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Meta tillkännager talare och agenda för nästa veckas "Conversations" Business Messaging Conference


Meta Announces Speakers and Agenda for Next Week's 'Conversations' Business Messaging Conference

Meta’s holding its first ever ‘Conversations’ business messaging conference next week (5/19), where it will showcase its latest innovations and coming upgrades for its messaging platforms, which now cumulatively have over 2 billion users.

And it’s bringing out the big guns for the event, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who’ll deliver the main keynote address, along with COO Sheryl Sandberg and Uber chief Dara Khosrowshahi.

I mean, that makes sense, Uber has essentially built its business on messaging, and Sandberg will sit down with Khosrowshahi to get his insights into how messaging platforms have facilitated Uber’s growth, and fueled its connection strategy.

In other sessions, Meta’s internal engineers will discuss the latest messaging upgrades and business tools, which will likely include new eCommerce integrations and advanced ad tools for WhatsApp.

Meta’s been trying to generate more revenue from WhatsApp since it purchased the platform for $19 billion back in 2014. Those efforts have forced Meta to gradually change the focus of WhatsApp, and in some aspects, soften its privacy features, which is at least part of the reason why former WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum left the company back in 2018.

But at 2 billion users, WhatsApp presents huge revenue potential, if Meta can get it right.

It’ll be interesting to see if it has any new solutions on this front to share next week.

Following the keynote presentations, there’ll be a range of breakout sessions and deep-dives, covering topics like ‘How to get started with messaging to support your customers’, ‘Building conversational commerce experiences’ and ‘Working with Meta’s partner ecosystem’.

It could be worth tuning in to glean some more insight into how messaging can complement your business process.

You can check out the full Conversations agenda här where you can also register to attend the single day event.



Meta lanserar två nya konstprojekt för att lyfta fram Metaversens kreativa möjligheter


Meta Launches Two New Art Projects to Highlight the Creative Opportunities of the Metaverse

Meta’s looking to better highlight the rising creative opportunities of its metaverse push, via two new art installations which will use mixed reality elements in their presentation.

The first is a ‘Meta House’ activation för Miami Art Week (December 1-3), which will include mixed reality experiences from emerging artists like COVLYONK och mer.

As you can see in this mini-documentary, digital artists are discovering new forms of expression within these evolving digital spaces, and Meta’s looking to highlight these artists, and the potential of such, to promote future opportunities.

Meta House will also feature live performances from Doja Cat and GloRilla, so it’s a pretty big, and expensive push from Meta to boost its appeal in this respect.

On another front, Instagram’s launching a new exhibition to showcase the work of Tomás Karmelo Amaya, which will also incorporate augmented reality elements.

“The exhibit ‘Embracing Our Sovereignty’ offers a glimpse into the lives of Amaya’s Indigenous family, friends and collaborators. For Amaya – a writer, director and multidisciplinary artist who is A:shiwi, Rarámuri and Yoeme – AR is a new space. In collaboration with Hayato Kuno, a visual and technical artist in Japan, Amaya used Meta Spark to add layers of meaning and storytelling to three of his images.

The activations are part of Meta’s larger push to better ingratiate itself with creative communities, and provide more avenues for monetization and expression via its tools.

Som förklarat av Meta:

“The next generation of art, culture and social interaction will be expressed through mediums that blend the physical and digital worlds – also known as mixed reality. And we envision the people leading this movement to be creatives from all backgrounds.”

Meta knows that if it wants its metaverse to be a hit, it will need creators to take part in building more engaging, original and unique experiences. Meta can’t do this alone, and with the expanded opportunities of VR art and other forms of digital expression, aligning itself with creative communities as it moves into these elements will be a key building block for its next-level experiences.

It’ll be interesting to see where Meta goes with this, and whether it does indeed help to make its various digital platforms a more appealing prospect for emerging artists.

And for marketers, it could help to provide some guidance on the creative opportunities for your own promotions, now and in future.

Meta’s Meta House will be open as part of Miami Art Week from December 1st to 3rd, while ‘Embracing Our Sovereignty’ opens on December 1st at 145 Plymouth Street in Brooklyn, NY.


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