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How 10 Brands Use Pinterest Idea Pins for Marketing


How 10 Brands Use Pinterest Idea Pins for Marketing

Back in 2021, Pinterest introduced a new feature called Idea Pins. Pinterest’s Idea Pins consist of videos or photos grouped together in a format similar to Instagram Stories. These pins appear in the Watch feed of the Pinterest app, almost like the For Your Page on TikTok. Idea Pins are also displayed in the Create section of a brand’s Pinterest profile.

I en press release, Pinterest said Idea Pins make publishing “high-quality, long-lasting, and savable content” simple for content creators.

“With these updates, we’re highlighting the people behind the content and encouraging Pinners to follow creators and engage with the ideas they find,” the press release said.

As you’ll see with the brands below, Idea Pins can be used to tell a story, promote products, give tutorials, and engage with users. Here’s how these 10 brands are using Idea Pins.

10 Brands Using Pinterest Idea Pins

1. Fenty Beauty

Cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty uses Idea Pins to promote the brand’s products and showcase the brand’s inclusivity. The company does this by showing photos of the products and how they look on different skin tones. Fenty also includes videos on its pins of people of color applying makeup and creating different looks.

Fenty Beauty uses Pinterest Idea Pins for marketingBildkälla

One of the biggest concerns facing the cosmetics industry is a lack of inclusivity. Many people of color with darker complexions often struggle to find makeup that matches or complements their skin tone. By using Idea Pins to show variety and how POC look in Fenty products, the company sets itself apart from other cosmetic companies and presents itself as a solution.

2. Oh Joy

Lifestyle brand and design company Oh Joy is the most followed account on Pinterest with 15.2 million followers. Its founder, Joy Cho, uses Idea Pins as a way to speak directly to the company’s audience and give advice on fashion and home decor. For example, in one pin Cho promotes jewelry from Jared. She speaks directly into the camera and tells her audience how she was able to coordinate the jewelry with her outfit.

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Joy Cho uses Pinterest Idea Pins for MarketingBildkälla

Cho then encourages the audience to click through her pins to see more of her favorite Jared pieces and the outfits she matched them with. In other Idea Pins, Cho gives her audience a tour of her home and explains the thought process behind her decor. This is a great way to build audience engagement and to form a bond with viewers.


3. Food My Muse

Food My Muse is a foodie account that posts recipes and restaurant reviews. The account is run by former restaurant owner Nadia Aidi. While Aidi posts a variety of food-related content, she uses Idea Pins specifically to post videos with step-by-step instructions for different recipes.

Food My Muse uses Pinterest Idea Pins for marketingBildkälla

She also includes the full recipe in the description of each pin. This kind of content is great for visual learners and it shows off her expertise as a chef — establishing her credibility as an expert foodie.

4. Mejuri Jewelry

Mejuri Jewelry uses Idea Pins to post photos of its jewelry pieces and categorize its content by theme. In a way, Mejuri uses Idea Pins to create different lookbooks. In one Idea Pin, for instance, Mejuri creates a lookbook showing Pinterest users the different ways they can stack bracelets. Another lookbook consists of Fall 2021 trends, and another Idea Pin uses photos to show how gold and silver jewelry can be styled together.

This method of using pins shows the jewelry Mejuri offers and gives potential buyers practical information about how to style them for any occasion.

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Mejuri uses Pinterest Idea Pins for marketingBildkälla

5. Etsy

For its Idea Pins. Etsy leans heavily into video content that gives a behind-the-scenes look into small businesses on Etsy’s website. One Idea Pin includes a sequence of clips showing how one Etsy seller named Tori Lynn paints and glazes a ceramic mug. Another pin is a time-lapse video of another seller named Veruschka converting parts of their home into a workspace where they handmake and ship out their products.

Etsy uses Pinterest Idea Pins for marketingBildkälla

This type of content doesn’t just promote the products found on Etsy, it also highlights the many businesses and artists selling their wares on the site. In doing so, Etsy attracts both potential buyers and business owners looking for a platform.

Etsy uses Pinterest Idea Pins for marketingBildkälla

6. Vogue Magazine

Vogue Magazine uses Idea Pins to promote its magazine cover stars via candid videos from the photoshoots. The magazine’s latest Idea Pin, for example, features photos and footage of Serena Williams and her daughter, posing for the magazine’s cover and playing on a beach. Other pins feature celebrities like Rihanna showing her baby bump as well as photos from the Met Gala.

Vogue uses Pinterest Idea Pins for marketingBildkälla

Vogue’s Idea Pins appeal to its audience’s love of celebrities and fashion, and the pins establish Vogue as being at the center of pop culture.

Vogue uses Pinterest Idea Pins for marketingBildkälla

7. Bustle

Most of Bustle’s Idea Pins consist of repurposed content from other platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. This method is helpful because it gives older content a second life on Pinterest. TikToks of celebrity interviews and short anecdotes from YouTube are frequently uploaded as Idea Pins, showing off Bustle’s variety of pop-culture content.

Bustle uses Pinterest Idea Pins for marketingBildkälla

8. Free People

Most of Free People’s pins start with a video of a model wearing the fashion retailer’s clothes and demonstrating the different ways the clothing items can be styled. The video is then followed by photos of the products in different colors and in different outfits. This method makes all the Idea Pins similar and uniform, so followers know what to expect.

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Similar to Mejuri Jewelry, Free People also organizes its pins by style and creates a digital lookbook that showcases its clothing and accessories.

Free People uses Pinterest Idea Pins for marketingBildkälla

9. The Little Bazaar

The Little Bazaar is an online store selling boho-style clothing. Like most fashion accounts on Pinterest, all of The Little Bazaar’s Idea Pins consist of photos of models wearing their clothes. However, some models are also customers who submitted photos and videos of them wearing the products.

This form of user-generated content is great because it shows Pinterest users how the clothes look on real people and it would encourage people to submit their own content as well.

The Little Bazaar uses Pinterest Idea Pins for marketingBildkälla

10. Lulu’s

Almost all of Lulu’s Idea Pins consist of fashion and lifestyle how-to’s, such as “How to Style a Corset Top” and “How To: Macha Gin Fizz.” However, what I enjoy most about Lulu’s Idea Pins is the cover images. Each cover image includes Lulu’s logo as well as large texts giving a quick explanation of what the pin is about.

This use of Idea Pins is aesthetically pleasing, organized, and helps Pinterest users navigate to the kind of content they’re looking for.

Lulu's uses Pinterest Idea Pins for marketingBildkälla

Idea Pins present more opportunities for brands to get their content on Pinterest users’ feeds, expanding brand awareness. However, brands should also see these pins as a chance to create engaging content that tells a story and provides value.

How-to’s, lookbooks, behind-the-scenes footage, and user-generated content are just a few examples of the many ways you can incorporate Idea Pins into your marketing strategy.

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What inflation’s cultural impact means for marketing


Vad inflationens kulturella påverkan betyder för marknadsföringen

When inflation is high the cost of living rises and wages, although rising too, never quite keep up. This has an impact on our pockets. But in addition to the economic consquences of inflation, there are subtler cultural consequences too. That’s something marketers need to understand.

Kate Muhl, a consumer insights expert and VP, analyst at Gartner, shared this insight. “It’s important to think about the idea that there’s more happening with inflation than just economic impact and consumer spending. Those effects start to fade. We’re not where we were a year ago — but lots of consumer attitudes and behaviors are still ripple effects out of that initial inflationary moment.”

What the research shows. The 2023 Gartner Cost-of-Living and Price Sentiment survey revealed the following:

  • A third of households reported financial hardship due to price increases with the most impact felt by low and low-to-middle income households.
  • 38% of respondents reported cutting their discretionary income (a YoY increase of 15% on 2022).
  • More than a third have increased spending on store brands and increased their use of coupons.
  • Over 40% report switching to generic brands, store brands and less expensive products in at least one product category.
  • 57% reported postponing a milestone event (such as a wedding or vacation) due to cost-of-living pressures.
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Against this background, consumers and marketers are divided on what responses are appropriate. CMO priorities include increasing the availability of a product or service, offering special deals and increasing rewards and benefits. Customers agree on the special deals, but their other priorities are keeping prices steady and, interestingly, not seeing high-level executives get pay raises.

In Muhl’s view, this reflects a growing sense, especially among younger consumers, that the system is “rigged” in favor of the wealthy. “A lot of this is about consumer sentiment, culture,” said Muhl. “How does it feel? What are people’s prevailing opinions about how the world is working? Those things matter to brands.”

This doesn’t mean marketers should blindly switch to their customers’ priorities. “Consumers are consumers,” said Muhl. “Our job is to be marketers, but as marketers we have to realize that this disconnect exists and use the tools available to us to try to close that gap.”

Gräv djupare: Breaking down the digital transformation of today’s customer journeys

The right responses. This would be a good time, Muhl believes, to prioritize narratives that speak to thrift and savings and to focus on those brand values most relevant to your customers’ experience of inflationary pressures.

As examples of responsive narratives, Mulh offered Tide’s “Cold Hard Savings” campaign and Everlane’s “Priced Like It’s 2019.”

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“This is just not the time to get into luxury positionings (with some exceptions) — luxury for its own sake rather than premium or quality,” Muhl said. “Brands need to really think about what their core values are and act from those where appropriate.”

Varför vi bryr oss. The past three years should have taught us that our sentiments, our culture, does not necessary align precisely with real world events. For many of us, deeply felt emotional reactions to a global pandemic did not necessarily coincide with COVID-19’s real-time impact. As the pandemic receded, pandemic-induced behaviors persisted — as did anxiety and uncertainty.

Similarly with inflation. Positive economic indicators and a slow but steady decline in inflation has not relieved foreboding about a recession. Inflation-triggered behaviors and attitudes will not automatically dissipate as inflation recedes to a tolerable level. Marketers need to be aware, sensitive and, as always, transparent in responding to consumer sentiment.

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How To Win Your Customer’s Attention & Provoke Action [VIDEO]


Hur du vinner din kunds uppmärksamhet och provocerar till handling [VIDEO]

Discover the secret to winning your customer’s attention and provoking action with the first ingredient in our 5-part sales formula.

Utilize this ingredient to agitate your customer’s pain point or speak to their aspirational state in such a way that they are compelled by the message where they… Stop. Read it. And move on to take action from there.

Ultimately, learn how to show your customers that you know them better than anybody else and become a mind readers who speaks directly to those little nuances that only your customer would know about.

Using Hooks in Your Messaging

Hooks are used in marketing messaging to agitate a pain or passion point that will stop your customers in their tracks, because you “read their mind,” and spoke to something they are experiencing that they want to change.

Hooks are all about your customer’s undesirable situation, or aspirational state, and not about the business.

“When it comes to creating your ecommerce sales pitch, your pitch happens on your product page, on your home page…”

Inlägget How To Win Your Customer’s Attention & Provoke Action [VIDEO] dök upp först DigitalMarketer.


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11 hypevärda funktioner avslöjade på Google Marketing Live 2023


11 hypevärda funktioner avslöjade på Google Marketing Live 2023

After the conclusion of Google I/O 2023, the stage was set for Google Marketing Live 2023, which brought a global hybrid experience to brands and advertisers. In-person viewing events were organized across different locations worldwide, allowing participants to convene locally, while virtual attendees from all corners of the globe tuned in to watch the livestream.

The immersive event serves as a catalyst for empowering marketers with the latest tools, strategies, and best practices – covering a wide range of topics from generative AI to new campaign goals. Attendees (including Tinuiti’s own expert team) scored a front row seat to valuable marketing insights across Google’s expansive advertising ecosystem.

AI Takes Center Stage at #GML2023

It goes without saying that AI capabilities took the center stage at Google Marketing Live 2023 with a variety of notable product announcements including:

  • Conversational AI Campaign Creation: Exciting developments are taking place in the realm of campaign creation, with a shift towards leveraging conversational AI. This advancement offers advertisers a potent tool to enhance their audience engagement and foster more effective communication.


  • AI-Powered Asset Targeting: Google Ads introduces AI-powered assets, supported by the existing AI-powered campaigns, that precisely target search queries, empowering advertisers to deliver more relevant and personalized content to their target audience.


  • AI-Generated Images with Google Product Studio: Through Google Product Studio, advertisers gain access to AI-generated images, revolutionizing the way they visually represent their products and drive engagement.

These advancements highlight Google’s commitment to harnessing the potential of AI and delivering innovative solutions to enhance advertisers’ marketing efforts.

However, aside from AI, what are some of the other announcements that stood out?

This week, we spoke with our internal experts at Tinuiti to find out what they deemed as the most valuable takeaways at #GML2023. Let’s dive in!


Credit: www.googlemarketinglive.com


Google Performance Max: 6 Standout Upgrades for Marketers

Google Performance Max campaigns are goal-based, automated campaigns that enable advertisers to promote across all Google networks from the same campaign. Google announced Performance Max campaigns in October 2020 as “a new way to buy Google ads across all our inventory.” 

Performance Max—or PMax, for short—is designed as a complement to your existing keyword-based Search, Shopping and fully-automated campaigns, building on learnings from the latter “to deliver a comprehensive solution that works for all advertisers across a wider range of marketing objectives.”

Per the updates shared during GML 2023, the latest features within Performance Max that we are most excited about include:

  • New customer acquisition with high value optimization goal in Google Ads
  • Access to re-engagement goal for improved retention
  • Test and learn opportunities with custom experiments
  • Improved insights to better understand performance
  • New features within the Ads Creative Studio
  • Generative AI to create text assets and images


“These changes create additional ways to leverage Performance Max and make it an even more flexible marketing tool, capable of optimizing towards impactful business objectives. These updates also further solidify the need for advertisers to have robust first-party data / Customer Match infrastructure and execution capabilities.”

Josh Brisco, Group Vice President, Acquisition Media at Tinuiti


1. New Customer Acquisition with High Value Optimization Goals in Google Ads

What is it? The existing New Customer Acquisition (NCA) works by using first-party data lists to analyze users’ characteristics and then implements the power of AI to predict and find new high value users. This new iteration will allow advertisers to specifically target users who are predicted to have high lifetime values.

How will it benefit marketers? NCA allows marketers to optimize for the highest value new customers, in addition to maximizing their bottom line sales. Overall, this feature (along with many others released at GML 2023) provide marketers with new ways to leverage Performance Max to execute specific business outcomes.

According to Google, NCA leverages data from a variety of sources include customer lists, global site tags och auto detection to:

  • Grow overall revenue but optimize for conversions from new customers because new customers bring long term revenue to the business.
  • Grow market share with a dedicated budget for customer acquisition either maximizing the number of new customer conversions with a Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) or maximizing the revenue from new customers to also meet near term return of investment (ROI).
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“As we look to leverage an audience-first approach to Performance Max, advanced functionality as it relates to NCA is an exciting addition. This will allow us to not only focus on new customers, but focus on new customers who can drive the highest value”.

Evan Kirkpatrick, VP, Shoppable Media at Tinuiti


2. Access to Re-Engagement Goal for Improved Retention

What is it? Google’s re-engagement goal allows marketers to optimize their campaigns to reach customers at every decision-making point in their lifecycle journey. In addition to new customer acquisition, marketers can use re-engagement goals to optimize for other lifecycle stages, like retention and re-engagement of churned customers.

How will it benefit marketers? Google’s re-engagement goal allows marketers to bid more effectively to re-engage lapsed customers, report conversions from lapsed customers directly in the Google Ads UI.

“I’m most excited about the potential for customer reactivation och lifetime extension. Our job as marketers is not over when the customer comes in the door. As the saying goes, it’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than to get a new one.”

Aaron Levy, VP, Paid Search at Tinuiti


3. Test and Learn Opportunities With Custom Experiments

What is it? Performance Max Custom Experiments will let you test changes within your Performance Max campaign. This feature helps you A/B test different features, settings, and campaigns to drive improvement. For example, you can test if using a value based bidding strategy for your campaign drives more results for your business.

How will it benefit marketers? When you test different campaign settings, you reach more customers and drive better results quickly and efficiently for your business. You can also use experiments to help you measure the incremental lift of using Performance Max campaigns.

“This will provide an improved way to measure the efficacy of your current Performance Max structures as well as potential improved strategies overall.”

Josh Brisco, Group Vice President, Acquisition Media at Tinuiti


4. Improved Insights to Better Understand Performance

What is it? According to Google, new insights will highlight additional data on your assets to help marketers better understand their campaign performance. You’ll also get easy-to-apply recommendations on how to improve your assets. 

Additionally, search term insights will now include historic insights and insights for custom date ranges. You’ll also be able to download your Search term insights and access them in the Google Ads API. You’ll be able to see all your Search term categories now, instead of having some listed as uncategorized.

How will it benefit marketers? Google’s improved insights will provide information on which assets are or are not resonating with a given audience, provide potential suggestions on better creative, and will call out any missing asset types.

“The more data we can get from the black box, the better. These changes should help inform advertisers how optimize their PMax campaigns for maximum effect” – Josh Brisco, Group Vice President, Acquisition Media at Tinuiti

“We’re cautiously excited about this one. Performance Max has a ton of potential as a research testing ground. Ultimately, the more insights we can get access to, the more we can use that data to amplify additional marketing efforts.” Aaron Levy, VP, Paid Search at Tinuiti

5. New Features Within the Ads Creative Studio

What is it? Ads Creative Studio is a creative management platform designed for creative teams to build ads, manage creative assets, and share them with media teams. Ads Creative Studio can improve collaboration and transparency between your creative and media teams and help you create effective ads with more efficiency and scale.

How will it benefit marketers? Thanks to the preview and export feature, marketers will be able to see best practices and specifications to ensure that creative is set up for success ahead of deployment. New insights in Ads Creative Studio will also provide information about trends within Search. This supplementary tool will give marketers exploratory access to the latest and greatest Search data to help plan and develop future creative.

6. Generative AI To Create Compelling Text Assets and Images

What is it? With the revamped asset creation flow in Performance Max campaigns, marketers can harness the power of Google AI to curate and generate high-quality text and image assets.

According to Google, this Generative AI feature can easily create compelling creative assets to be implemented in Performance Max campaigns. 

Here’s a closer look on how it works:

Credit: Google


How will it benefit marketers? Setting up Performance Max campaigns can feel overwhelming due to the necessary content and imagery. The inclusion of a helpful feature that provides assistance and even generates new creative is a valuable addition, guaranteed to save advertisers precious time and resources. Adding a diverse range of assets and keeping them fresh over time can help improve results by maximizing the eligibility to serve on a full range of ad inventory.

“AI Generating Performance Max is an exciting new feature that can boost our creativity and give us new opportunities to develop effective PMax campaigns. Based on our findings, brands that include the suggested 20 image ads and 5 videos per asset category see a +10% boost in conversions. So this functionality can be useful for brands that are having trouble reaching the recommended levels.”

Courtney O’Donnell, Senior Director, Shoppable Media at Tinuiti

“Visual creative has long been a neglected part of the SEM ecosystem; this new tool will enable advertisers to test far more iterations of creative while greatly reducing the burden on creative teams.”

Aaron Levy, VP, Paid Search at Tinuiti


Google Ads Campaign Types: Introducing Video Views and Demand Generation


7. Video View Campaigns

What is it? Video View Campaigns are designed to maximize views. According to Google, a study revealed that advertisers using Video View Campaigns experienced an average of 40% more views at comparable costs compared to in-stream skippable CPV campaigns.

How will it benefit marketers? These campaigns leverage a range of formats, including skippable in-stream ads, in-feed ads, and Shorts ads, to optimize budget allocation and achieve optimal results. Video Views can also combine 3 formats in a single campaign for a single goal.

8. Demand Generation Campaigns

What is it? Demand Generation campaigns leverage AI to engage and drive action with consumers. These campaigns work across a variety of placements including YouTube in-feed, YouTube Shorts, YouTube in-stream, Discovery Feed and Gmail. 

How will it benefit marketers? At Tinuiti, we are eagerly awaiting more info on Demand Generation campaigns, but it seems like this feature has great potential to help advertisers more readily access the mid and upper funnel inventory that Google has to offer.

“We’re interested to see if this will be similar to Performance Max in that it will be used in addition to existing campaign types not instead of. Or, will it replace much of how we buy YouTube today?”

Courtney O’Donnell, Senior Director, Shoppable Media at Tinuiti

We expect more details will be shared on this specific campaign type at Cannes 2023. 

“As we continue to see the evolution of AI driven campaigns across various inventory types, having an audience-first approach and strong creative to match are going to be keys for success in driving action from the consumers.”

Brian Binder, Senior Director, Programmatic at Tinuiti


Additional Noteworthy GML 2023 Announcements


9. Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) Integration With Search, Shopping

What is it? Google is currently conducting experiments to seamlessly integrate Search and Shopping ads directly into the AI snapshot and conversational mode. SGE has the opportunity to create customized ad experiences (across Search and Shopping) that align with the user journey.

While Google has not disclosed specific metrics like CTR for these SGE (Search, Shopping, and Google Express) ads due to their experimental nature, they offer immense potential. It’s important to note that since this feature is still in its early stages, there is currently no option to opt in or out of ads appearing in SGE.


How will it benefit marketers? Google’s AI integration with Search and Shopping provides marketers with an opportunity to drive more engagement and visibility of their ads. The new Search Generative Experience (SGE) can be found in Search Labs, a new program to access early experiments in Search. Ads that show up as a part of this experiment will be from existing Google Ads campaigns.

Want to give generative AI in Search a try? Tap the "Labs" ikonen i Google-appen eller Chrome-skrivbordet för att uttrycka ditt intresse och besök labs.google.com/search att lära sig mer.

"SGE representerar den efterlängtade manifestationen av konversationssökning och annonser på Googles resultatsida. Det ska bli intressant att se hur detta påverkar hur vi köper Google Ads"

Josh Brisco, Group Vice President, Acquisition Media at Tinuiti


10. Product Studio använder AI för att skapa bilder av hög kvalitet

What is it? Product Studio är en ny svit med gratis, AI-drivna verktyg som är tillgängliga i Merchant Center Next och Google & YouTube-appen på Shopify som hjälper marknadsförare att spara tid och resurser – samtidigt som de hjälper till att förbättra och skapa produktbilder av hög kvalitet.

How will it benefit marketers? Enligt Google kan dessa verktyg hjälpa marknadsförare att skapa scener, öka bildupplösningen och redigera bakgrunder. Senaste data indikerar att färska bilder kan locka fler kunder när du skalar dem över olika marknadsföringskanaler. 



"Detta var en av dagens mer iögonfallande uppdateringar och talar om vikten av att dra nytta av ny annons i Googles svit av annonstyper. Det ska bli intressant att se hur den här lösningen fungerar i skala, men den har definitivt potential att öppna dörren till mycket mer kreativa tester, särskilt kring säsongsbetonade kampanjer, kampanjer och nya releaser”.

Evan Kirkpatrick, VP, Shoppable Media at Tinuiti


11. Google Merchant Center Nästa effektiviserar användarupplevelsen

Vad är det? De Merchant Center Next-plattformen ger Google-annonsörer möjlighet att hantera hur deras produkter visas på Google, och ger värdefulla insikter om verksamheten, produkterna och marknaden.

How will it benefit marketers? Googles senaste version av Merchant Center erbjuder en mer strömlinjeformad och användarvänlig upplevelse, särskilt för nykomlingar på kanalen. 

Uppdateringen möjliggör direkt produktimport från en kunds webbplats, vilket förenklar processen för marknadsförare. Google fördubblar också produktvaruhandeln, vilket ökar synligheten för viktig information som produktpriser, konkurrenskraft och annan relevant data. Den här uppdateringen lovar att ge annonsörer förbättrad funktionalitet och värdefulla insikter.

"I likhet med andra funktionsmeddelanden under de senaste åren – när det gäller Merchant Center, kommer denna förändring att göra det lättare för mindre annonsörer att komma igång med Shopping. Att tillåta att produkter fylls i automatiskt från en handlares webbplats är den mest anmärkningsvärda förändringen, men en som sannolikt inte kommer att flytta nålen för större annonsörer. Sofistikerade handlare kommer att vilja se till att de fortfarande använder produktflöden för att optimera och förbättra data för sitt program, snarare än att bara förlita sig på data från webbplatsen."

Evan Kirkpatrick, VP, Shoppable Media at Tinuiti

Har du frågor om något av meddelandena du läst ovan? Skriv till oss, Vi skulle älska att höra från dig.


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