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Googles John Mueller om 404ing eller användning av Rel Canonical On URL-parametrar


Google Search Testing Double Site Name & URL In Snippets

There is an interesting response from John Mueller av Google on what to do with URLs that may appear duplicated because of URL parameters, like UTMs, at the end of the URLs. John said definitely don’t 404 those URLs, which I think no one would argue with. But he also said you can use the rel=canonical because that was what it was made for. The kicker is he said it probably doesn’t matter either way for SEO.

Now, I had to read John’s response a couple of times on Reddit and maybe I am interpreting the last part incorrectly, so help me out here.

Here is the question:

Hello! New to the community but have been in SEO for ~5 years. Started a new job as the sole SEO manager and am thinking about crawl budget. There are ~20k crawled not indexed URLs compared to the 2k that are crawled and indexed – this is not due to error, but due to the high number of UTM/campaign specific URLs and (intentionally) 404’d pages.

I was hoping to balance out this crawl budget a bit and removing the UTM/campaign URLs from being crawled via robots.txt and by turning some of the 404s into 410s (would also help with overall site hälsa).

Can someone help me figure out if this could be a good idea/could potentially cause harm?

John’s 404 response:

Pages that don’t exist should return 404. You don’t gain anything SEO-wise for making them 410. The only reason I’ve heard that I can follow is that it makes it easier to recognize accidental 404s vs known removed pages as 410s. (IMO if your important pages accidentally become 404s, you’d probably notice that quickly regardless of the result code)

John’s canonical response:

For UTM parameters I’d just set the rel-canonical and leave them alone. The rel canonical won’t make them all disappear (nor would robots.txt), but it’s the cleaner approach than blocking (it’s what the rel canonical was made for, essentially).

Okay, so far, do not use 404s in this situation but do use rel=canonical – got it.

John then explained SEO wise, it probably doesn’t matter?

For both of these, I suspect you wouldn’t see any visible change on your site in search (sorry, tech-SEO aficionados). The rel-canonical on UTM URLs is certainly a cleaner solution than letting them accumulate & bubble out on their own. Fixing that early means you won’t get 10 generations of SEOs who inform you of the “duplicate content problem” (which isn’t an issue there anyway if they’re not getting indexed; and when they do get indexed, they get dropped as duplicates anyway), so I guess it’s a good investment in your future use of time 🙂

So Google will likely handle the duplicate URLs, the UTM parameters anyway, even if they do index them. But to make SEO consultants happy, use the rel=canonical? Is that what he is saying here? I do like that response, if that is his message – but maybe I got it wrong?

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Sammanfattning av dagligt sökforum: 28 november 2022


Här är en sammanfattning av vad som hände i sökforumen idag, genom ögonen på Rundabordssamtal för sökmotorer och andra sökforum på webben.

Did we have yet another Google search ranking algorithm update this weekend – hard to say with the Thanksgiving holiday. Google said there is no SEO compliance score. So many SEOs simply don’t know guest posting is against Google’s guidelines. Google local reviews has a bar for positive and negative mentions. Bing is testing favicons in the people also ask. And I have a new vlog with Jeremy Meindl on more of the search spam side.

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  • Thanksgiving Holiday Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update – Maybe…

    For the past several weekends, I’ve been reporting about a Google search ranking algorithm update that hit on a Friday and continued throughout the weekend. Well, last weekend was the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and I did see some signs of a possible Google Search ranking algorithm update – but truth is, it is unlikely that Google pushed something out on a Friday of Thanksgiving.
  • So Many SEOs Just Don’t Know Guest Post Links Should Be Nofollowed

    The other day, I covered a poll that showed about half of SEOs still use guest posting for SEO purposes. Then a few days later, an SEO frågade John Mueller about something and John told him that the guest post länkar should be nofollowed, and the SEO was shocked.
  • Bing Tests Favicons In Front Of People Also Ask

    Microsoft Bing is testing placing a favicon or icon of some sort in front of the people also ask results. The screenshot example below is from Frank Standtmann, a German-based SEO, who showed Wikipedia and other sites’ favicon being placed before the people also ask results in Bing’s search results.

  • Google: There Is No SEO Compliance Score

    Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, said there is no such thing as an SEO compliance score from Google. He said instead think about avoiding technical errors, don’t spam, and use best practices for your content.
  • Google Local Reviews Bar Representing Positive Vs. Unfavorable Mentions

    Google lets you dive into some of the reviews on a business listing, so if you say show me the reviews of the bar in a hotel, Google will let you do that. Now, when you do that, Google will add a bar that shows you the positive versus unfavorable mentions of that bar in that venue.
  • Vlog #199: Jeremy Meindl On Churn and Burn SEO & No Linking Back-Linking

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  • New Google Glass Structure With Stained Glass At GooglePlex

    Here is a photo I found at the GooglePlex of a new structure that is partially made of stained glass windows. Michael who posted this on Instagram wrote “New glass sculpture up at google campus. Look

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