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Sammanfattning av dagligt sökningsforum: 20 juli 2022


Här är en sammanfattning av vad som hände i sökforumen idag, genom ögonen på Rundabordssamtal för sökmotorer och andra sökforum på webben.

Google is going to be testing new AR prototypes, like eyewear, perhaps similar to the old Google Glass. Google is testing new interactive knowledge panel cards, it is cool. Google Search Console now supports DNS verification using CNAMEs. Google product results are testing customer favorites, mentions of, and more attributes. Google has a weird bug that showed only one search result on the page.

Rundabordsberättelser för sökmotorer:

  • Google Tests New AR Prototypes – Watch Out Google Glass

    Google announced it will begin testing new AR, augmented reality, experiences in the public with a limited number of Googlers and trusted testers. These include in-lens displays, microphones, and cameras, that Google will start to test next month in the real world.
  • Google Now Test Interactive Card Knowledge Box Layout

    The other day we covered a knowledge box card layout, but now Google is testing a more interactive version of this card layout. When you click on the cards they expand and show more details.

  • Limited Google Search Bug Showing Only One Result To Some Users

    Google has this weird Google Search rendering bug where it is showing only one search result to some users. This seems like a super limited bug, impacting a limited number of users. But for Google, even one percent of searchers are a lot of searches. Google said they will investigate these reports.

  • Google Product Results Tests Customer Favorites, Most Mentions Of & More Labels

    Google is doing a lot of product result testing, as you’d expect. Here are some new features we spotted Google testing for products in the search results. They include showing customer favorites, most mentions of, and more label attributes on the products.

  • New Verification Of Google Search Console Via DNS CNAME

    Google announced this morning that they have added a new way to verify your domän namn and properties in Google Search Console. You can now do so through or via DNS CNAME.

  • Massive Google Key

    As you know, Google is opening the new Google Europaallee campus in Zurich, Switzerland and I guess they had a special event the other day. Here is a photo of a massive Google key at the opening event

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Google Local SAB Search Ranking Bug Fix Rolling Out


Google Local SAB Search Ranking Bug Fix Rolling Out

A couple of weeks ago we reported on a possible Google local search ranking update that turned out to not be an update but rather a bug. Well, that bug seems to be fixed or being fixed now and rankings are beginning to return for these local service area businesses.

The bug seemed to start being fixed on Friday, September 23rd, in the afternoon.

Lokal SEO, Jason Brown wrote in the Local Search Forum “Good news, one of my clients got their rankings back. They are back in the map pack, but not in the same number one spot as before.” He also said later “My other client is back ranking again too. Looks like the fix is being rolled out now.”

He shared this chart showing how all the rankings returned:

click for full size

Joy Hawkins also posted about it on Twitter:

So hopefully this is now fully resolved – at least this specific bug? It may have been related to the Kansas Google local bug.

Forumdiskussion kl Local Search Forums.


Obs: Detta var förskrivet och planerat att läggas upp idag, det är jag currently offline for Rosh Hashanah.

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