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Twitter Announces New, Exclusive Video Programming at 2021 NewFronts Event


Twitter har meddelat a range of new video partnerships at its annual NewFronts event, including exclusive sports content from the MLB, WNBA and NHL, new news broadcasts from NBC, and other, exclusive video agreements that will further expand Twitter’s partner content slate.

The big focus this year, at least from a sporting perspective, will be the Tokyo Olympics – if, of course, the event does indeed go ahead amid the ongoing pandemic.

Twitter confirmed in 2019 that it had secured a deal for exclusive Olympics content (when it was scheduled for 2020), and today, the platform provided further details its arrangement with NBC, which will include an original live video show for Twitter called ‘Talkin’ Tokyo’, hosted by Adam Rippon and featuring other Olympic celebrities.

NBC will also host a daily poll which will let Twitter users vote on a ‘live look-in’ on NBC’s Primetime or Primetime Plus Olympic broadcasts each night, while it will also supply real-time video highlights throughout each day of the event.

On other sports, Twitter will also continue to broadcast live content and highlights from MLB, live pre-game shows for the NHL, while it will also air 12 live WNBA games throughout the season.

Twitter has also announced a new agreement with Riot Games to broadcast a live watch party for the League Championship Series (LCS), which will tie into the rising gaming discussion on the platform.

On news content, Twitter has announced an expanded partnership with NBCUniversal, which will look to share exclusive content from TODAY, CNBC and Noticias Telemundo to the platform ‘in totally new ways’. And interestingly, NBC News will also extend its ‘Inspiring America’ content series to audio via Twitter Spaces, the first new exclusive content deal for the platforms new audio functionality.

Twitter’s also announced a new programming deal with Billboard, which will include a focus on the most discussed songs in tweets, while it’s also outlined new video programming partnerships with Genius, Refinery29 and Tastemade.

That will expand Twitter’s slate of video content, which advertisers will then be able to promote against. Twitter also recently launched its new Curated Categories for video ads, which will provide more options for brands to align their video promotions with its premium video broadcasts.

Twitter curated categories

Som förklarat av Twitter:

Curated Categories include niche topics like light-hearted content, football, basketball, soccer, or gaming personalities and allow advertisers to run their pre-roll against video content from publishers covering the topic of choice. The publishers included in each of our Curated Categories are always hand-selected by Twitter teams for their relevance and conversation driving ability within their category’s topic, ensuring a deeper level of contextual alignment for brands.” 

That’ll provide more opportunities to tap into highly engaged conversation groups on Twitter, with sports, in particular, providing a lot of opportunity based on these new announcements.

There is strong potential here, and while video has never really taken off on the platform the way Twitter would have hoped, its ongoing content deals still facilitate direct audience connection, and Twitter users are increasingly watching more video content on the platform every year. 

Amid the various COVID lockdowns around the world, video views on Twitter increased by 62% from 2019 to 2020, while it also saw a 72% year-over-year increase in overall on-platform watch time. Those trends will normalize somewhat as the vaccine roll-outs continue on, but they do show that people are increasingly looking to video content, and video consumption habits are changing, which is important to note.

Twitter also says that more than 70% of user sessions now include video.

In addition to this, Twitter says that its Amplify pre-roll offering has proven increasingly popular over time, and is generating good results for brands.

There’s a range of potential opportunities here, and as people’s approaches to video content shift, it’s worth considering how your promotional strategies are evolving in-line.

Maybe, through tools like Curated Categories, and these new video programs, there could be a new outreach strategy waiting in the tweets. 



Twitter utökar innehållsrekommendationer, visar användare fler tweets från profiler de inte följer


Twitter Expands Content Recommendations, Showing Users More Tweets from Profiles They Don’t Follow

Suddenly seeing a heap more random accounts appear in your Twitter feed?

This is why – today, Twitter ramped up its tweet recommendations for a heap more users.

So you’re going to see more tweets in your feed based on things like:

  • Interests based on tweet activity
  • Topics you follow
  • Tweets you’ve engaged with
  • Tweets people in your network like
  • People followed by people you follow

There’s a heap of expanded exposure potential here, and Twitter, in an effort to juice engagement, is looking to keep people in the app for as long as possible, which, ideally, these recommendations will facilitate.

It’s similar to how Facebook and Instagram are now showing you more AI-based content recommendations, which stems from TikTok, and its focus on highlighting the most relevant content to each user, which is not directly tied to your own social graph.

There was a time when your social graph was the defining factor, which gave Facebook a huge advantage, but now, there’s been a bigger shift towards entertainment over social interaction, which expands the potential to show each user more interesting content, from a much broader range of sources.

Conceptually it makes sense, but it’s largely reliant on the platform algorithms being actually good at showing you the best content, based on your interests. TikTok is very good at this, hooking into your expressed likes and dislikes based on your viewing history.

Twitter, however, not so much.

In my experience, Twitter’s recommended topics are always pretty far off, and even within those topics, the tweets it highlights tend to also be off-topic, uninteresting, and even just weird a lot of the time.

Right now, Twitter seems convinced that I’m interested in ‘AirBnB’, ‘skönhet Influencers’ and ‘Blink 182’. I’m not interested in any of these things, which I’ve tried to tell Twitter’s algorithms by selecting the ‘Not interested in this topic’ option – yet every time I re-open the app, they’re on my Explore page once again.

It could be worse – last month it was showing me ‘Peanuts’ comics, so I had Charlie Brown’s massive head staring back at me every time I tapped over to the Explore tab.

Again, I’ve directly told Twitter that I’m not interested, but it keeps showing them to me, while today, after this new announcement, this is what my feed currently looks like:

And they just keep coming – every time I scroll back to the top, another 20 tweets are in my feed, with 80% being recommendations.

Look, this is probably a short-term push, and maybe it helps people discover new users to follow, and helps Twitter boost engagement. But again, if you’re seeing a heap more recommendations, this is why.

Hopefully, the feedback will help Twitter refine its topic and content streams.  


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