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Rapporten över beräknade intäkter från Google AdSense är för närvarande trasig


Google AdSense Estimated Earnings Report Is Currently Broken

There are numerous reports that the Google AdSense estimated earnings report on the AdSense console homepage is reporting much lower than expected earnings. The report does not match up with the earnings in the Reports tab. This seems like a widespread bug impacting most, if not all, AdSense publishers right now.

I have not seen a confirmation from Google on this yet but there are many threads in the Google AdSense Help Forums with complaints, here are some of them:

A Google AdSense product expert responded to some of them saying “Looks like there are issues with the statistics on the main dashboard page (it’s happening to my account too): go to the Reports tab which seems to be showing the accurate figures.”

Here is one report shared where the publisher said “I have a problem with my earnings (please see image). There were 113 euros yesterday but must be way more. Why could this happen? What may be the reason for this?”

click for full size

Here are more complaints:

amount of estimated earning showing on dashboard is significantly different from the amount reflating in daly reports in my adsense account. Can anybody help me out why this is happening?

Checked my account and this month and also last month the value “This month” displayed is much less of the sum of websites in details.

Checked my account and this month and also last month the value “This month” displayed is much less of the sum of websites in details.

There are more complaints in the forums and I bet a lot more to come. There is also a complaint about this in a comment here that says:

Adsense is giving me last years stats with todays monetization. The Sites shows last years stats for today and Performance shows me todays actual performance. Happened yesterday and today again. Anyone else having this?

So yes, a lot of publishers are noticing this with AdSense this morning.

Forumdiskussion kl Google AdSense Help Forums.

Update: Google has bekräftad the issue over here saying “We’re aware of a problem with AdSense affecting a majority of users. We will provide an update by Feb 23, 2022, 7:00 PM UTC detailing when we expect to resolve the problem. Please note that this resolution time is an estimate and may change. The affected users are able to access AdSense, but may not have access to the most recent data. AdSense is currently double-counting metrics when using the Sites dimension / breakdown.”



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Google updated the Discover reports in Google Search Console to improve accuracy. Google sued some of the companies that impersonated Google and tried to scam small businesses by claiming their Google Business Profile. Google AdSense launched new side rail ads. Google is testing a new maps interface within Search. Google now says the URL language does not need to match the content language.

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