Are you looking for ways to improve your email marketing strategy in 2021? Want to know the latest email design trends to incorporate into your email campaigns?

Teamet från Uplers share their email design trends for 2021 in this infographic.

Här är en snabb sammanfattning:

  • Bid on Bold Typography
  • Embrace the Dawn of Dark Mode
  • Upgrade your email designs with Gradients
  • Let your emails emote with Emotional Design
  • Bring freshness in emails with Neumorphism
  • Test Textured illustrations for 2D Images
  • Add a new dimension to your emails with 3-Dimensional Images
  • Phase in Phantasmagoric Collage
  • Give voice to your email with Muted Colors
  • Try out the marvel of Monochrome Layout
  • Spruce up your emails with Illustrated Animations

Kolla in infografik för mer information.

Infographic outlines email design trends

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