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Google förbereder en algoritmuppdatering för produktgranskning för augusti


Google Readying A Product Review Algorithm Update For August

The forthcoming update continues Google’s efforts to show more helpful, in-depth reviews based on first-hand expertise in search results.

Google’s timing for the next product review update aligns with the conclusion of the just-announced helpful content update.

When you add in July’s product review update, that’s three confirmed Google algorithm changes in a month.

Google appears to be on a mission to purge the front page of low-value content, with an acute focus on content people use to inform purchasing decisions.

Few Details About Next Product Review Update – More Of The Same?

Google’s announcement offers few details about the next product review algorithm update.

If you skimmed the blog post, you might have missed it, as the mention was brief. The announcement reads:

“We know product reviews can play an important role in helping you make a decision on something to buy. Last year, we kicked off a series of updates to show more helpful, in-depth reviews based on first-hand expertise in search results.

We’ve continued to refine these systems, and in the coming weeks, we’ll roll out another update to make it even easier to find high-quality, original reviews. We’ll continue this work to make sure you find the most useful information when you’re researching a purchase on the web.”

This sounds like the next update is more of the same.

Google’s messaging around its product review algorithm hasn’t drastically changed from one update to another. It’s reasonable to expect Google’s guidance to stay the same this time.

Possible Connection With The Helpful Content Update?

Google’s next product review update is slated to start rolling out around the time when the launch of the användbar innehållsuppdatering is complete.

The proximity of the helpful content update and product review update suggests a possible connection between the two.

My guess is the helpful content update will allow Google to better identify product reviews that add unique value or demonstrate first-hand knowledge.

Both algorithms are designed to identify similar qualities in a piece of content. In a blog post regarding the helpful content update, Google offers the following advice on assessing a page’s value:

“Does your content clearly demonstrate first-hand expertise and a depth of knowledge (for example, expertise that comes from having actually used a product or service, or visiting a place)?”

It sounds similar to what the product review update looks for.

When the helpful content update is finished, Google may take the data it gains and apply it to the next iteration of the product review update.

This may boost helpful product review pages that Google missed in previous updates.

Conversely, Google could also use the data to identify low-quality product reviews. Pages that didn’t get devalued after previous updates could then drop rankings.

It’s unknown whether Google will offer more information about the next product review update before it goes live.

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Elon Musk delar visionen för "Twitter 2.0"


Elon Musk Shares Vision For “Twitter 2.0”

Twitter CEO Elon Musk reveals six ways he plans to turn Twitter into an “everything app,” which includes longform tweets, encrypted DMs, user-to-user payments, and more.

In a series of slides prefaced with the title “Twitter 2.0,” Musk presented his plans at an internal meeting:

The slides reveal the following goals for the future of Twitter:

  • Reklam as entertainment
  • Video
  • Longform tweets
  • Encrypted DMs
  • Longform tweets
  • Relaunch Blue Verified

Musk published the slides on Twitter without further context, making it difficult to read too far into his plans for the company. However, we can glean some information based on the mock-up screenshots on each slide.

Advertising As Entertainment

Musk plans to make reklam- on Twitter more entertaining, showing an example of an ad from HBO Max that reads like a Buzzfeed quiz.

Screenshot from: twitter.com/elonmusk, November 2022.

The text reads:

“Are you Targaryan, Valeryon, or Hightower?

Like this tweet and I’ll analyze your profile so you know which house you belong to and what role you would have in the world of #LaCasaDelDragon.”

For context, the advertisement is for the show House of Dragons, a spin-off of Game of Thrones.

The ad copy reminds me of those Buzzfeed quizzes where you answer a series of questions to determine which character of a TV show you would be.

The virality of those quizzes leads me to believe Twitter’s direction for reklam- could generate meaningful engagement.

Is this form of reklam- likely to draw in new customers who aren’t familiar with the product already? Probably not, but it could be an effective way to raise brand awareness.


Containing only a thumbnail and placeholder text, the above example doesn’t allow for much speculation about Musk’s plans for video on Twitter.

Elon Musk Shares Vision For “Twitter 2.0”Screenshot from: twitter.com/elonmusk, November 2022.

However, if Musk’s tweets are anything to go by, his plans could include bringing back the short-form video app Vine:

Musk may also be planning to compete with YouTube, claiming he can offer higher payouts. Mr. Beast, YouTube’s most popular creator, is skeptical of that claim:

Longform Tweets

Elon Musk Shares Vision For “Twitter 2.0”Screenshot from: twitter.com/elonmusk, November 2022.

Musk includes a screenshot of Twitter’s Notes feature to illustrate his plans for longform tweets.

Twitter began testing Notes with a limited number of writers earlier this year.

You can see this feature in action by visiting the @TwitterWrites account page and navigating to the Notes tab.

Encrypted DMs

Elon Musk Shares Vision For “Twitter 2.0”Screenshot from: twitter.com/elonmusk, November 2022.

This feature is self-explanatory.

Encrypted DMs are becoming an industry standard for social media sites. Meta introduced end-to-end encryption for its messaging tools in January, and now Twitter is following suit.

Reverse engineering expert Jane M. Wong recently uncovered evidence of Twitter’s encrypted DMs, which suggests the update may be ready to launch soon.

(New) Blue Verified

Elon Musk Shares Vision For “Twitter 2.0”Screenshot from: twitter.com/elonmusk, November 2022.

The upcoming relaunch of Blue Verified will include the following features:

  • A blue ‘verified’ checkmark
  • Priority placement at the top of replies, mentions, and search results
  • See 50% fewer ads
  • Upload longer videos
  • Get early access to new features

The text at the bottom of Musk’s slide indicates the $7.99 per month pricing is a “limited time offer,” suggesting the price may increase in the future unless users lock in now.


Elon Musk Shares Vision For “Twitter 2.0”Screenshot from: twitter.com/elonmusk, November 2022.

Musk’s slide provides zero information regarding his plans for payments on Twitter. However, those plans were already shared earlier this month.

In a call with advertisers, Musk säger he wants to turn Twitter into a digital marketplace where creators can set their own prices for content.

That will allow creators to sell instructional videos, for example, at a price they believe is fair.

To that end, Musk believes this type of payment system will open the door for users to send money directly to other users on Twitter.

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