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TVSquared partners with Extreme Reach (ER) to measure TV content served across ad-supported OTT


TVSquared this month announced a partnership with Extreme Reach (ER) to enable advertisers to measure TV content served across ad-supported OTT streaming service.

Extreme Reach integration captures all ads, giving advertisers the ability to track performance at scale across linear and digital TV content everywhere.

TVSquared says that each day, 2,500 creative assets are uploaded to AdBridge™, ER’s asset management platform that integrates video ad serving, linear TV distribution, OTT/CTV delivery and Talent & Rights management. The integration with TVSquared allows a brand’s creative assets to be tagged same-day, with results served in ADvantage to show advertisers how their digital and linear ads are driving response and engagement, and directly tying ad exposure back to business outcomes.

With Extreme Reach, TVSquared can measure ad performance across nearly every TV household in the U.S., and is not limited to Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) and panel data alone. This brings together precision and scale to best serve the buy-side and sell-side by measuring the entire TV ecosystem from a single platform.

“Brands need a single solution to find the optimal mix of linear and OTT,” said Jo Kinsella, CRO and EVP at TVSquared. “In an increasingly growing, yet fragmented TV ecosystem, this is how advertisers test and learn, and they need performance metrics that can compare linear and digital TV all in a single platform. Extreme Reach makes this possible in ADvantage because of the scale and breadth of creative assets that are managed and distributed through AdBridge.”

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