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Microsoft Bing Shopping Searches Gains Coupons, Promotions, Price History & More


Microsoft Bing Testing Coupons In Search Results

Microsoft Bing Shopping has officially added a lot of the features we noticed early such as coupons and promotions, price history, and ethical choice annotations, the company meddelat.

Coupon Codes in Bing

Bing added coupons and promotions, a lot like you see on those coupon sites (that I am afraid to go to because I always feel they are injecting malware on my computer). Microsoft wrote “if you decide to click in and do some shopping, the coupon will be automatically copied and applied to your purchase. All of this is made possible by quick and easy annotation länkar found within your search results.” Microsoft said this is now available in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and France.

Yes, we covered this as a test förra månaden.

Price History In Bing

Now, for some products, Bing will show you the price history of the products you are searching for. Bing said they are “adding an annotation that reveals an item’s pricing over time; this handy graph helps determine if it’s the right time to buy. You can feel better about your purchase knowing that the price has recently gone down or may decide to hold off if it was significantly cheaper in the past.” Microsoft said this feature is available across US, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, and India

I should note, price history was a feature from november 2021 but it has been expanded in this application.

Ethical Choice Annotations

Also, the Ethical Shopping hub expands with new ethical choice annotations in the Bing Shopping results.

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Google träningsboll


Google Exercise Ball

Google sätter verkligen sin logotyp på nästan allt. Här är en träningsboll vid en av Google kontor och bollen har en Google-logotyp.

Barnet som leker med bollen är en bonus.

Jag hittade detta på Instagram.

Det här inlägget är en del av vår vardag Sök Dagens foto kolumn, där vi hittar roliga och intressanta bilder relaterade till sökbranschen och delar dem med våra läsare.

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