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Affärsprofil Hotellpriser, Feedless Onboarding & Resemål med Prestanda Max


Google Adds New Travel Search Features

Google meddelat last week a bunch of new travel ad and local features. These include the ability to add hotel rates directly on Google Business Profile, “feedless onboarding” for Google Hotel Ads, and Performance Max that use travel goals.

Google Business Profile Hotel Rates

Google said hoteliers can now add rates and availability to their Google Business Profile. This allows them to bypass technical spreadsheets and files uploads. “Individual hotels that meet eligibility requirements can directly input their rates through their Google Business Profile to participate in free hotel booking links,” Google wrote.

Here are the steps to add this:

(1) Sign in to the Google Account used to manage your Business Profile.

(2) Search for your hotel using Google Search.

(3) Click Manage your rates within the booking module.

(4) After you’ve acknowledged the terms and conditions and confirmed your booking page URL, you’re all set to add your room rates and availability.

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Feedless Onboarding

Google said it supports “industry-standard protocols to bring hotel availability, rates, and inventory online.” Google added that you should “talk to your technology providers to see if they are already able to connect your hotel information to Google.”

Google also said they are “opening up access to Hotel Ads by enabling advertisers to create Hotel campaigns without needing a Hotel Center account in the coming months. This means that any Google Ads advertiser will be able to run ads for the hotel’s website by using rates we’ve sourced.”

Performance Max For Travel Goals

Google expanded Performance Max for travel goals. Google said that hotel advertisers will be able to promote their properties and increase bookings across all of Google’s channels, later this year. Performance Max for travel goals simplifies ad campaign setup with pre-populated asset groups for each hotel property, with auto-generated images, descriptions, and videos that you can review and edit. It also extends your reach to property-specific queries on Search, in addition to promoting your hotel properties across Google’s reklam- channels that comes with Performance Max.

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Google NYC Yellow Hallway


Google NYC Yellow Hallway

Here is a photo of one of the typical hallways you’d find in the Google New York City office. This one is very yellow, with a G super logo in black on the door. It makes me think of the yellow submarine…

I found this recently on Instagram.

Det här inlägget är en del av vår vardag Sök Dagens foto kolumn, där vi hittar roliga och intressanta bilder relaterade till sökbranschen och delar dem med våra läsare.

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