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Daily Search Forum Recap: September 2, 2021


Daily Search Forum Recap

Här är en sammanfattning av vad som hände i sökforumen idag, genom ögonen på Rundabordssamtal för sökmotorer och andra sökforum på webben.

Google may have pushed an algorithm update on September 1st, we have a story showing the SEO chatter and tracking tools picking up on the update. Google added shipping and return annotations to both paid and free shopping and search results. Chrome beta can really push your competitors when your customers are visiting your website. Google added new documentation on how to optimize your feed for the Chrome follow feature. John Mueller of Google said he uses Bing to debug Google. I posted the big Google webmaster report for September – go check it out.

Rundabordsberättelser för sökmotorer:

  • Was There A Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On September 1st?
    There are some signs of the start of a Google search ranking algorithm update that kicked off on September 1, 2021. The truth is, it seemed like an update touched down for a short period of time and then slowed down. There are not a huge number of complaints, but the tools are picking up on the fluctuations in the Google search results.
  • September 2021 Google Webmaster Report
    Well, I got to say, the last month was an interesting one for webmasters, marketers and SEOs in the Google organic space. We finished off the prolonger link spam update, safe browsing was removed from the page experience update, which should have been fully rolled out by now but Google did not confirm. Oh and that update might be bigger than just a tiebreaker but it is still pretty small.
  • John Mueller Often Debugs Google Using Bing
    John Mueller, a Google search advocate, who we all know so well if you read this site. He said he will use Bing to debug Google issues. He said on Twitter “I often use Bing when debugging.”
  • Google Adds Shipping / Return Annotations To Shopping & Search Results
    Google announced it has added new shipping and return annotations in Google Search and Shopping results. This works across both the free and paid listings.
  • Google Adds Documentation On Chrome Follow Beta Feature
    Google had added a new section to the Google Discover help documents around markup you can use to define your RSS feed for Chrome to use for the “follow” feature. In May, Google Chrome announced an RSS reader like feature for Chrome named Follow.
  • Chrome Beta Can Display Competitors When Customers Are On Your Site
    Part of the latest version of the Chrome beta, not out to the masses yet, is a feature named “continuous search.” Continuous search basically will show you search results along the top of the page when you are browsing web sites. Essentially, it can show your competitors sites when people are looking at your site.
  • SEO Perfume
    Here is a bottle of perfume designed for SEOs. It was shared by Malte Landwehr on Twitter where the bottle says “sexist SEO alive” with the label Bluebox, Eau De Parfum on the bottom.

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Jeremy Meindl om Churn and Burn SEO & No Linking Back-Linking


Jeremy Meindl

I del ett, we learned about Jeremy Meindl, why he loves pushing the line in SEO and how he never was caught with any of his SEO spam efforts. In part two we talk more about that, specifically, he said sometimes with Google what is old is new again. Sometimes he just pushes as hard as possible for fun.

Transparency with his clients is super important and sometimes he will encourage clients to take more risky steps but in a safer way, he said. You can use third-party sites and not touch or risk your own site, he explained. The old fashion churn and burn SEO strategi.

Jeremy said his talking about this topic publicly might result in his site being hit and he seemed excited by that possibility, which is cool.

But he does not use the same Google accounts across his client sites or his own sites. He is super safe with that, he said.

Then he moved onto no-link backlinking, which is basically creating personas on the web and then seeing how much of an impact that author, the fake author, had on search. So you build up a fake person across the site, with LinkedIn profiles, Facebook, etc. Then they took it by just placing URLs, and länkar, without them being a hyperlink. So they would drop länkar without the a href to make it a link. So they would use people’s search boxes and inject URLs and domain names there and feed Google these. This is another example of bringing back the old as new, so it was shocking to me to hear this still works according to Jeremy.

He also spoke about the Google redirect issues with some 302s and taking advantage of those, specifically with YouTube.

You can learn more about Jeremy Meindl by Googling him.

Du kan prenumerera på vår YouTube-kanal genom att klicka här så missar du inte nästa vlogg där jag intervjuar. Jag har en trevlig uppsättning intervjuer inplanerade med SEOs och SEMS, av vilka många du inte vill missa – och jag lovar att fortsätta att göra dessa vloggar bättre med tiden. Om du vill bli intervjuad, snälla Fyll i detta formulär med dina uppgifter.

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