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Daily Search Forum Recap: May 23, 2022


Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Google is into its grid layout, testing ads in that layout and also testing it on desktop search. Google does not yet have the inclusive markup schema for image skin tones. Google said rich results are not impacting by your server slowing down. Google Search Console seems like it will change “coverage” to pages” in the side bar menu. Plus we have a vlog out with James Pate, a smart SEO at IBM.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • New Google News Trial Being Tested

    Google is testing a new version of the Google News portal. I am able to replicate it in some browsers, but not all. The message at the top says “you’re using a trail version of Google News.” The news portal looks much more news like and is a bit refreshing from the current version of Google News.

  • Google Search Tests Grid Layout For Ads

    Google is now also testing that grid layout for ads, not just for desktop results. Yes, Google launched on mobile a new visual grid layout. And now Google is testing it as a new ad format and on desktop search, which we covered earlier this morning.
  • Google Search Grid Format Visual Design On Desktop

    It looks like Google is testing the more visual grid format design that was officially launched on mobile, now on desktop Google Search results. This typically comes up for product queries and such and it is now being tested on Google desktop search.

  • Google: Slower Server Response Time Wont Lead To Rich Results Drop

    Google’s John Mueller said that “rich results would not drop due to a slower response from the server.” He said this on Twitter when someone said they “lost 90% of our Recipe Rich Cards” at the same time as a “slower server response time.”

  • Google Search Console To Change Coverage Report To Pages Report?

    Remember the new video page indexing report Google demonstrated at Google I/O? Well, I didn’t pick up on this but Google may be renaming the “coverage” report to “pages” report. If you look at the screenshot Google shared at Google I/O, the coverage report was renamed to “pages.”

  • Google Inclusive Schema For Image Search Monk Skin Tone Scale Not Here Yet

    One of the announcements at Google I/O was a new way to filter image results by skin tones. Part of that announcement, that I embedded in my coverage, was Google saying content creators will be able to use “inclusive schema to label their content with attributes like skin tone, hair color and hair texture.”
  • Vlog #174: James Pate On SEO At IBM & Using Airtable For Managing Enterprise SEO Data

    James Pate is the Technical SEO Manager at IBM, IBM has a whole group of respected and well known SEOs. I’ve spoken with Patrick Stox while he was at IBM, I also spoke with Tanu Javeri at IBM’s NYC offices a while back. So this is the third IBM SEO I’ve interviewed…

  • Two Disco Balls At The Google Dublin Office

    We have seen some of the Google offices had disco balls hanging from the ceiling but here are two disco balls on the floor of the Google Dublin office. I guess they had some wild post-COVID party at t

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Jeff Ferguson On Issues With SEO Studies & Ranking Factor Studies


Jeff Ferguson

In part one, we go through Jeff Ferguson’s long history in search marketing. In part two, we pick up with him starting his own agency. Then in part three we talk about the state of SEO studies.

In short, he goes off on his rant on SEO studies done on ranking factors and other areas. In short, he was not a fan of those studies and he wrote a lot about how they were done wrong. He wasn’t saying the intent was wrong, the companies that made these studies really wanted to help. But doing ranking factor studies are just too hard and really hard to prove.

Of course, it ruffled a lot of feathers in the SEO community. But he goes through more on why he did what he did and what he wanted to get out of it.

You can learn more about Jeff Ferguson at Amplitude Digital and follow him on Twitter @CountXero.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here so you don’t miss the next vlog where I interviews. I do have a nice lineup of interviews scheduled with SEOs and SEMS, many of which you don’t want to miss – and I promise to continue to make these vlogs better over time. If you want to be interviewed, please fill out this form with your details.

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Apple Maps Street View Camera Backpack


Apple Maps Street View Camera Backpack

Here is a photo of some guy walking around Israel with an Apple Maps street view backpack. It was captured by Hillel Fuld the other day and posted on Twitter.

Google has its own street view backpack, which is more impressive to look at.

Det här inlägget är en del av vår vardag Sök Dagens foto kolumn, där vi hittar roliga och intressanta bilder relaterade till sökbranschen och delar dem med våra läsare.


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Googles interna menysystem spårar Googles matpreferenser


Google Internal Menu System Tracks Food Preferences Tweets

En Googler delade skärmdumpar av resultatet från Googles interna menysystem där det berättade för henne att hon en dag undviker sallader och sedan måste hon ha ätit några sallader för att rätta till det och nästa dag stod det att hon njuter av sallad. Jag är bara förvånad över att Google spårar maten som Googler äter och ger förslag.

Här är dessa tweets inbäddade:

Det här är verkligen inte dagens foto men nära nog...

Det här inlägget är en del av vår vardag Sök Dagens foto kolumn, där vi hittar roliga och intressanta bilder relaterade till sökbranschen och delar dem med våra läsare.


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