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LinkedIn Engagement Continues to Grow, Ad Revenue Rising Amid Economic Recovery


LinkedIn continues to see ‘record levels’ of engagement, with user sessions up 19% in the most recent quarter, as reported by parent company Microsoft.

Microsoft Q1 22 update

As you can see in this slide from Microsoft’s Q1 2022 earnings report, LinkedIn engagement once again grew, while the platform’s ad revenue also increased 42% YoY “driven by strong reklam- demand and an improving job market”.

LinkedIn is well-placed to capitalize on the resurgence in business activity as the COVID vaccine roll-out continues. With more people seeking new jobs, and businesses looking to re-shape their processes, many to accommodate new approaches to hybrid participation, the platform will be a key connector, linking B2B organizations, in particular, to new opportunity.

LinkedIn has continued to thrive under Microsoft, which purchased the platform back in 2016 – though it has had a significant hiccup of late, with the app essentially forced out of China due to rising government regulation in the region.

At last count, LinkedIn was up to 774 million total members, but the loss of China will remove some 54 million from that stat.

LinkedIn members worldwide

Of course, as we’ve noted previously, ‘members’ and ‘active users’ are not the same thing, but the usage data does show that overall LinkedIn engagement continues to rise, even without a specific number on how many people, exactly, use the platform every month.

LinkedIn has continued to add new tools to help advertisers tap into rising audience engagement, including the option to boost posts with paid reach, long form posting tools for company pages, och en ny Learning Hub to facilitate professional development.

LinkedIn’s also looking to tap into the rising interest in digital events, which will lessen somewhat as COVID restrictions ease, but LinkedIn still sees significant opportunity in hosting virtual functions on its platform, enabling brands to maximize reach and exposure through the app.

LinkedIn’s also seeking to tap into the creator economy, with its own skaparverktyg och funding initiatives, designed to provide more incentive for thought leaders to maximize their LinkedIn presence.

Which seems like it would be less appealing, in general, than similar programs on more creative platforms like TikTok or Instagram, but many business professionals are also looking to establish their presence via LinkedIn, and the more good, engaging content that LinkedIn can add to its platform, the better.

Clearly, the numbers suggest that it’s on the right track, though how much of that is driven by LinkedIn posts and how much is driven by broader workforce trends is impossible to say.

Either way, some more usage data to consider in your LinkedIn marketing approach.



Parler meddelar att det har avslutat sitt förvärvsavtal med Kanye West


Kanye West is Buying Conservative Social Media Platform Parler to Voice His Unfiltered Opinions

Kanye West will not follow in Elon Musk’s footsteps and buy his own social media platform, with Parler confirming today that it has ended negotiations with West on a possible sale of the app.

The reasoning behind the decision is not clear, but West has continued to share his controversial opinions in various media opportunities of late, which has resulted in him losing a range of sponsor and partnership deals, and has decimated his net worth.

Axios has rapporterad that West’s financial situation, as a result of these impacts, has played at least some role in the dissolution of the Parler deal.

West originally announced his intention to acquire Parler back in October, saying at the time that he needed to buy his own platform in order to share his unfiltered opinions with the world.

"People had talked about it and mentioned this idea for years, but enough was enough.”

In the weeks leading up to that announcement, West had been suspended from both Instagram and Twitter efter deliberately pushing his limits on both by sharing offensive, anti-Semitic remarks. That then led West to Parler, and with Elon Musk moving to take over at Twitter, West saw an opportunity to also play a part in what he saw as a broader shift towards allowing more free and open speech.

But now, West is moving on – though he will continue with his 2024 Presidential run, apparently.

West has also seemingly pinned his hopes on Musk for a future reformation of social media moderation rules.

At least, I think that’s what this means.

The announcement leaves Parler in a less than certain predicament, as it continues its efforts to develop a more sustainable business model in order to maintain operation as a free speech platform.

In the wake of the Capitol Riots, Parler was almost killed off entirely when both Apple and Google removed the app from their respective stores due its lax moderation policies, which they said had allowed too many posts that encouraged violence and crime. Amazon then also refused to host Parler on its web-hosting service due to repeated violations of its rules.

Parler was eventually able to save itself by rolling out additional moderation rules, in alignment with the requirements of each platform, which subsequently caused a level of angst among its core user base. Parler has since been found to be censoring certain posts, and removing certain users, which has prompted further criticism of the app, and with Elon taking over at Twitter, and promising a more open approach to what can be shared via tweet, it seems like Parler’s days could indeed be numbered, especially if Musk is able to implement a significant change in Twitter’s approach.

Which will also be challenging. Just as Parler had to change its moderation approach in line with app store policies, Twitter will also have to maintain its processes on the same, which could impede Musk’s push to enable more free and open speech in the app.

Elon’s looking to challenge this, but again, there will always be a level of moderation required, which will likely always exceed what free speech advocates would prefer, given evolving rules in Europe and other regions.

And for Kanye, it seems like his ambitions for owning his own social platform are now shelved, at least for the time being.


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