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Christine Zirnheld, aka Shep On Being A PPC Hypocrite


Christine Zirnheld

Christine Zirnheld, aka Shep, is a Digital Marketing Manager at Cypress North, is a co-host on Marketing O’Clock, and has been with the company for over four years. Shep came from her maiden name Shepherd and Greg Finn gave him the nickname of Shep, although Greg does not have a nickname. This vlog went out on tons of tangents, I was having fun, I am sorry.

We quickly spoke about how it is hard to be insulted when doing podcasting, writing, and vlogging in this space. Then we jumped into her professional career and why she is where she is. Christine wanted to go to FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology, to go into fashion but was told not to go to school for fashion and first went to school in Buffalo. In any event, to make a long story short, she got a job doing some marketing jobs and then jumped to work in an agency. We spoke about fashion, New York City and buffalos, and other animals. We then also spoke about how boring SEO is compared to PPC.

Shep then spoke about how she is a PPC hypocrite and we stayed on that topic for some time. Specifically, she mentioned how broad match is not that bad and she has seen recent success with it. Shep noticed that using smart bidding, target ROARS, or target CPA, with broad match, has worked pretty well. The results are showing conversions and she is super happy to be proven wrong.

In short, give broad match in specific cases a try, you might be surprised. The moral of the story, test, and test again.

You can follow Shep on Twitter @shepzirnheld and make sure to subscribe to Marketing O’Clock.

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December 2022 Google Helpful Content Update Rolling Out


December 2022 Google Helpful Content Update Rolling Out

Google has officially confirmed the launch of the second release of the Google helpful content update/system. It started lightly on December 5th but became noticeable, according to Google, on December 6th, which is why Google did not announce it until the 6th. This update adds new signals, most notably making it work for all languages globally – it is not just looking at English content anymore.

Google Postad on December 6th that on December 5th, it “released the December 2022 helpful content update, which improves our classifier and works across content globally in all languages.” Google added, “the rollout may take up to two weeks to complete.”

As a reminder, the Google helpful content update looks to weed out content written for the purpose of ranking in search engines that do not help or inform people. Google said this update will “tackle content that seems to have been primarily created for ranking well in search engines.” The update will “help make sure that unoriginal, low-quality content doesn’t rank highly in Search,” Google added. So if you are writing content to drive search engine visibility and traffic, you might be hit by this type of update, and non-English sites are no longer safe from this update.

December 2022 Google Helpful Content Update Quick Facts

Here are the most important things that we know right now in short form:

  • Name: Google användbar innehållsuppdatering
  • Launch Date: It began to rollout on December 5th but not so noticeable until December 6th
  • Rollout: It will take about two weeks to fully roll out
  • Targets: It looks at content that was created to rank well in search over help humans
  • Search Only: This currently only impacts Google Search, not Google Discover or other Google surfaces. But Google may expand this to Discover and more in the future.
  • Penalty: Google did not mention penalty but this update does seem to feel like a penalty for sites that will be hit by it
  • Sitewide: This is a sitewide algorithm, so the whole site will be impacted by this update
  • Not a core update: Many are going to say this is a core update, it is not.
  • Global and all languages: This is no longer just for English-language content, it is now all languages and global.
  • Impact: Google would not tell me what percentage of queries or searches were impacted by this update but Google did tell me it would be “meaningful.” Also, Google said this will be felt more for online-educational materials, entertainment, shopping, and tech-related content.
  • Recover: If you were hit by this, then you will need to look at your content and see if you can do better with Google’s advice below
  • Refreshes: Google updates the scores constantly here but there is a timeout period, and a validation period and it can take several months to recover from this update.

Updates to Helpful Content Update Document

Google made some small changes to its helpful content update page here are those edits:

  • Replaced a lot of “update” references to “system” as we expected.
  • Added the line “It works globally across all languages.”
  • Remove the paragraph that it is only for English languages.
  • Google also updated parts of the bottom of the document, it now reads “Periodically, we refine how the classifier detects unhelpful content. When we do this in a notable way, we share this as a “helpful content update” on our Google Search ranking updates page. After such an update finishes rolling out, and if the refined classifier sees that content has improved, then the unhelpful classification from our previous classifier may no longer apply.

One note here, Google is emphasizing how this system identifies unhelpful content with that last paragraph. Google’s Seach Liaison, Danny Sullivan, also said this on Mastodont when asked “When it says “improves our classifier” is that related to the updated classifier for NLP. If so should we expect to see the new categories being assigned to content?” He responded “The classifier tries to understand if content is unhelpful. We’ve improved from the original one when the helpful content system was first launched earlier this year.”

I am not sure I disagree with this statement based on that:

Here is the announcement tweets:

Previous Helpful Content Update Impact

Last update was interesting, on September 9th we we thought we started to see the first widespread fluctuations from this helpful content update. Prior, only 20% of SEOs said they noticed any ranking changes related to the original helpful content update and I believe a good percentage of that 20% are confused and misattributing the changes they see to the wrong thing – i.e. it is not the helpful content update. The original Google användbar innehållsuppdatering early on seemed pretty minor in terms of what SEOs and tools are picking up, despite what we all thought would happen. Even Danny Sullivan even said himself it was inte en stor skakning but it was big in terms of the direction Google is going with ranking content.

In short, the original one did not live up to the hype – will this updated version make up for it?

SEO Chatter

Here is some of the chatter I found that hints at some of the early impact on this update (or maybe the obekräftad uppdatering from earlier?):

Semrush is showing this site exploded – it did not – at least not according to GA:

I mean, I am up but this much? I doubt it…

And some chatter from Black Hat World & WebmasterWorld:

One of my sites got hit in the spam update. Today it’s breaking the ceiling.

I was starting to wonder when all my cache dates were no older than 7 days. That’s never happened before. But the ranks I see now were definitely taking shape days ago.

I think changes began Nov 30th according to site log activity, crawling level, rank movement, etc.

Googles spårningsverktyg

Here is what the automated tracking tools are showing:


click for full size


click for full size

Kognitiv SEO:

click for full size


click for full size


click for full size


click for full size

Avancerad webbrankning:

click for full size


click for full size


click for full size

I believe it is still early, but the impact, thus far, in the past 24-48 hours, was not yet massive. I will keep an eye on the changes, volatility, and chatter and keep you posted.

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