitter handle. It continues the tradition of lowercase ‘e,’ and uppercase ‘B’ in its Twitter handle. Anyone who uses eBay won’t find it hard to find the Twitter handle.

So if your brand’s name has distinct features like capitalized letters, you can incorporate that into your Twitter handle.

11. Union – @JoinUnion

Union is a digital platform that connects startups to resources and networks across the world.

This handle works because the company is a service-based business, and ‘Join’ aligns with the community mandate of the business.

12. The New York Times – @nytimes

The New York Times is a popular news media company based in the United States.

The media company uses its already popular URL name ‘nytimes’ as its username. Thus, readers will find it easy to find.

You can also use your existing URL name as your Twitter handle to make it easy for people familiar with your website to find you on Twitter.

13. Notion – @NotionHQ

Notion is a tool that lets users manage files, save documents, schedule tasks and generally organize their work.

Like Slack, the Notion handle had already been taken. So what the Notion team did was to add HQ to the end of the brand’s name. Problem solved.

14. Carolina Hurricanes – @Canes

The Carolina Hurricanes is a professional ice hockey team based in North Carolina.

How’d you fit a lengthy brand name like the Carolina Hurricanes into a Twitter handle? By abbreviating it to ‘Canes.’ It’s a simple solution that can inspire business owners with long business names.

15. Bobby van’s Grill DC – @BobbyVansDC

Bobby Van’s is a restaurant that opened its doors in 1996 and is famous for its delicious steaks.

We like this handle because it includes the location of the business in the handle. An advantage of this is how the eatery appears in local searches for eateries on Twitter.

If you run a local business, adding your location in the handle can increase the chances of getting found by users.

16. Forever 21 – @Forever21

Forever 21 is a huge clothing company that sells trendy yet affordable clothing pieces.

Although we said you should avoid using numbers in your handle, this example works because ‘21’ isn’t a random pair of numbers but is part of the brand name.

So if the numbers in your brand name are tightly associated with the brand, then by all means add them to your username.

17. Chipotle – @ChipotleTweets

Chipotle is an American chain of fast casual restaurants in North America and Europe.

Chipotle had to resort to taking a lengthier Twitter handle because its first choice was already taken. This alternative handle works, though, as it reinforces that the handle belongs to an official account.

Adding ‘Tweets’ to your brand name can make your handle more recognizable to users.

18. Chick-fil-A – @ChickfilA

Chick-fil-A is the biggest American restaurant specializing in chicken sandwiches and is one of the biggest fast-food restaurants in North America.

Chick-fil-A could’ve gone for a handle like @Chick_fil_A, but we’re grateful they didn’t. The current handle is simple and doesn’t give searchers a hard time.

Editing a brand name to something simpler and easier to search for makes sense and pays off in the end.

19. Arby’s Guest Support – @ArbysCares

Arby’s is another fast-food company whose Twitter handle offers inspiration to any business looking to create a Twitter account.

The brand prides itself on an emotional connection with customers, and its customer service handle uses a username that conveys sympathy.

When creating a username for your business, you want to go with something that conveys positive emotions and puts the consumer at ease—like this handle.

20. Chili’s Grill & Bar – @Chilis

Like all great business Twitter usernames, this username does a great job of being simple and easy to find.

Users don’t have to search for ‘Chili’s Grill and Bar’ but can find the brand right away by just typing ‘Chilis.’ This is another hack you can use if your brand has a relatively long name.

21. ReadWrite – @RWW

ReadWrite samlar professionella gemenskaper dedikerade till specifika ämnen av intresse som anslutna bilar, smarta hem, AR/VR, fintech och API:er.

ReadWrite samlar innehåll från professionella gemenskaper dedikerade till intressen som AI, fintech, API:er och teknik.

Ett kortare handtag gör det lättare för folk att nämna dig i tweets utan att ta mycket teckenutrymme. ReadWrite-handtaget är ett utmärkt exempel eftersom de har förkortat sitt namn till bara tre bokstäver.

Som ReadWrite visar kan förkortningar vara ett coolt sätt att skapa ett minnesvärt användarnamn.

22. Oberto specialkött – @ObertoBeefJerky

Oberto är ett specialköttföretag som är känt för sina läckra styckningsbitar och beef jerky.

Vi gillar det här handtaget eftersom det använder nyckelord i handtaget. Det är alltså troligt att profilen dyker upp när någon söker efter beef jerky på Twitter.

Om du erbjuder specifika tjänster eller produkter, inklusive det i ditt användarnamn som det här exemplet, kan du öka dina chanser att dyka upp när folk söker efter dem.

23. MADE.COM – @madedotcom

Made designs and retails möbel and homewares online and in showrooms across Europe.

Det här är ett coolt handtag eftersom det gör det enkelt för användare att komma ihåg varumärkets webbplats.

Om du letar efter något icke-generiskt och minnesvärt, kan kopiering av det här exemplet vara vad ditt användarnamn behöver.

24. Netflix – @netflix

Netflix is arguably the most popular streaming platform on the planet with millions of subscribers paying for its content monthly.

The main account, @netflix, is simple and a no-brainer to remember. The brand name is consistent on every social platform, including Twitter.

Om du skapar ett konto för ditt varumärke är det bäst att ha ett konsekvent användarnamn över alla kanaler som Netflix har.

25. Tårtdekor – @CakesDecor

Cakes Decor är ett community dedikerat till att visa upp vackra tårtdekorationer som inspirerar kakmakare runt om i världen.

Handtaget är bra eftersom det innehåller nyckelorden "kaka" och "dekor", vilket betyder att alla som söker efter tårtdekorationsinspiration på Twitter troligen kommer att hitta sidan.

Så inkludera nyckelord i ditt användarnamn för att öka synligheten.

Det perfekta Twitter-namnet för ditt företag

Twitter är en av de mest populära sociala plattformarna på webben idag, och hur du dyker upp är inte begränsat till bara vad du säger, utan även namnet du säger det under. Att välja rätt Twitter-namn för ditt varumärke är nyckeln, så följ tipsen i den här guiden och ta inspiration från listan över företag ovan som gjorde det rätt. Du har det perfekta Twitter-handtaget på nolltid.

Redaktörens anmärkning: Det här inlägget publicerades ursprungligen i januari 2009 och har uppdaterats för att vara heltäckande.

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How to Create Evergreen Content That Generates Traffic to Your Site


How to Create Evergreen Content That Generates Traffic to Your Site

Every digital marketer understands that publishing articles or blog posts on your website is an excellent way to create content for your SEO strategy and build awareness. On top of that, you also get to connect to your audience on a deeper level.

However, many marketers focus on publishing seasonal content or articles on trending topics, which can drive traffic, but only for a limited time.

Enligt HubSpot’s State of Marketing Trends Report (2022), 83% of marketers say it’s better to focus on quality rather than quantity of content, even if it means publishing fewer blog posts.

But if your content depends on trending topics, how can you create quality content that lasts? Enter evergreen content.

First, let’s be honest; creating evergreen content isn’t a walk in the park. Many marketers have tried creating this type of content on their websites but can’t seem to get the results they need.

So how do you create something that doesn’t age?

In this article, I’ll discuss what evergreen content is, why it is important to have one, and how you can create one that will give you lasting results.

Låt oss börja.

Evergreen Content Explained

I’m pretty sure many of you have heard this term many times already, and some of you might have an idea of what it is.

But for those still unfamiliar with it, evergreen content is search engine-optimized content that is relevant all year round and can stay fresh over an even longer period. Some may argue that any content is sustainable, given that it remains published once you upload it to your site.

But evergreen content isn’t just any other content. It continues to be of interest to your target audience even after its publication date, attracting more visitors over time.

The topics used in evergreen content are those that many users will search for at any time of the year, making it an excellent strategy for SEO and content marketing.

This type of content comes in many shapes and sizes. Depending on your products or services, evergreen formats can range from listicles, how-to guides, tips, reviews, and videos. Something to note is that producing these formats doesn’t automatically make your content evergreen.

The main ingredient to making evergreen content is the topic, which should stand the test of time.

To understand this better, let’s look at seasonal content. This type of content contains topics tied to a specific time of the year, a trending item, or even in the news or social media. The hype on these topics usually dies down once enough time is passed.

For instance, marketers often produce content for various holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Content around these times can often generate traffic, but once the holiday is over, it’s unlikely that level of traffic will continue.

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Why Is It Important to Have Them on Your Website?

It’s no secret that seasonal content can quickly generate a lot of traffic to your site, but it can become irrelevant even quicker as new trends emerge.

Evergreen content can give you lasting results and so much more. Here are some reasons why you should start creating one:

  • Great for SEO. Evergreen topics are usually searched, which means your content will likely rank on search engines. On top of that, it will always drive traffic to your site and keep on doing so, especially if it’s high quality.
  • Lead magnet. Since you’re showing your expertise through evergreen content, it can encourage visitors to check your product or services. And because it’s relevant all year round, you can use it to attract new leads every time.
  • Excellent marketing material. This is one of my favorite benefits of evergreen content. You can promote it repeatedly, making it a versatile marketing tool.
  • Add value to you and your customers. Since it answers a common problem that your target audience has, you can help them address their issue. At the same time, the steady traffic it provides can help your website grow.
  • Impactful investment. Creating evergreen content takes time. This ensures that you provide high-quality content that will always be interesting to your audience. That’s why it’s an excellent investment by providing significant returns in the future.
  • Lasts for years. The idea that evergreen content can last for years ultimately means less work for you. A single high-quality post can give you a real bang for your buck, compared to seasonal ones that only last for a week or, if you’re lucky, a couple of months.

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Evergreen Content

Now that we’ve established how critical evergreen content is for your digital marketing strategy, it’s time to learn the ropes of creating one that can be impactful for years. Follow these steps to begin:

1. Find a Problem to Solve

For evergreen content to succeed, it should solve a problem your customers face. It doesn’t have to be a major problem, but it’s something that many people may encounter in their lives.

For example, if you sell car parts like tires, one problem many car owners can encounter is changing their tires. You can create an article or a video showing your customers how they can change their tires and how often to rotate them to avoid wear and tear.

Now you’re not only solving their problem but providing extra value!

But I get it that you just don’t magically stumble upon a problem, and you need to put in some work to find the right fit for your website. So here are some steps you can take to find out the best problem you can address in your evergreen content:

  • Ask yourself. You know your business well, and you can use this first-hand knowledge to look for pain points your customers are facing.
  • Ask your customers. Don’t be afraid to send surveys to your customers. The worst thing that could happen is that they won’t answer it. But the benefits? Learning about their problems and what they expect from your business.
  • Check your competition. While some may tell you to copy what your competitors are doing, I think many other opportunities are available to avoid doing this. Instead, check to see what they’re doing so you can understand what works and what doesn’t. From there, it’ll be easier to come up with an idea of what problem you want to solve for your customers.
  • Check the internet. The internet is an excellent tool, especially if you know how to take advantage of it. One way is to check frequently asked questions about a particular industry through platforms like Quora and Reddit. You’ll be surprised by what information is waiting for you.

2. Conduct Keyword Research

Since evergreen content is a search-engine-optimized piece, it requires some keyword research to make it as effective as possible. This will also allow you to determine whether the problem you want to solve has merit, and people are actually searching the internet for answers to it.

So how do you go about this?

First, you need to invest in the right tools. While there are numerous tools, like Google Trends and Keyword Surfer, that can provide you with basic keyword research features for free. You might miss out on opportunities that only paid tools can provide. But if you’re not ready to shed some cash, the free versions can also give you valuable insights.

Next, you need to understand what to look for. The monthly search volume is the most important metric you have to check when conducting keyword research. This can tell the potential amount of viewers you can reach with a particular keyword or phrase.

However, note that there is yet to be an actual benchmark on what a healthy monthly search volume is, especially since niches and industries vary in size.

For instance, if you are working on a popular niche like fashion or skönhet, you can see that the search volume is high. But a very specific niche, like bass fishing, may have a lower volume. Be sure to only compare different keywords in your niche.

Lastly, use long-tail keyword phrases instead of just keywords. Almost everyone we know uses the internet for answers to just about anything. So, when you optimize your content for longer keyword phrases, you can get their attention easier since it usually focuses on a more specific topic.

Going back to our example on the car parts business, your keyword phrases for tire changing content can include “how long does it take to change tires” or “how often should you change tires.” They also have high search volumes, meaning many people are interested to know the answers to those questions.

3. Create a Topic Using Your Chosen Keywords

Now, let’s go to the fun part. Once you have all the details you need and have collected all the keywords you want to use, it’s time to think of a topic for your evergreen content. To help you out, here are some questions you can ask yourself when coming up with a topic:

  • Will it be relevant to your customers after a year?
  • Will your customer and potential customers always search for this topic?
  • Will it be easy to reshare this topic on various platforms over and over without seeming outdated?

If your answer is all yes, then you found your golden ticket. You can frame this as your working title to see how to structure and position the content and think of any other related topics you might want to touch on along the way.

Important Things to Remember

Creating evergreen content may sound easy, but there are other things you need to consider to make it successful. You already have a topic in mind, and that’s a good start. However, there are other things that you need to remember when you’re putting it all together.

1. Make It Informative

Always remember quality over quantity. While longer blog posts can rank higher in search engines, it’s better to provide value to your audience than the search algorithm. As an example, if you were writing about the benefits of Google My Business software or social media marketing trends, your articles should still give some value to the readers. With this in mind, ensure your evergreen content is as long as it’s supposed to be—no fluff to achieve a particular word count. Your content should be made for humans, not robots.

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2. Don’t Forget the Layout

Even if you have the best evergreen content piece in the world, if it doesn’t have good design and proper formatting, your efforts are put to waste. So, apart from ensuring your content can rank, you must deliver a memorable reading experience.

This will not only build customer trust but can potentially convert visitors to customers.

When it comes to optimizing the layout and design of your evergreen content, make sure that there is enough white space between the paragraphs. This makes it easy for your visitors to consume the content.

Next, don’t put a lot of distractions. If you do, they won’t be able to finish the content and will jump to another page. Lastly, make it visually appealing. You can add relevant images or videos to break walls of text. Just make sure you can get your readers at the end.

Remember, the longer readers stay and read your content, the higher your chances of turning them into qualified leads.

3. Regularly Update Your Content

Just because evergreen content can last for years doesn’t necessarily mean you can just upload it and never touch it again. Since your main goal is to provide information to your customers, you must ensure that those details are updated every time. It doesn’t have to be every week; you just need to ensure that the information is not outdated so you won’t mislead your readers.

You can also use this opportunity to link other website pages from your content. This can help with your overall SEO strategy, especially if the piece generates a lot of traffic. If you have already created evergreen content, here are some things you need to update:

  • Data and Statistics
  • Citat
  • Screenshots and images
  • Titles
  • Exempel

I don’t recommend adding dates to your evergreen content URL if you can help it(e.g., Best-Apps-for-Video-Editing-2022), as it will quickly become outdated, and your SEO efforts are going to waste every time you change the link.

But if you’re using one in your title, make sure you update that too. You can also use the help of AI writing software to add extra paragraphs and beef up your post a little.

4. Write for Beginners

This may sound counterintuitive, especially if you want to assert your expertise in the field. But people who search for broad topics are usually not experts, so ensure your content can cater to a large audience.

That’s why it’s best to avoid technical jargon. It’s okay to mention it when necessary. Just ensure that you give a brief explanation about it. At the same time, keep your tone conversational. Read your sentences and paragraphs to check if they sound natural.

5. Promote Your Content

Now that you’ve put together your winning content piece, it’s time to put it to work to reach your audience—it just doesn’t automatically give results after you publish it. This is where content promotion comes in.

There are various ways you can promote your content. This can be through social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. You can also promote it via email, especially if you have an extensive mailing list. Or even via guest blogging.

Since this can stand the test of time, you can promote it repeatedly, which is perfect for times when you just don’t know what to post.


Before evergreen content can give you the desired results, you must ensure that Google knows your site exists. If not, then you should index your site first and then work from there.

Creating evergreen content that lasts requires a lot of work, and you should be willing to do it. By following these practices I’ve shared, you can make an effective piece to drive ongoing growth to your site.

The results may not be quick, but if you do things right, you’ll reap the benefits far longer than you think.


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