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25 bästa filmer om sociala medier att titta på


25 Top Movies About Social Media To Watch

Sociala media is a part of modern life, so, naturally, more movies should embrace it as central to the experiences of the characters in the movies.

An interesting trend with social media-based movies is more comedies and the mixture of comedy with horror.

Here’s a list of movies with some new additions, in no particular order.

1. Not Okay (2022)

Comedy/Drama – Hulu 

On the surface, “Not Okay” is a comedy about a misfit millennial anti-hero longing for social media fame who accidentally stumbles into it and subsequently becomes the internet’s most hated person. It’s also a gentle satire about the social media ecosystem.

British author Terry Pratchett observed that satire is best when it is aimed at the powerful.

In this movie, the powerful are the faceless social media consumers who both crown and cancel with brutal fickleness.

The movie’s star is Zoey Deutch, whose comedic performance had me laughing out loud from the very first minutes while also feeling dread because the outcome is known from the beginning of the movie.

It’s quite a feat to play an unlikable person in such a way the viewer can’t help but root for them, simultaneously cringing and laughing.

I enjoyed this movie very much.

2. Untraceable (2008)

Thriller – Hulu

“Untraceable” is a cat-and-mouse crime thriller starring Diane Lane as an FBI detective who is tracking down a killer who live streams murders while the faceless crowd eggs the killer on.

The movie subtly investigates empathy and society’s appetite for the gruesome. An early scene depicts a traffic jam caused by motorists pausing to glance at a body on a pavement beside the wreckage of an automobile accident.

A cop frantically waves his arms, yelling to the motorists to keep on driving, but the drivers ignore him and pause to gawk, a reminder of everyone’s capacity to be voyeurs of the macabre.

That scene is followed by another in which it is implied that a kitten is being tortured to death online. The detective and her boss watch the scene play out.

She is clearly distressed and disturbed by the lack of empathy expressed in the comments by the mob of digital rubberneckers. She speaks up and vows to take down the perpetrator.

Her boss scoffs and tells her to move on because it’s “just a kitten,” betraying his own lack of empathy.

The movie is about more than a quest to catch a killer. It explores the darkness of online social interactions and casual everyday cruelty.

A colleague of the detective later in the movie comments about the murder website that “it’s a jungle in there.” In an understated manner, his comment also hints that we’re all just a few clicks away from becoming part of that jungle.

If you like thrillers with serial killers, this is a good one that’ll scare you and leave you thinking.

3. Tragedy Girls (2017)

Horror Comedy – Amazon, Roku Channel, Tubi 

Surrealism is based on the insight that sparks happen when you join two things that wouldn’t ordinarily come together. The first surrealist combination was a sewing machine on an operating table.

There’s a similar quality to horror comedy.

A feature of horror comedy is that the plots are absolutely ridiculous and utterly realistic.

For example, “Freaky” (2020) is about a high school girl who switches bodies with a serial killer, and “Serial Mom” (1994) is about a sweet all-American mom who is secretly an unhinged psychopath.

“Tragedy Girls” continues in the comedy horror tradition of ridiculous plots and gore mixed with comedy. The plot is bonkers but in a good way.

It’s about two high school girls who want to become internet famous, so they devise a convoluted plan to serial-kill to provide content for their website and ultimately pin the blame on an actual serial killer.

“Tragedy Girls” stars Alexandra Shipp and Brianna Hildebrand.

Shipp starred in “X-Men: Apocalypse,” “Dark Phoenix,” and will be in the upcoming Margot Robbie’s “Barbie” movie. Hildebrand starred in “Deadpool,” “Deadpool 2,” and the TV show “Lucifer.”

“Tragedy Girls” also stars Craig Robinson (“The Office”/”Hot Tub Time Machine”), Jack Quaid (“The Boys” TV series), and Josh Hutcherson (“The Hunger Games,” “Future Man” TV show).

4. The Social Dilemma (2020)

Documentary – Netflix

A popular movie that can’t be recommended enough.

Even if you’re in the business, there are parts of this movie that will still startle.

Featuring interviews with people who invented various algoritmer, this movie balances the shock factor of what’s going on behind the scenes of social media with insights into how social media can be improved.

5. Love, Guaranteed (2020)

Romantic Comedy – Netflix

Stars Rachael Leigh Cook, Damon Wayans Jr., Heather Graham, and Kandyse McClure (Dualla on “Battlestar Galactica”).

Social media is defined as a social network, and what kind of network is more social than a dating app?

This romantic comedy follows an attorney and her client who claims that a dating site that guarantees love is offering a false promise.

As evidence, he offers himself, who has engaged in a thousand dates and failed to find love.

6. The Hater (2020)

Thriller – Netflix

This is a great movie that you might never have heard of but should definitely check out.

It’s a fast-paced thriller and drama about using social media to settle personal scores.

The hero of the movie is both likable and worthy of loathing.

Don’t be put off because this is a Polish movie, and you might have to read subtitles.

This movie tells the story of harnessing the power of social media like a weapon against those who may or may not deserve it.

It’s highly relevant in today’s world of disinformation amplification, yet it’s not really about social media in the same way that a movie like “Taxi Driver” is not about guns.

Both movies, “Taxi Driver” and “The Hater,” share a theme of the misfit trying to fit in and not really able to find a way in until circumstances create an opportunity.

7. Emily In Paris, 2020

Comedy – Netflix

Ok, this isn’t a movie.

But so many who are interested in marknadsföring i sociala medier and movies will find this so interesting that I had to fit it in.

The central character – Emily (duh!) – is a social media marketer from Chicago who is sent to a Paris office where she’s met with skepticism.

She changes her Instagram handle to @emilyinparis and starts posting photos; her account goes viral.

The series is from the mind of Darren Star, the writer behind such hits as “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Melrose Place,” and “Sex and the City.”

If any of those are your favorites, then you’ll likely enjoy “Emily in Paris” as well.

There’s a bit of suspension of disbelief necessary regarding social media, but “Emily in Paris” is fundamentally a fantasy, not a documentary.

A little fantasy helps to get through these dark and pandemic times.

8. Spree (2020)

Comedy Horror – Amazon, Vudu

A spree is defined as a sustained period of time during which an unrestrained activity is indulged.

In keeping with the genre of comedy horror, the plot is unrealistic and fun at the same time.

The movie is about a rideshare driver who wants to become a social media star by live streaming himself while murdering his clients.

But the live streams fail to go viral, so he hatches a plan to take it up a notch.

“Spree” stars the lovable Joe Keery (Steve in “Stranger Things”). It’s a dark and violent comedy featuring cameos from former “Saturday Night Live” cast members.

9. Hard Candy (2005)

Thriller/Horror/Revenge – Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, YouTube

This is an under-the-radar movie that might make some uncomfortable.

It stars Elliot Page (“Juno,” “Umbrella Academy”), Patrick Wilson (“Conjuring,” “Watchmen,” “Aquaman”), and Sandra Oh (“Killing Eve,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Sideways,” “Princess Diaries”).

The movie won several awards, including three at the 2005 Sitges Film Festival (Best Motion Picture, Best Screenplay, and an Audience Award for Best Motion Picture) and four awards at the 2006 Spanish Malaga Film Festival (Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Cinematographer).

Elliot Page won Best Actress at the 2006 Austin Film Critics Association Awards.

This is an intelligent suspense and thriller.

But it’s not for the squeamish; it can get grueling for some.

Page stars as a 17-year-old teenager who entraps an older man via a chat room.

Expecting illicit activities, the teenager turns the table on him.

Again, I must warn you that this movie is not for those with delicate sensibilities.

10. Searching (2018)

Thriller – Amazon, Vudu, YouTube

A movie starring John Cho (“Harold & Kumar,” “Star Trek”) in the missing person genre.

The daughter goes missing, and the police lack leads, so the father takes to the internet to trace the daughter’s virtual steps to find her.

11. Ingrid Goes West (2017)

Comedy Drama – Hulu

Stars Elizabeth Olsen and Aubrey Plaza.

Plaza is a great actress who consistently surprises with the quirky nuance she brings to her roles, and that’s also the case here.

This film is a stalker comedy with drama mixed in. It’s also a satire of the influencer world.

But ultimately, this is a quirky Aubrey Plaza movie that’s pretty fun to watch.

12. A Simple Favor (2018)

Comedy/Thriller – Amazon, Hulu, Sling TV, Vudu, YouTube

This is a Paul Feig movie about a video blogger who gets in over her head after she befriends a woman who causes her viewership to soar.

It’s like a noir because it has a femme fatale.

The mystery and thriller quality of the story kept me watching.

13. Smosh: The Movie (2015)

Comedy – Amazon, iTunes, Vudu

Satire of YouTube stars starring two actual YouTube stars.

Directed by Alex Winter, star of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.”

14. Friend Request (2016)

Mystery/Horror – Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube

A woman accepts a friend request whose mysterious death sets off a series of deaths of those who are friends with the woman.

15. Unfriended (2015)

Social Media Horror – Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, Vudu

Instead of a group of young people at a camp getting murdered, it’s people on a group chat that are meeting their demise one by one.

16. The Assistant (2019)

Comedy/Satire  – Amazon

Short film (13 minutes), available on Amazon Prime.

Comedy/satire of being an assistant to a social media influencer.

17. The Circle (2017)

Thriller – Amazon, YouTube, Vudu, iTunes

Starring Emma Watson, John Boyega, Bill Paxton, and Tom Hanks.

This is a cautionary tale of living life on social media based on Dave Egger’s novel.

18. Lo And Behold, Reveries Of The Connected World (2016)

Documentary – YouTube

A documentary that explores how the internet affects the society today and may affect it tomorrow.

It asks probing questions like, “Will our great, great-grandchildren grow up in a world where they do not need human companionship?”

Werner Herzog is a consistently thought-provoking filmmaker.

19. The Great Hack (2019)

Documentary – Netflix

En skrämmande dokumentär inte bara om Cambridge Analytica utan om övervakningsinternet.

20. Det sociala nätverket (2010)

Drama – Netflix

Med Jesse Eisenberg i huvudrollen är den här filmen baserad på berättelsen om hur Mark Zuckerburg kom att grunda Facebook.

Mycket hyllad och en film som måste ses.

21. American Meme (2018)

Documentary – Netflix

Med Paris Hilton och DJ Khaled är det en titt bakom kulisserna på vad det innebär att vara en stjärna i sociala medier och konflikterna mellan verkligheten och det som presenteras.

22. Koppla från (2012)

Drama/Thriller – Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, YouTube

Med Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Alexander Skarsgård och Frank Grillo.

Tre berättelser sammanflätade kring mänsklig interaktion via sociala medier.

Liv förändras, konflikter uppstår och vissa karaktärer står inför en uträkning.

Alla skådespelare är på översta hyllan, inklusive en stark prestation av Frank Grillo – en karaktärsskådespelare som har varit med i dussintals populära filmer, inklusive "Mambo Kings", "Minority Report", "Zero Dark Thirty" och flera av de senaste Marvel superhjältefilmer.

23. Catfish (2010)

Documentary – Netflix

Dokumentär- och indiefilm om två bröder som inleder ett förhållande med en kvinna via Facebook, där båda sidor missvisar vem de är och deras motiv.

Filmen är ursprunget till begreppet havskatt, vilket är praxis att låtsas vara någon du inte är – som att låtsas vara en medarbetare till en känd person över internet för att uppvakta någon.

24. Chef (2014)

Komedi/Drama – Amazon (gratis), iTunes, Pluto (gratis), Vudu, YouTube

Med Jon Favreau, Scarlett Johansson, John Leguizamo, Sofía Vergara och Robert Downey Jr.

Det här är en feel-good-dramedi.

A chef gets a bad review on Twitter, and he responds in kind.

De Twitter argument went viral and resulted in unanticipated events in his personal and business life.

Det handlar delvis om den transformerande effekt som sociala medier kan ha på ett liv.

25. Flygplansläge (2020)

Comedy – Netflix

En komedi om en influencer på sociala medier som befinner sig utan internetuppkoppling. Komedin är i huvudpersonen som handlar om förändring.

Sociala medier på bio

Många av dagens filmer om sociala medier tycks spegla generationsklyftan mellan makthavarna som gör filmerna som inte lever på sociala medier på det sätt som dagens generation gör.

Det påminner om rock and rolls tidiga dagar när dåtidens filmer antydde att ungdomar var obundna och till och med våldsamma i filmer som "Rebel Without a Cause" och "Blackboard Jungle".

Den första rock-and-roll-generationen porträtterades också ytligt i filmer som "Beach Blanket Bingo".

Det var inte förrän rock-and-roll-generationen gjorde filmer som mer genomtänkta skildringar kom upp på filmduken med filmer som "American Graffiti" och "Rock and Roll High School."

Så det verkar vara idag som skildringen av sociala medier tenderar att luta mot skräcken i den i ena ytterligheten och förringandet av Millennial- och GenZ-generationerna som ytliga i andra änden.

Och vi börjar se mer känsliga och realistiska skildringar av dessa generationer som Millennials.

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En omfattande guide till marknadsföringsattributionsmodeller


A Comprehensive Guide To Marketing Attribution Models

We all know that customers interact with a brand through multiple channels and campaigns (online and offline) along their path to conversion.

Surprisingly, within the B2B sector, the average customer is exposed to a brand 36 times before converting into a customer.

With so many touchpoints, it is difficult to really pin down just how much a marketing channel or campaign influenced the decision to buy.

This is where marketing attribution comes in.

Marketing attribution provides insights into the most effective touchpoints along the buyer journey.

In this comprehensive guide, we simplify everything you need to know to get started with marketing attribution models, including an overview of your options and how to use them.

What Is Marketing Attribution?

Marketing attribution is the rule (or set of rules) that says how the credit for a conversion is distributed across a buyer’s journey.

How much credit each touchpoint should get is one of the more complicated marketing topics, which is why so many different types of attribution models are used today.

6 Common Attribution Models

There are six common attribution models, and each distributes conversion value across the buyer’s journey differently.

Don’t worry. We will help you understand all of the models below so you can decide which is best for your needs.

Note: The examples in this guide use Google Analytics 4 cross-channel rules-based models.

Cross-channel rules-based means that it ignores direct traffic. This may not be the case if you use alternative analytics software.

1. Last Click

The last click attribution model gives all the credit to the marketing touchpoint that happens directly before conversion.

Last Click helps you understand which marketing efforts close sales.

For example, a user initially discovers your brand by watching a YouTube Ad for 30 seconds (engaged view).

Later that day, the same user Googles your brand and clicks through an organic search result.

The following week this user is shown a retargeting ad on Facebook, clicks through, and signs up for your email newsletter.

The next day, they click through the email and convert to a customer.

Under a last-click attribution model, 100% of the credit for that conversion is given to email, the touchpoint that closed the sale.

2. First Click

The first click is the opposite of the last click attribution model.

All of the credit for any conversion that may happen is awarded to the first interaction.

The first click helps you to understand which channels create brand awareness.

It doesn’t matter if the customer clicked through a retargeting ad and later converted through an email visit.

If the customer initially interacted with your brand through an engaged YouTube view, Paid Video gets full credit for that conversion because it started the journey.

3. Linear

Linear attribution provides a look at your marketing strategy as a whole.

This model is especially useful if you need to maintain awareness throughout the entire buyer journey.

Credit for conversion is split evenly among all the channels a customer interacts with.

Let’s look at our example: Each of the four touchpoints (Paid Video, Organic, Paid Social, and Email) all get 25% of the conversion value because they’re all given equal credit.

4. Time Decay

Time Decay is useful for short sales cycles like a promotion because it considers when each touchpoint occurred.

The first touch gets the least amount of credit, while the last click gets the most.

Using our example:

  • Paid Video (YouTube engaged view) would get 10% of the credit.
  • Organic search would get 20%.
  • Paid Social (Facebook ad) gets 30%.
  • Email, which occurred the day of the conversion, gets 40%.

Notera: Google Analytics 4 distributes this credit using a seven-day half-life.

5. Position-Based

The position-based (U-shaped) approach divides credit for a sale between the two most critical interactions: how a client discovered your brand and the interaction that generated a conversion.

With position-based attribution modeling, Paid Video (YouTube engaged view) and Email would each get 40% of the credit because they were the first and last interaction within our example.

Organic search and the Facebook Ad would each get 10%.

6. Data-Driven (Cross-Channel Linear)

Google Analytics 4 has a unique data-driven attribution model that uses machine learning algorithms.

Credit is assigned based on how each touchpoint changes the estimated conversion probability.

It uses each advertiser’s data to calculate the actual contribution an interaction had for every conversion event.

Best Marketing Attribution Model

There isn’t necessarily a “best” marketing attribution model, and there’s no reason to limit yourself to just one.

Comparing performance under different attribution models will help you to understand the importance of multiple touchpoints along your buyer journey.

Model Comparison In Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

If you want to see how performance changes by attribution model, you can do that easily with GA4.

To access model comparison in Google Analytics 4, click “Reklam” in the left-hand menu and then click “Model comparison” under “Attribution.”

Screenshot from GA4, July 2022

By default, the conversion events will be all, the date range will be the last 28 days, and the dimension will be the default channel grouping.

Start by selecting the date range and conversion event you want to analyze.

GA4 model comparison_choose event and date rangeScreenshot from GA4, July 2022

You can add a filter to view a specific campaign, geographic location, or device using the edit comparison option in the top right of the report.

GA4 Model comparison filterScreenshot from GA4, July 2022

Select the dimension to report on and then use the drown-down menus to select the attribution models to compare.

GA4 model comparison_select dimensionScreenshot from GA4, July 2022

GA4 Model Comparison Example

Let’s say you’re asked to increase new customers to the website.

You could open Google Analytics 4 and compare the “last-click” model to the “first-click” model to discover which marketing efforts start customers down the path to conversion.

GA4 model comparison_increase new customersScreenshot from GA4, July 2022

In the example above, we may choose to look further into the email and paid search further because they appear to be more effective at starting customers down the path to conversion than closing the sale.

How To Change Google Analytics 4 Attribution Model

If you choose a different attribution model for your company, you can edit your attribution settings by clicking the gear icon in the bottom left-hand corner.

Open Attribution Settings under the property column and click the Reporting attribution model drop-down menu.

Here you can choose from the six cross-channel attribution models discussed above or the “ads-preferred last click model.”

Ads-preferred gives full credit to the last Google Ads click along the conversion path.

edit GA4 attribution settingsScreenshot from GA4, July 2022

Please note that attribution model changes will apply to historical and future data.

Slutgiltiga tankar

Determining where and when a lead or purchase occurred is easy. The hard part is defining the reason behind a lead or purchase.

Comparing attribution modeling reports help us to understand how the entire buyer journey supported the conversion.

Looking at this information in greater depth enables marketers to maximize ROI.

Got questions? Let us know on Twitter eller Linkedin.

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