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7 Facebook Ad Examples to Inspire Your Campaign


7 Facebook Ad Examples to Inspire Your Campaign

There are many Facebook ads to choose from when promoting your brand on the popular social media platform. All come with their advantages and disadvantages; therefore, it is vital to know the type of reklam- campaign you wish to run.

Understandably, this can be a hard decision to make, especially if it is your first time creating a Facebook ad campaign. But not to worry, here we have Seven Facebook ad examples to inspire your campaign, drawing the attention of the millions of potential customers at your disposal.

Here are Seven Facebook Ad Examples to Inspire Your Campaign:

Facebook image ads

There are endless examples of Facebook image ads used to attract the attention of Facebook users. Image ads are simple and effective and can deliver excellent results.

A bright, colorful, creative, and appealing image can stop scrollers in their tracks, grabbing their attention for that crucial moment to sell your product or service. At the same time, an enticing image can tempt people to click your call-to-arms to see what the image is portraying fully.

A handy tip for Facebook image ads is to keep the CTA button simple, e.g. click here or view event, rather than a long-winded shout-out that detracts from the alluring reklam- image.

5 Tips for making the best Facebook image ads: 

  1. Use an image showing people using your service or product to personalize the ad.
  2. Keep any needed text to a minimum. It is an image ad so let the image do the talking.
  3. Ensure the image in the ad is of high resolution. Quality is a must in reklam-.
  4. A simple image usually is more impactful than a busy image that needs interpreting.
  5. Have one clear call-to-action rather than multiple contradictory CTA’s that can cause confusion and take away from the image.

Facebook event ads

Facebook event ads are a great option to boost brand awareness as it offers a triple threat when viewed. Those who first see the Facebook event ad can RSVP themselves, and in doing so, create additional exposure on the Facebook feeds of their social media pals.

On top of an event attendee and the organic exposure, a Facebook event ad can also build followers as the brand’s Facebook page is commonly used as the host of the event. 

Getting people to your page is half the battle, and once you have them there, you have a realistic chance of that follow button being clicked. This is why it is a fantastic idea to promote an event on Facebook.

5 Tips for making the best Facebook event ads: 

  1. Keep the event name brief to get to the point and grab attention. Long event names can also get cropped on a smartphone.
  2. Ask employees and friends to RSVP they are attending the Facebook event to build anticipation.
  3. Keep posting about the Facebook event after it’s created to keep it in current feeds.
  4. Ask people to share it; you don’t have to do this alone.
  5. Post inside the event page to speak directly to those who have RSVP’d.
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Facebook video ads

Video content is the most sought-after content by social media users; therefore, using it for reklam- makes a lot of sense. Facebook video ads are brilliant for engaging viewers and can be made to suit any ad campaign and format. 

Unlike other video reklam- platforms, Facebook video ads give more freedom when creating videos. If you wish to do a two-minute in-depth explanatory Facebook video ad, that is perfectly fine, as is a short twenty-second catchy and enticing snippet.

However, the most beneficial advantage of a Facebook video ad is that you can trial your video content on your Facebook page first. If you notice high effectiveness, it can be promoted to ad status, which means you confirm its likeability before investing to use it in an advertising campaign.

5 Tips for making the best Facebook video ads: 

  1. Keep an eye on the length of the video. Between 15 – 90 seconds is ideal; after that, viewers drastically drop off.
  2. Get straight to the point. You have 5-10 seconds to get and keep the viewer’s attention. 
  3. Facebook business pages can use video ads to replace their cover image. It’s a great way to promote your brand.
  4. Caption your Facebook video ad. Not only will it help the deaf community, but many viewers will see video ads with their sound off.
  5. Choose a video thumbnail that is engaging and tempting to click; default thumbnails can deter customers.

Facebook carousel ads

Facebook carousel ads are the campaign of choice to advertise your brand thoroughly and in different ways. A carousel ad combines up to 10 images or videos that can be scrolled through, maximizing the advertising real-estate.

The carousel ad creator has greater flexibility when making the advertisement showcase. They can use one large image and spread it across multiple panels or combine video, images, and text to engage a wide range of viewers with different content in one appealing swipe.

A wise move to inspire your campaign is to ensure user-generated content (UGC) and call-to-arms (CTA) panels are utilized. UGC gives authenticity, which is appreciated by guests and is known to help improve conversion rates. At the same time, CTA’s are an important tool to get your ad over the line, which a Facebook carousel ad gives you many chances to do so.

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5 Tips for making the best Facebook carousel ads: 

  1. Marketing is a storytelling industry, so do your best to tell a story in your carousel ad.
  2. Ensure each carousel panel has a strong call-to-action that directs to your landing page.
  3. Try to correlate your carousel images and videos, keeping your ad consistent across the ad.
  4. Make sure your brand identity is clear throughout the ad, so viewers remember your brand, not just the pretty images and fun videos.
  5. Make the swiping possibility obvious to users, so they do not miss the carousel feature.

Facebook slideshow ads

In similar effect to the Facebook carousel ad, a Facebook slideshow ad offers a collection of images or videos to flick through. 

A slideshow ad is commonly used to show a compilation of happy customers using the product the brand is trying to sell. Showing the product in action encourages buying behavior.

There is an opportunity to use friendly tools such as emojis, add product guarantees, and highlight payment methods like PayPal on Facebook slideshow ads. These features can be hard to encompass in a Facebook image ad without disrupting the attraction of the image.

5 Tips for making the best Facebook slideshow ads: 

  1. A slideshow ad is a form of communication, so make your slideshow a story from start to finish.
  2. Using text on top of your image or video helps grab viewers’ attention and get to your ad’s point quicker.
  3. Millions of businesses compete for the same audience; therefore, standing out with a unique and eccentric slideshow ad can be rewarding.
  4. Don’t forget to advertise your brand clearly throughout the entire slideshow ad.
  5. Incorporate different products without losing continuity to show off your business variety. 

Facebook lead ads

Facebook lead ads are probably the most rewarding type of social media advertising as it collects data about users who click the ad. Therefore, the business is building a potential customer pool to entice in different ways in the future rather than only engaging at the moment of sale.

A business can build on customer details and preferences from one Facebook lead ad with email campaigns, newsletter distributions, event requests, and other helpful marketing tools.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds as a Facebook lead ad needs to be exciting to grab attention while also building awareness for appealing events to transpire in the future. This is why using a step-by-step guide to Facebook lead ads could be a wise decision for optimum lead generation results. 

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5 Tips for making the best Facebook lead ads: 

  1. Använda sig av länkar, especially in captions, that take viewers directly to Facebook landing pages.
  2. Due to algorithm changes, video content is the most noticed form of Facebook lead ads and should be used in all advertising campaigns.
  3. Remember to pin lead ads, so they stay at the top of your Facebook page timeline for 7-days for optimum viewing opportunities.
  4. A Facebook CTA is a must. The vital lead generation tactic will give you direct access to potential customers.
  5. Run ads that allow viewers to sign up simply and quickly.

Facebook offers ads

Who doesn’t like a special offer?! We are all human, so when a Facebook offer ad comes onto our screen, there is every chance we will look at it before swiping on. Whether it’s a freebie, a two-for-one, or a fantastic discount, a Facebook offer ad can instantly grow your followers to build a regular client base.

With so much competition online, a Facebook offer ad must be clear and concise. If it isn’t straight to the point, there is every chance the viewer will move on to the plethora of options at their disposal. 

It must be said, a user clicking a CTA button in a Facebook offer ad is the moment to seize an opportunity. The CTA button can be configured in many ways, as it can direct customers to a physical store, take them to a home page or save the ad to a user’s Facebook account, which can send a gentle reminder before the offer expires. So make your CTA decision wisely.

5 Tips for making the best Facebook offer ads: 

  1. Make the value of the offer stand out for all to see.
  2. Use a CTA that gives you direct access to customers to seize their business immediately.
  3. Add a signup rule as a part of the offer to help with lead generation.
  4. Create multiple offer ads over a month with shorter deadlines than one with a long expiry, allowing customers to explore other options or procrastinate.
  5. Include incentives to follow your brand as a part of your written content.

Find the optimum Facebook ad campaign that works for you

With these seven Facebook ad examples to inspire your campaign, you are ready to create and manage your ideal Facebook ad campaign. Maybe it is one example in particular that suits your business, or perhaps it’s a mixture of them. 

Whatever you decide, be sure to find the optimum Facebook ad campaign that works for you and get your brand out to the billions of Facebook users today.



5 sätt att göra det bästa av de fem senaste Google Ads-funktionerna


5 Ways to Make the Best of the Five Latest Google Ads Features

With technology’s growing influence over handel, PPC marketing has become one of the biggest trends in business. While it has been used extensively in today’s time due to the pandemic shifting most business operations online, PPC marketing’s history dates back to early 2000 when Google launched the initiative AdWords.

Googles reklam- platform has evolved over the last two decades, adding more features and functionality while removing others and rebranding to Google Ads. Google Ads has also continuously kept evolving and adding new features in the last couple of years. In today’s post, we’ll cover Google Ads’ five latest features and show you how you can make the most of them.

What is AdWords?

AdWords was Google’s native reklam- system. It was designed to help businesses maximize their potential to reach their target markets online. By partnering with websites, AdWords was able to advertise those websites’ products based on keyword searches and images. It was an effective and progressive marketing tool that sparked the growth of PPC marketing throughout the years.

From Adwords to Google Ads

Despite AdWords’s immense success, the industry remained cut-throat and demanding. Consequently, there was a need to change the tool and adapt it to the new trends in online marketing. This also required changing the name from AdWords to Google Ads.

This was not merely done for aesthetics, as changing the name was a big move to present new features and products that the marketing facet of Google wanted to introduce to the public—DoubleClick and AdSense, to name a few.

Of course, the decision to include Google’s name in the new version of AdWords was effective in attracting more business owners. Not many people would invest in AdWords at first glance, but had they known it was owned by Google, they would have done it in a heartbeat. The change also meant the extension of services of Google for advertising and debunked any false narratives about their services limited only to the use of ads in Google’s search result pages.

New Google Ads Features in 2022

Google is one of the biggest tech companies in the world today, but that doesn’t mean that they can sit idly when opportunities for growth and realizing more profit arise. Additionally, trends in the marketing industry tend to change rather quickly, so what they might have been doing in the past couple of years is considered outdated today.

This creates a need for constant updates, releasing new features within the Google Ads platform to continuously cater to the market’s advertising needs.

The use of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, for example, is one of Google Ads’ most recent features. It works like magic in terms of creating personalized ads for users, making them more relevant.

This brings us to an important question: What are Google Ads’ new features, and how does a business owner or marketer make the most of each? Let’s have a look.

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#1 Use Google Ads Local Campaigns to Better Track Conversions

In today’s time, it’s easy for marketers and business owners to be fooled into thinking that the world is fully digital. That’s simply not true because many transactions made by consumers nowadays are still conducted physically, and the things they do when it comes to handla online might only be a small portion of their entire shopping behavior.

According to the latest data from Google, about 30 percent of all mobile queries made online correspond to local searches, and of this number, approximately 75 percent would actually pay a visit to the store within the next day. These are substantial amounts of sales that could have been used as leads for more effective conversion of clients.

With Google Ads’ new feature for Local Campaigns, companies can now use this foregone opportunity just by using their WiFi or GPS. Based on users’ real-time location, Google will present personalized advertisement choices to attract sales more effectively. For example, if your company offers a crypto app for paying with different cryptocurrencies, you can have Google Ads show your ad to users when they’re near a local commerce that accepts crypto payments.

The best way to use this feature is to integrate the offline components into a tracking setup that’s omnichannel. If you do not have this type of tracker, now would be the time to invest in one so you can maximize your conversions. By creating different conversion actions for each campaign you launch, you will be able to measure your conversion in a variety of ways and develop a more optimized PPC marketing campaign that meets your goals and justifies your expenses.

#2 Use Google Smart Shopping to Acquire New Customers Effectively

All types of conversions are considered beneficial for a business, whether a customer is new or not. However, new conversions are usually considered more important as they’re more likely to lead to future purchases. All businesses strive to achieve loyalty from their customers, but search engine marketing just isn’t the most cost-effective way to earn that loyalty.

With Google Shopping, one of Google Ads’ newest features, you can easily calculate each customer’s total lifetime value and optimize the way you acquire new customers.

For example, by using the “New Customer Acquisition” option in the settings of the Smart Shopping campaign, you can set an incremental price you’re willing to pay for each new customer that converts compared to a returning buyer. It’s like bidding more for new customers than for current ones to get more value from your PPC campaign.

The best way to use this feature to your advantage is to use varying tags for both returning and new customers, which you can establish through the Tag Manager in your eCommerce platform. In the whole process of using this feature, you have to ensure that your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts are both connected. It would also be more effective to apply this feature in line with your paid research and promotion agencies.

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#3 You Can Get Listed on Google Shopping for Free!

To clarify, Google Shopping is still a generally paid PPC avenue. However, there is an option for you to enjoy the free traffic it offers. This comes after the introduction of the Google Shopping feature, and as part of it, Google itself ejected other price comparison websites from its SERP.

It was a move that resulted in Google being fined around three billion dollars by the European Commission in 2017 for providing an unfair advantage to a different Google product, the Comparison Shopping service. While this is still an ongoing issue, they decided to make Google Shopping an official feature for their clients to enjoy.

The best way to get the most out of this feature is to optimize every single one of your Shopping Ads and assess which of the products you currently endorse entail the highest click and conversion rates. For instance, using Google Analyzer will help you get this information and use it to make the necessary changes for your product pages and emphasize the products with the most substantial profit margins.

Once you sort all this out, you can proceed to your Google Merchant Center account in the North Menu and change the status of your “Surfaces across Google” to “Active.”

This is an easy process if you’re in the US or India, but the feature has yet to be available in other countries.

#4 Free Impression for Display—Pay Only for Conversions

When talking about online acquisitions, display och videoannonser are usually not the first things that experienced marketers would talk about. More than conversions, these two things are usually known for their capacity to establish brand awareness and influence targets. But Google, being the trendsetter it is, has decided that it is time to deviate from this narrative.

Considering the gargantuan amount of data Google has on its users’ profiles and intents, predicting their purchasing decisions can almost be considered easy.

Just like Facebook can boost its platform’s marketing performance from its users’ browsing history, Google also has a massive command over its users’ behaviors—from their music preferences to their present and past purchases as recorded via their Gmail accounts.

Because of the control that Google has over its users’ data, they are especially capable of tweaking the algorithm so that only relevant and appropriate visual ads will be shown to the users, ultimately driving them to make a purchase.

This power comes in the form of the new Display and Youtube ads features. By using these features, your chances of realizing actual conversions will be greatly enhanced.

To make this feature a valuable tool for you, you have to use the “Custom Intent on your competitors” and “Similar Converters.” Additionally, you can deploy Smart Display with Toras or a CPA bidding strategy.

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#5 Your New Best Friends: Gallery Ads and Showcase Shopping Ads

If you don’t already know, it is possible to test both Gallery and Showcase Shopping Ads on Search. Based on recent data, it’s proven that roughly 85% of all users pay more attention to the information presented visually as compared to pure text. Intent Lab Research has provided a supplemental study saying that 50% of shoppers in various categories like household goods and electronics prefer seeing visual information. So, even if you’re building brand loyalty by offering gratis saker för seniorer eller sälja högteknologisk utrustning för grafiska designers, kommer du att dra mer nytta av visuella annonser än av rena textannonser.

Med detta sagt har Google Ads tagit fram en funktion som gör det möjligt att använda nya annonsformat som är unikt utformade för mobilvisning via Googles söknätverk. Det ger dig en möjlighet att vara mer kreativ och personlig med dina annonser, och framför allt kan du placera dessa annonser på flera andra plattformar som Gmail och Youtube, vilket kan vara enormt!

Ett sätt att använda den här nya funktionen effektivt är att utforska din produkts potential att bli mer visuellt tilltalande genom att vara kreativ. Du kan till exempel be din PPC-byrås hjälp att undersöka vad din målmarknad tycker är mest tilltalande baserat på hur annonser placeras på vissa kanaler som Gmail eller Youtube. Detta kommer att innebära en repetitiv process med mycket försök och misstag innan du når den bästa passformen för din målgrupp. Ändå kommer det att vara praktiskt, särskilt när du försöker få ut det mesta av dina kreativa annonser.

Slutlig dom

Genom åren har Google behållit sin position som den största sökningen i världen. Eftersom dess inflytande ökade med tiden tog det också rollen som ett effektivt PPC-marknadsföringsverktyg, först som AdSense och nu som Google Ads. När trenderna förändras kommer Google att fortsätta att lägga till nya funktioner i Google Ads för att marknadsförare och användare kan dra nytta av varandra. Detta säkerställer en stabilare vinst för företag samtidigt som deras kunder får friheten att välja vilken form av annonser de ska presenteras för.

Som sådana måste partnerföretag utnyttja Google Ads nuvarande och kommande funktioner på bästa sätt, särskilt när det är en väg som har stor potential att lyfta ett företag genom perfekt genererade och placerade annonser.

PPC Marketing är fortfarande en av de största trenderna inom marknadsföring idag, och den kommer sannolikt att fortsätta att dominera under de kommande åren, med Google och Google Ads i framkant. Det är därför företagsägare och marknadsförare måste förstå, undersöka och effektivt använda de nya funktionerna som Google Ads lanserar och vara pionjärerna i denna nya marknadsföringsera.


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