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Instagram testar nya inlägg och rullar i helskärmsläge


Instagram Tests New, Full-Screen, Scrollable Display of Posts and Reels

Oh wow, what a surprise this is.

Som rapporterats av TechCrunch, Instagram has launched an initial test of a new, full-screen variation of its main feed display, which makes IG content look a lot more like TikTok, leaning into the latest usage trends.

Which is not a huge surprise because the updated UI was spotted in testing back in March, with reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi posting this example.

Which makes sense – Instagram has already said that it’s working to align its content feed around Reels, given the popularity of the format, while just last week, Meta noted that Rullar already makes up more than 20% of the time people spend on Instagram.

As such, it seems like a no-brainer for Instagram to move further in this direction – though TechCrunch does note that Stories would remain at the top of the screen in this new layout, with the Stories bar still positioned along the top of the app (it’s just not visible in the above example).

But eventually, that too will change.

As you can see in the above video example, there are actually Stories integrated into this full-screen display format, with a frame indicator along the bottom of Stories posts, which prompt the user to swipe left to see the rest of the content.


I would hazard a guess that this is the ultimate end-game for this new layout, which would bring all Instagram content into this updated display layout, and make it easier to catch up on all IG content in a single stream.

The only real complication is that Instagram makes money from Stories ads, displaying full-screen promotions in between Stories.

That’s likely why Instagram’s not looking to merge everything together as yet – but as it advances its monetization tools, you can bet that this is where things are headed, with all Instagram content to flow through a full screen, scrollable feed of static posts, Reels and Stories, all in one.

It’s not here yet, but it’s coming, and this new experiment is the first step towards the next iteration of the ‘Gram.



Instagram Launches New Hands-Free Recording Support for Samsung Flip Phones


Instagram Launches New Hands-Free Recording Support for Samsung Flip Phones

Flip phones are back, with the early 2000’s trend inspiring a new range of advanced mobile devices from Samsung that provide alternative functionality, and have already caught on with many new fans.

And with this, Instagram is looking to move in line with the trend, with the addition of new hands-free creation options on Samsung Flip phones.

Som förklarat av Instagram:

“Alongside other Meta apps that are improved to work with these devices, Instagram will now adapt to and provide you with the best experience on these phones when you flip them. With FlexCam on Galaxy Z Flip4, you can fold the phone and place it on a surface freestanding to record hand-free videos. Now you can create Stories and Reels without a stand or tripod.”

As you can see from these images, the new flip phone functionality provides another way to capture IG content, with the flip display enabling easier set-up for still shots, by essentially including an in-built stand that can sit on flat surfaces.

Of course, users are able to utilize hands-free recording on IG already, with a ‘Hands Free’ mode built into the app’s camera tools. So functionally, it’s not a major advance, but it does provide another option for flip phone users, which could be of value for those that regularly record IG video, and want an easier way to create better, more stable shots at all times.

Instagram additionally notes that it’s working to further enhance its Android features, with improved load times and support for higher resolution videos. Those updates are still in development – but if you’re super cool and already have a new Samsung flip phone, you can start using this new hands-free functionality straight away.



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