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Perspectives on Effective Leadership in 2021 and Beyond



Perspectives on Effective Leadership in 2021 and Beyond

In an ever-changing business environment, strong leadership is essential to an organization’s survival and success. The competition is relentless and the threat of digital disruption looms large. Since 2000, half of Fortune 500 companies have breathed their last breath from not being digitally nimble.

As the world progresses, business leaders face challenges that didn’t seem like such a big deal even ten years ago. Here is a look at some key organizational issues worthy of your focus.

#1: Removing internal silos and increasing inter-departmental collaboration

Hyper-collaboration has entered the business lexicon and open office arrangements have become increasingly common. Yet, departmental silos remain in place, often to the detriment of companies seeking fast growth. Leaders face the challenge to break down these silos.

Redesigning the organizational structure is out of bounds for most organizations given how time-consuming and expensive it can be. Nurturing a silo mindset is a viable option. It involves promoting the idea that departments exist not to succeed as individual units but to serve other departments and to unify to move the organization forward. A concrete action would be to train people from different departments to engage effectively at interfaces. In this regard, new businesses can consider gaining useful guidance from a reputed provider of executive coaching in the District of Columbia.

#2: Remaining competitive in the war for talent

How successfully have you been able to attract the most talented and skilled employees to your company? In all industries, the war for talent is getting fiercer, and some businesses are at a disadvantage. Here’s why.

A lack of robust HR policies is proving problematic to recruitment efforts. To cite an example, not having a relocation package means you will miss out on a top-tier candidate. Outdated hiring practices are preventing companies from selecting the best candidates from the available talent pool. For example, a business may focus excessively on qualifications and not enough on 21st century skills like critical thinking, creativity, and flexibility. Or the hiring manager may schedule one too many interviews that antagonize applicants. A good starting point would be to revisit your HR policies and procedures, and investigate your hiring practices along with outcomes like attrition rate, individual and team performance, rate of innovation, and financial performance.

#3: Driving growth and innovation

Businesses today acknowledge the need to act quickly on ideas and keep the wheels turning with idea generation. A maze of rules and micromanaging people is counterproductive to these priorities. Our experience delivering executive coaching in Maryland also finds that they exhaust both managers and the managed.

Giving people autonomy and ownership over their work, and accepting new ideas easily are crucial to empowering people. The extent to which these actions deliver outcomes will depend on the quality of your workforce. Hiring talented, motivated, and passionate individuals can help you hit the ground running on your growth and innovation goals. For example, as HR manager, you can make it a priority to hire people who not only fit the bill as far as skills and work history are concerned, but also share the same values as your organization.

#4: Serving multiple stakeholders

Why do businesses exist? Even fifty years ago, this question would have elicited the following answer from most organizations: to make a profit and serve stakeholders’ needs. In 1970, the well-known economist Milton Friedman famously said that companies had no duty to serve their employees or to benefit the world. He argued that their duty was solely to maximize profits and minimize costs so as to generate the most value.

Friendman’s views would be shot down today. Indeed, the legendary management Peter Drucker said that while profitability is an absolute for businesses, it isn’t the sole reason for a business to exist. According to Drucker, profits give businesses ‘energy’ by supporting the core functions of marketing and innovation, and provide capital for more jobs and better jobs. Today, business leaders would argue that they are duty-bound to multiple stakeholders, from shareholders and employees to customers and communities. Profits enable businesses to do something new or better.

How do you go about satisfying multiple stakeholders? A results-focused program relating to executive coaching in Maryland would guide companies to develop a plan for managing multiple stakeholders. Companies could first identify stakeholders, determine their interests, manage conflicts of interest, define outcomes, organize communication, and implement reporting methods.

#5: Making the most of employees’ talents

You have hired top-level candidates. How effectively you leverage their talents will ultimately decide whether your superstar hires contribute to your business goals. They must be sufficiently engaged to perform to expectations in their role and remain with your company for a few years at least to make a sizable difference to your growth and innovation goals. For this, aligning engagement, performance, and employee development is paramount. A possible strategy would be to:

  • Understand the strengths of your people and use them to improve outcomes
  • Establish an effective performance management and reward system
  • Provide developmental opportunities to help employees grow their skills, including running leadership training programs

Developing identifiable career paths is a key aspect of retention plans. A lack of career growth is one of the top reasons why people leave their company. Making career development for promising employees a top-of-mind issue can help you avoid the revolving door of talent.

#6: Getting blindsided by disruptors

Gazing into your crystal ball to correctly predict the medium to long term future of your industry hinges on your willingness to watch trends, competitors, emerging services, and the business ecosystem, on a continual basis. You will also want to ask ‘what’s new?’, ‘what’s next?’, and ‘where can we improve?’.

Hindsight is not an option in our fast-moving business landscape; there is an urgent need to understand and act, as any executive coaching Maryland professional would tell you. A comprehensive business strategy and effective change management initiatives are critical to not just survive disruption but also thrive in a changing business environment.

Self-reflect to stay motivated and build stronger teams

Self-reflection is touted as a beneficial leadership practice, and for good reason. To err is human; we all have our weaknesses and implicit biases that can come in the way of making the best possible decisions allowed in our position of authority and power. Asking yourself why you did what you did and why you aren’t doing something that has its merits, will help you better understand the leadership areas you need to work on, biases to overcome, and gain clarity on your core values. It will mold you into a well-rounded leader and help you get comfortable around improving your leadership abilities throughout your entire life.

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Vad är AIO? Den nya modellen revolutionerar innehåll och förutsägelser om AI



Vad är AIO? Den nya modellen revolutionerar innehåll och förutsägelser om AI

I 1936, the creator of Turing Machines predicted that a machine would one day be able to think like a human, if not even outperform the human. 

It’s 2023, and we’re officially here.

82% of marketers believe that AI will be the future of marketing—in fact, many of them already believe AI writes better than a human (Capterra study).

Well, with ChatGPT flying past 100 million users in just two months…we’re living in the future.

AI is revolutionizing the way we work, think, and create. 

I joined Content at Scale as the VP of Marketing this January in a bold move of ‘adapting or die’ for my career in content—one month in, what I’m seeing, learning, and facilitating for marketers and teams is blowing my mind. Let’s talk about it.

Reduce Content Overhead Costs and Frustrations by 5x-25x With the AIO Model

It’s now the Stone Age to sit at your computer and drum up 2,500 words for an SEO post from a blank slate.


1679645854 863 Vad är AIO Den nya modellen revolutionerar innehållsförutsägelser

When you can generate long-form SEO content (2,500 words or more) that’s fully original and well-written inside of five minutes or less, you’ll never want to go back. 

On average, I’m seeing a 5-25x reduction in associated content creation costs (which is mind-boggling!), and a time savings of 5-10x. (My full-time writer at Content Hacker went from 7 hours per post to one hour per post after we adapted this model.)

Here’s the AIO model I’ve built out reflecting the difference of what you can do in your business and marketing by replacing the human blank-slate writing with AI blank-slate writing, based on hundreds upon hundreds of use cases from Content at Scale clients:

1679645854 917 Vad är AIO Den nya modellen revolutionerar innehållsförutsägelser

“AIO”, Artificial Intelligence Optimization, is the term I’ve created to properly define the new way we’re seeing hundreds of marketers and teams create content:

  • Artificial Intelligence as the baseline writer (replacing the human writer and blank slate)
  • The human writer as an optimizer of the AI baseline content

And—it’s working.

With the time and money savings, it’s an absolute no-brainer to switch to AI as the baseline.

The Human Process Involved In AIO

While we see AI perfectly capable of writing an entire 2,500 word blog from scratch, with a single keyword and one-sentence prompt:

Vad är AIO Den nya modellen revolutionerar innehållsförutsägelser

We also see the need for the human optimization process pre-publicera more necessary than ever.

Without your unique story (or client case studies/testimonials) woven in, the human touch of adding statistics, double-checking facts and cutting the fluff; AI-written content simply won’t stand out. It won’t set you apart in the content sea; it won’t drive customers and loyal fans in droves to your email list. So, the human touch is necessary.

My C.R.A.F.T. framework within AIO defines the steps writers should take to make the AI content more human and personalized once you take it from AI and get it ready to publish (from AI to O):

1.     Cut the fluff

2.     Review, edit, optimize

3.     Add images, visuals, media

4.     Fact-check

5.     Trust-build with personal story, tone, links

Certifiering av innehållsmarknadsföring

Vill du bli certifierad inom Content Marketing?

Utnyttja verktygen och kanalerna för att på ett förutsägbart och lönsamt sätt driva medvetenhet, potentiella kunder, försäljning och hänvisningar – ALLT du behöver veta för att bli en sann mästare inom digital marknadsföring. Klicka här

Humans are needed for the optimization side, and for that human touch that must be applied to the content AI generates. Content itself will never be a fully automated, 100% AI process; but AI can remove hours and hours of painstaking work from the content creation pipeline, which will save countless amounts of energy and dollars in the coming months and years when marketers adapt in full force.

 Predictions About the Future of Content & AI

This year, Capterra surveyed almost 200 marketers using AI in their marketing. 82% of them said that the content written by AI was just as good if not better than human-generated content.

One of the first Generative AI experts in the world, Nina Schick (founder of Tamang Ventures, and creator of Substack project ‘The Era of Generative AI’), has told Yahoo Finance Live that she believes ChatGPT will completely revamp how digital content is created, and by 2025, software built with ChatGPT will enable us to reach 90% of all online content now being generated by AI. She said: “ChatGPT has really captured the public imagination in an extremely compelling way, but I think in a few months’ time, ChatGPT is just going to be seen as another tool powered by this new form of AI, known as generative AI,” she said.

Google Trends shows a HUGE jump in interest and traffic around the term “ChatGPT:”

Vad är AIO Den nya modellen revolutionerar Content Predictions.webp

Search traffic shows that the interest in AI is the highest it has ever been. The previous peak was in January 2012:

1679645855 976 Vad är AIO Den nya modellen revolutionerar Content Predictions.webp

375 million jobs obsolete in the next ten years. In the next three years, it’s predicted that 120 million workers around the globe will need to be retrained and re-skilled for this new world.

Newer and better-paying jobs in AI will come on the scene, but they won’t replace the amount of jobs lost; so without retraining and reskilling, and learning how to adapt, average people will have difficulty finding new work.  

Are You Ready to Join the Future? 

I’m excited to see just how much AI will revolutionize human efficiency and optimization. 

We’re in new times.

Are you ready to join the future of marketing and learn about all things AI?

I know I am. 

See you on the other side!

1675814445 466 The Rise of Web3 in Web Design 8 Ways Website


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Den nya digitala världen: Topp 3 viktiga takeaways från Opticon



Den nya digitala världen: Topp 3 viktiga takeaways från Opticon

Each year, I look forward to Opticon, where our global community of customers, partners, industry experts, academia, media, and digital leaders come together to explore the latest in digital.


This year, we brought everyone together in San Diego, in person for the first time since 2019. Over  three dynamic days, we enjoyed countless conversations envisioning a future of digital where experiences are created and optimized at the same time. 


Plenty of valuable learnings were shared, but I’ve highlighted my top three takeaways below.


  1. Change has become uncertain; we must be adaptive.

The world is moving faster than ever, and change is constant and chaotic. Today’s digital leaders must navigate uncertainty on nearly every level: economic upheaval, rapid cultural change, ever-escalating customer expectations, and a tight talent market. Digital leaders face challenges that make it difficult for consumers and brands to react and connect. 


But another element of change has profoundly changed over the past three years: change has become unpredictable, dramatically increasing the difficulty of creating the end-user experience. To not only stay the course but to grow in this unpredictable environment, you must put your organization on “adaptive footing” to account for quick changes. 


That’s why Optimizely is increasing digital team agility through automation and AI and building simpler, reliable systems of records. Think customizable AI workflow for content creation and approval processes, automation to sync updates across all destinations, and approved templates that can be integrated seamlessly for marketers to speed up production while maintaining governance. 


Keeping pace with the digital elite requires frictionless collaboration across teams, and there is no time to waste on clunky, inefficient workflows.


  1. A great customer experience requires a great practitioner experience. ​

Simplifying “work about work” helps teams not only ride the wave of change but prioritize their well-being. 


So many marketers feel overwhelmed by complexity, which is a real problem for creativity. You wouldn’t want your sports team playing exhausted or demoralized before the big game; the same goes for your team at work. 


When we surveyed global marketers, the top creative roadblocks included employee burnout and high turnover. Our research also revealed that 92% of global marketers believe dispersed teams caused by remote or hybrid work impacted their ability to develop ideas and execute campaigns, and 93% say their creative ideas were better before the pandemic. 


If the practitioner experience is suffering, your can bet that the customer experience is also suffering. We must ensure our teams are up for the challenge of keeping pace. 


Teams need a platform where they can effectively collaborate and communicate across internal silos inclusively, and where workflows are purpose-built to the needs across the content lifecycle. With this reality in mind, we built Optimizely’s Ddigital Eexperience Pplatform (DXP) — because inclusive, well-orchestrated collaboration leads to better outcomes for all.


  1. Marketers, developers, and product leaders have become part of the same digital team. 

Today’s customers are digitally adept and confident, and their brand expectations — and the stakes of meeting those expectations — are rising faster than ever before. 


Enligt recent research on customer expectations, 80% of customers now consider the experience a company provides to be as important as its products and services, and 71% say they’ve made a purchase decision based on experience quality.


Being customer-centric is at the heart of any great digital experience. That’s why the digital team — comprised of marketers, developers, and product teams in our modern digital landscape — must work together to meet customer expectations and deliver optimized experiences. 


Consider marketers. With access to a slew of customer touchpoints and experimentation data, the marketing team is a critical resource for understanding customers’ wants and needs. Developers, product teams, and beyond should absolutely utilize this data to remove the guesswork and inform strategies, priorities, roadmaps, and decisions. 


By working together to inject data across silos, teams can have the insight needed to make the right decisions and create with confidence. 


Thank you to all who kindly shared their wisdom during this year’s Opticon. Stay tuned for information about next’s year Opticon, taking place October 10-12, 2023 back in San Diego!


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Hur fungerar solpanelsteknik?



Hur fungerar solpanelsteknik?

There is no way around it. It is a new age, and the time of fossil fuels is fading. New technologies have come to light that is environmentally sustainable and economical.

That being said, renewable energy is approached by many with a measure of skepticism. How can it derive energy from the sun, wind, or waves without adding expense to our lives?

The answer is that renewable energy has become a better option financially, environmentally, and economically. But still, for some, this ongoing question remains: how does solar panel technology work?

Renewable energy does indeed arrive at a cost premium. But it will quickly pay for itself in saved energy costs and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

To learn more about how solar panels work, continue reading.

The Basics of Solar Panel Science

Using photovoltaic cells, solar panel technology is an energy conversion system that turns sunlight into electricity. Photovoltaic cells are made from a semiconductor material, like silicon. This substance takes energy from the sun’s rays and turns it into electricity.

The electricity that is made is then used to power homes, businesses, and other buildings that are not connected to the traditional electric grid. In the past few years, solar panel technology has grown by leaps and bounds as people have become more aware of the need to stop using energy sources that aren’t sustainable.

Types of Solar Panels

Solar panel options are monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film. Monocrystalline solar panels are constructed from cells cut from a single pure silicon crystal and are known for their black appearance.

Polycrystalline, or multi-crystalline, solar panels are created by melting various pieces of pure silicon. Their mottled blue hue distinguishes them.

Thin-film solar panels are made through vacuum deposition methods, where thin layers of photovoltaic material are put one at a time onto a substrate. This type of solar panel is known for its flexibility and typically has a brown or purple hue.

Components of Solar Panels and Their Purposes

Solar panels are composed of various parts that work together to generate electricity. These parts include:

Solar Cells

Solar Cells are made up of positive and negative layers of semi-conductive material, typically silicon, separated by a small gap. When the sun’s rays strike a solar cell, the electrons are freed from their atomic bonds and flow from the negative layer to the positive layer, creating an electric current.

The electricity a solar cell can generate is directly proportional to the sunlight hitting it, so the more sun a solar panel gets, the more energy it can produce. Solar cells will use sunlight for most of their life cycles. However, they rely on other materials, such as silver, to transport the electricity from the source to the final destination.


Encapsulant is an essential component of a solar panel. Its job is to keep water, dust, and other outside things from getting into the cells.

Encapsulant also helps to improve how well the panel works. It keeps the solar cells in place so that sunlight can be turned into electricity.

Encapsulants should be made of a solid material to protect the cells from moisture and physical shock. It must also be able to handle high and low temperatures. Because of this, high-grade ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is the most common material used in the industry for encapsulants.

Glass Cover

A glass cover is responsible for protecting the interior parts of the board, which are incredibly delicate. Made of tempered glass, the glass cover stands firm against the external environment and is shatterproof and weather resistant.

It also serves as a long-term insulation system that ensures the solar cells remain in top shape. Besides this, the glass cover is also strongly reflective and efficiently reflects any sunlight that comes in contact with it. As a result, it boosts the energy output of solar panels.


En ram används för att förhindra att solcellerna rör sig. Denna struktur hjälper också till att hålla hela strukturen stabil och säkerställer att den kan hantera mekaniska belastningar.

Dessutom gör ramen det också enkelt att sätta kanten på rätt plats. Formen och storleken på ramen är viktig eftersom den måste sitta fint på toppen.

De flesta ramar är gjorda av aluminium eller stål, men en del har även gjorts av kolfiber och glasfiber. Ramen har många användningsområden, men det är viktigt eftersom det skyddar ömtåliga solceller och säkerställer att systemet fungerar som bäst.


En solpanels baksida är en annan viktig del. Det är lagret som ligger precis bakom cellerna som omvandlar solljus till elektricitet.

Om solpanelen inte hade en baksida, skulle cellerna exponeras för elementen, vilket kan orsaka korrosion, temperaturförändringar och andra problem. Baksidan fungerar också som en barriär mot elektrisk ström så att den inte rinner över solpanelen och orsakar eventuell skada.

Bakre ark är vanligtvis gjorda av en tunn PET- och fluorpolymerfilm. De har också UV-skydd för att förhindra att cellerna blir gamla eller bryts ner. Backsheets kan ibland vara av olika färg för att skydda panelen från usel belysning.


Samlingsskenor hjälper till att länka ihop cellerna. För det mesta är de gjorda av aluminium och flyttar elektricitet från solcellerna till växelriktarna och andra lastcentraler.

Samlingsskenor hanterar höga spänningar och strömmar, så de är isolerade. Fasta elektriska anslutningar görs genom att löda och krympa celler, samlingsskenor och växelriktare. De stora, tjocka stängerna har mycket yta, vilket hjälper anslutningspunkterna att bli av med värme.


En kopplingsdosa ansluter solpanelen, växelriktaren och alla andra elektriska system. Kopplingsdosor skyddar solpanelssystemets ledningar och kretsar genom att lägga dem i en vattentät och väderbeständig låda. Detta gör det mindre sannolikt att vatten eller andra yttre faktorer orsakar kortslutning eller andra problem.

De gör det också enkelt att sätta ihop och underhålla solpanelsystemet. Kopplingsdosan gör det också enkelt att kontrollera och ändra effekten på solpanelsystemet. Genom att sätta sensorer och mätenheter på systemet kan du spåra hur mycket energi det gör.


Växelriktare tar elektriciteten från solpaneler och ändrar den från likström (DC) till växelström (AC), den typ av el vi använder i våra hem och företag. Denna förändring gör det lättare att lagra och använda elen som kommer från solpaneler.

Utan en växelriktare kan vi inte använda DC-elektriciteten från solpaneler. Istället skulle vi behöva använda dyrare och komplicerade system för att konvertera det.

1679595350 155 Hur fungerar solpanelsteknik

Fördelarna med solpaneler

Solpanelsteknik erbjuder många miljömässiga och ekonomiska fördelar.

Ren energi

Ren energi är en elkälla som är bra för miljön och som sällan tar slut. Den är huvudsakligen gjord av förnybara källor som vind, sol, biomassa och geotermisk energi. Solpanelsteknik har vissa fördelar, och ren energi är en av dem.

Solenergi är gratis, kan användas upprepade gånger, förorenar inte eller skapar skadliga biprodukter och kan användas även när andra källor inte är tillgängliga. Ljuset från solen omvandlas till solcellsenergi och sedan till elektricitet av solpaneler.

Denna solenergi är mycket effektiv, sparar pengar och orsakar ingen förorening. När energipriserna fortsätter att stiga ser ren energi från solpaneler mer och mer tilltalande ut.

Minskade energikostnader

Eftersom solenergi är gratis och kan användas upprepade gånger, hjälper användning av solpaneler för att göra el till lägre energikostnader. Solenergi kan bland annat användas för att driva lampor, apparater och andra elektroniska enheter.

Att ersätta traditionella kraftkällor med solpaneler kan minska energikostnaderna avsevärt.

Förbättrat energioberoende

Solpaneler är en pålitlig, förnybar energikälla. Det ger dig mer energi och självständighet. Solpaneler kan göra el på många ställen, även när det inte är så mycket ljus. Detta gör det lättare för människor att byta till denna rena och billiga energikälla.

Energianvändare kan sluta förlita sig på traditionella energikällor om de använder solenergi. Detta gör energioberoende till en verklig möjlighet. I takt med att fler och fler människor går över till solenergi, blir det mer och mer möjligt att få bättre energioberoende och mer kontroll över sin kraft.

Ökat fastighetsvärde

Husägare som installerar solpaneler drar nytta av öka deras fastighetsvärde. Solenergi ses nu som en värdefull tillgång i fastigheter.

Människor som installerar solpaneler på sin fastighet upplever ofta att deras fastighetsvärde ökar med cirka 4%. Detta är en stor fördel för husägare som vill sälja sin fastighet, eftersom det ger dem mer pengar att investera i andra projekt eller investeringar.

Lågt underhåll

Solpanelsteknik kan använda solceller för att omvandla energin från solen till en elektrisk ström. Solpaneler är relativt billiga och behöver inte mycket om något underhåll när de väl är uppsatta.

Solpanelssystem kan ge pålitlig el i årtionden med lite underhåll om de ställs upp och hålls i gott skick. Dessutom, om delar behöver bytas ut, kan du enkelt hitta dem i de flesta järnaffärer.

Hur fungerar solpanelsteknik

Kostnaden för solpanelsteknik

Hemsolpaneler låter dig utnyttja naturlig solenergi och förvandla den till elektricitet, vilket sparar pengar på dina elräkningar och minskar ditt hems koldioxidavtryck.

Tyvärr är det dyrt att installera solpaneler för hemmet, med den genomsnittliga installationen som kostar mellan $15 000 och $40 000, beroende på storleken och kraften på solpanelsystemet i hemmet.

Systemnummer och storlek

Eftersom solpaneler finns i olika storlekar och kan hålla olika mängder ström kostar mindre system vanligtvis mindre än större. Storleken på systemet avgör hur mycket energi det kan ha. Eftersom mer omfattande system ger mer kraft och kostar mer, är de mer effektiva.

Generellt gäller att ju mer komplicerad installationsprocessen är och ju större systemet är, desto mer kostar det. Slutligen kan antalet paneler som behövs för att göra designen också påverka installationskostnaden. Fler paneler kommer att få den totala kostnaden att stiga.

Panelens effektivitet

Effektivare solpaneler kan göra mer energi från samma mängd solljus, vilket kommer att sänka det totala priset på hemsolpaneler. Högre effektivitetsnivåer minskar också kostnaderna för att installera systemet, som behovet av fler paneler och infrastruktur.

Dessutom behöver högeffektiva paneler mindre utrymme för att installeras, vilket minskar kostnaderna för det område du annars skulle ha behövt. Effektiviteten hos solpaneler är en kritisk faktor för att räkna ut hur mycket de kostar, vilket direkt påverkar hur mycket hela systemet kostar.


Att installera ett solsystem för ett hem innebär inte bara utrustningskostnaden utan också arbetskostnaden för att få systemen igång. Professionella solcellsinstallationsföretag kan ofta ge en korrekt prisuppskattning för installationskostnaderna.

Ändå kan dessa uppskattningar variera kraftigt beroende på plats, klimat och andra specifika projektdetaljer. Om du vill gå nu och hitta de lägsta kostnaderna för solpanelsalternativ i ditt område, klicka här.

Gå solenergi idag

Solpanelsteknik revolutionerar vårt sätt att tänka på energiproduktion. När fler människor blir medvetna om fördelarna med solenergi, gör dess effektiva och kostnadseffektiva kapacitet den till ett utmärkt alternativ till traditionella energikällor.

Genom att göra omställningen kan vi hjälpa till att minska utsläppen och göra vår del för att leva hållbart. Gå med i rörelsen för ren energi idag. Investera i solcellsdrivna energilösningar för ditt hem eller företag.

Var den här artikeln till hjälp för dig? Om så är fallet, kolla in vår blogg för mer användbar information och resurser.


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