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Instagram lanserar nytt Creator Lab för att hjälpa kreatörer att maximera sin prestanda på plattformen


Instagram Launches New Creator Lab to Help Creators Maximize their On-Platform Performance

Instagram’s looking to help creators get a better understanding of key posting best practices and processes via a new Creator Lab initiative, which hosts videos and insights from a range of successful creators on key elements.

The Creator Lab, which you can access här, includes specific sections on channel growth tips, monetization, safety notes and more, all hosted by established Instagram stars.

Each section includes a range of video clips, which, while short, include helpful notes on strategy and optimization.

There are also specific tips and notes for each post type.

Instagram Creator Lab

And before you ask, yes, understanding the algorithm is a key focus.

Instagram Creator Lab

There’s actually quite a few notes on understanding Instagram’s various algorithms, and answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Instagram Creator Lab

Which is valuable to note, while other sections look at Instagram’s growing suite of monetization tools, managing negative experiences (like online trolls), and more.

Monetization is a growing focus for Instagram, as it looks to combat the rise of TikTok. While hugely popular, TikTok’s monetization systems are not as refined as those on Instagram or YouTube, which could be a key weak point in its process, and could eventually see more big creators move to the more established apps instead.

In order to win in this element, however, Instagram and YouTube need to highlight the revenue potential that they respectively provide, which is a part of what this new initiative is all about.

The fact that these notes of advice are coming from creators, who’ve actually gone through all these processes before, makes it even more valuable, and it’s interesting to hear the insights direct from users, as opposed to reading Instagram’s help center guide notes.

If you’re looking to maximize your Instagram performance, it’s worth a look, and worth going through each section one-by-one to glean what you can from the various tips and notes, which could have a big impact on your understanding, and subsequent posting strategies.

You can check out Instagram’s Creator Lab här.



Tillståndet för sökmotoroptimering 2022: statistik och trender du behöver veta [Infographic]


The State of Search Engine Optimization in 2022: Stats and Trends You Need to Know [Infographic]

Are you concerned about the ROI of your SEO strategy? Want to learn the key issues that will affect SEO in the year ahead?

Teamet från ROI Revolution share the stats and trends you need to know in this infographic.

They cover the following areas:

  • ROI survey data
  • Biggest challenges in SEO
  • Top threats to SEO
  • SEO trending data
  • Top SEO metrics

Kolla in infografik för mer.

En version av detta inlägg publicerades först på Röd webbdesignblogg.


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