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Reddit lanserar ny serie "Meet Your Maker" marknadsföringsfallstudier


Reddit Launches New 'Meet Your Maker' Marketing Case Studies Series

Have you considered Reddit for your marketing efforts?

If you have, you’ve also likely considered the how, with Reddit, in times past at least, not being the most obvious promotional option for brands, while its steadily expanding range of ad options also raises more questions as to the best approach for each business.

This might help – today, Reddit has announced a new video series that will highlight how various brands have successfully used the platform to boost their brand awareness and sales.

The new series, titled ‘Meet Your Maker’, takes an interview-based approach, providing direct insight from the marketing leaders at each brand.

Som förklarat av Reddit:

“Hosted on the Reddit for Business microsite, and accompanied by downloadable expanded case studies, Meet Your Maker offers marketers a glimpse into the strategy and thinking behind best in class campaigns on Reddit. As an ongoing series, Meet Your Maker’s homepage will be updated regularly with new episodes and case studies spotlighting how brands are using Reddit in innovative and creative ways.”

Reddit 'Meet Your Maker'

It could be just the thing you need to get your head around Reddit ads, and the potential that they offer – and with over 50 miljoner dagliga aktiva användare, in more than 100,000 active, engaged communities, there’s definitely potential for audience research and connection, in a range of ways.

Though it does seem that Reddit has taken a slight backwards step of late, in terms of usage.

At the end of 2019, Reddit reported having 430 million monthly active users, which it altered in 2020, instead reporting 52 million daily actives. There’s no definitive correlation between daily and monthly usage, so only Reddit would know for sure, but that likely points to a decline in users – unless only around 12% of its monthly users are logging in on a daily basis.

But even more recently, on Reddit Press site, it’s now reporting 50 million users.

Reddit usage stats

Could it be that Reddit, like every other platform, has lost some ground to TikTok?

That would make sense. Reddit is a key source of memes and trends, which is also now TikTok’s bread and butter, and maybe that means that a few less people are now logging onto Reddit each day as a result.

Either way, scale isn’t the most relevant audience stat for most brands, and if you’re looking to get your promotions in front of a highly engaged, interested audience, there could be value in subreddit targeting – and these new case study notes could provide the tips you need to make the most of your efforts.

You can check out Reddit’s ‘Meet Your Maker’ series här, which will be regularly updated with new episodes as they become available.



Google lanserar nya tilläggsuppmaningar för att vägleda upptäckt i sökning


Google Launches New Add-On Prompts to Guide Discovery in Search

With AI technology advancing, and changing the way that people use various apps by providing more recommendations and suggestions in process, Google har idag announced a new update for Search which will provide related topics to help refine your query as you go.

As you can see in these examples, now, Google will provide a listing of related topics within your Search results, providing an easy way for users to simply tap on each and hone their results.

Enligt Google:

"You can add or remove topics, which are designated by a + symbol, to quickly zoom in or backtrack on a search. For example, if you’re searching for ‘dinner ideas’, you might see topics like ‘healthy’ or ‘easy’. Tapping on a topic adds it to your query, helping you quickly refine your search results with less typing.”

So it’s essentially Pinterest’s ‘Guided Search’ which it added back in 2014, but within the main Google Search page.

Pinterest Guided Search

Google’s actually already replicated Guided Search several times, for recipes, bilder and within its Shopping tab. As such, this, functionally, this, functionally, isn’t anything new, but it is interesting to consider within the context of the general Google Search process, and how it might play a role in driving future discovery trends, and maximizing the functionality of the app.

Google says that the related topic listings are dynamic, and will evolve based on your behavior.

“When you conduct a search, our systems automatically display relevant topics for you based on what we understand about how people search and from analyzing content across the web. Both topics and filters are shown in the order that our systems automatically determine is most helpful for your specific query. If you don’t see a particular filter you want, you can find more using the “All filters” option, which is available at the end of the row.”

So you’ll have a few ways to refine the results, which could make it easier to skim through different ideas, and zone in on more specific areas.

In terms of SEO, that shouldn’t have a big impact, as it’s working with existing trends, so the add-on qualifiers should relate to what people are already searching for, as opposed to guided users towards new and different areas of interest.

But it could amplify existing trends, by reiterating them to more users. For example, if people who search for ‘dinner ideas’ are regularly being shown ‘healthy’ as an add-on, that could make ‘healthy dinner ideas’ a bigger search trend over time, as more people lean into such because of these prompts, as opposed to taking whatever results they would have got without the add-on term.

So it could guide user behavior towards more common trends. Which shouldn’t have a big impact, but could, again, help to make the most common trends even more significant.

Maybe that has an impact on long-tail search terms and more specific trends, as people stop getting more granular – but that also supposes that a lot of people end up using these add-on terms, which we don’t know will happen as yet.

As noted, AI and machine learning-based systems are becoming more common elements in guiding user behavior online, with newer systems like ChatGPT potentially even besting Google for more in-depth answers to user prompts, based on various web-based inputs. Some believe that these systems could actually disrupt Google’s hold on the Search ecosystem, and as such, it’s not really surprising to see Google looking to add more guided elements into search to lean into this shift.

It’ll be interesting to see how these systems evolve, and whether they do indeed lead to the rise of a new challenger in Search and discovery.

Before that happens, you can bet that Google will add in more tools and options to enhance its processes.

The new Google add-on prompts are being rolled out to US users from this week, with other regions to follow.


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