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3 Tips on How to Maximize Twitter Video for Marketing


3 Tips on How to Maximize Twitter Video for Marketing

Video is the most engaging content format, across all platforms, and while short-form clips are the focus of the moment, all video formats are worth considering within your broader digital marketing strategy.

And while Twitter hasn’t followed TikTok down the path of shorter clips (I mean, it already tried that with Vine, I guess), it has sought to give video content more focus, with the addition of full-screen video display formats, and a new video-specific feature section within the Explore tab.

In fact, Twitter says that 71% of all user sessions in the app now involve video, while users also scroll slower in-stream when video content is displayed.

That’s worth considering – and if you’re looking to maximize your Twitter video approach, these tips from Twitter provide some additional direction for video content in the app.

1. Keep Videos Short and Simple

Unsurprisingly, given the aforementioned trend towards shorter video clips, and the brief nature of tweets overall, Twitter says that shorter videos perform better in the app.

“Our research shows shorter ads (6 to 15 seconds) are more effective at driving consideration and purchase intent.”

Twitter also says that brands should use short tweets to accompany their video clips, with 10 words/50 characters being a solid target (up to 30 words/160 characters for more detailed descriptions).

2. Include Product, People and Prominent Branding

Twitter says that tweeted video clips should include these elements:

  • Prominent branding — Your brand name and logo should appear at the very start of the video and within the first four seconds
  • Strong colors — Use dominant colors within the video, close to your brand’s palette
  • Your product or service — Include your product/service within the first three seconds and ensure it’s present on screen for 75% of the video
  • People — Real people resonate. Including a human presence, a celebrity or a crowd works particularly well
  • A sound-off strategy — Subtitles ensure accessibility for all and can help capture on-the-go mobile viewers.

These are good, general guide notes for video content, and ensuring that you’re maximizing your branding and recall opportunities.

3. Connect with What’s Happening

Twitter says that people come to the app to keep in touch with the latest news and updates, and the more that you can connect your brand messaging into the same, the better.

Twitter says that topical campaigns see greater recall and brand awareness, which is worth factoring into your planning, especially around seasonal events.

Twitter also recommends that brands consider Connect campaigns to ensure they link into relevant discussions throughout the year.

These are some handy notes, which could help to ensure that your Twitter ad campaigns stay on the right track, and that you maximize the opportunities of the platform.

But if you are considering Twitter campaigns, you better get in quick – before Elon Musk comes in a shuts down all advertising in the app*.

It could be a good way to improve your reach and resonance this holiday shopping season.

*Note: this probably won’t happen. But it might.



Meta Could be Exploring Paid Blue Checkmarks on Facebook and Instagram


Meta Could be Exploring Paid Blue Checkmarks on Facebook and Instagram

It seems like Elon Musk’s chaotic management approach at Twitter is having some broader impacts, with more companies reportedly considering lay-offs in the wake of Musk culling 70% of Twitter staff (and keeping the app running), and Meta now apparently also considering charging for blue checkmarks in its apps.

Yes, the Twitter Blue approach to making people pay for verification, which hasn’t proven overly popular on Twitter itself, is now also seemingly in consideration at Meta as well.

According to a new finding by reverse engineering pro Alessandro Paluzzi, there’s a new mention in the codebase of both Facebook and Instagram of a ‘paid blue badge’.

Paluzzi also shared a screenshot of the code with TechCrunch:

That does appear to refer to a subscription service for both apps, which could well give you a blue verification badge as a result.

Mets has neither confirmed nor denied the project, but it does seem, at least on the surface, that it’s considering offering checkmarks as another paid option – which still seems strange, considering the original purpose of verification, which is to signify noteworthy people or profiles in the app.

If people can just buy that, then it’s no longer of any value, right?

Evidently, that’s not the case, and with Twitter already bringing in around $7 million per quarter from Twitter Blue subscriptions, maybe Meta’s looking for a means to supplement its own intake, and make up for lost ad dollars and/or rising costs of its metaverse development.

It seems counter-intuitive, but I guess, if people will pay, and the platforms aren’t concerned about there being confusion as to what the blue ticks actually mean.

I guess, more money is good?

Meta has, in the past, said that it won’t charge a subscription fee to access its apps. But this, of course, would be supplemental – users wouldn’t have to pay, but they could buy a blue checkmark if they wanted, and use the implied value of recognition for their own purposes.

Which seems wrong, but tough times, higher costs – maybe every app needs to start digging deeper.

Meta hasn’t provided any info or confirmation at this stage, but we’ll keep you updated on any progress.


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Både YouTube Shorts och Meta's Reels görs
framsteg inom den intensivt konkurrensutsatta videoshortssektorn.  

Under Alphabets resultatsamtal för fjärde kvartalet på torsdagen rapporterade VD Sundar Pichai att YouTube Shorts har passerat 50 miljarder
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Podcastmarknadsföringsstatistik för företag [Infographic]


Podcast Marketing Statistics for Businesses [Infographic]

Podcaster har blivit ett alltmer populärt innehållsformat och tillhandahåller aktuellt material på begäran som täcker praktiskt taget alla ämnen du kan tänka dig.

I själva verket, enligt uppskattningar, över 130 miljoner människor kommer att lyssna på poddsändningar varje månad i USA i år, vilket också kan ge betydande möjligheter för marknadsförare att ta del av denna fångna publik och nå dem med relevanta annonser och erbjudanden.

Om du funderar på att satsa på poddsändning eller reklam för poddsändningar kommer detta att hjälpa. Teamet från Spiralytik har sammanställt en samling statistik och anteckningar om podcastkonsumtion, som kan hjälpa dig att tänka kring formatet.

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