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Twitter Expands Test of Threaded Tweet Replies to More Users, Adds New Format Tweaks


Whats a second, isn’t this…? Didn’t Twitter already announce this?

I dag, Twitter has announced that some users on iOS and web will now see its new threaded tweet replies layout, which includes a line linking replies to the original tweet.

Which is what Twitter also announced tillbaka i februari.

In fact, the threaded reply presentation has been in testing, in various forms, since September 2018, so it’s not exactly new, and plenty of people have already seen it. So why the announcement today?

Well, there are a couple of changes.

First, in this new version, when you tap on a reply tweet, you’ll now get a new thread of responses to that specific comment. Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong provided a look at this functionality early last month.

There’s also this new tweak:

Twitter threaded replies

Note that none of these tweets have Like, Retweet or reply icons – Twitter says that it’s experimenting with hiding its engagement tools “behind a tap for replies”. The idea is that by keeping them hidden, it puts more focus on the conversation itself. 

These are relatively small tweaks, but for one, they no doubt take a lot more work for Twitter’s engineers, and two, they could have a more significant impact than many would think. Simply not having the Like and retweet options immediately on screen, for example, could reduce people’s instinctive responses, and maybe, make them comment instead, and engage with the original tweet in their own way. 

The updates stem from Twitter’s experimental Twttr app, which has been beta testing various options among a selected usage group for the past 15 months. Not many of the features in testing have made it through to the live Twitter environment as yet, so it’s encouraging to see Twitter moving forward with its test of threaded replies – even if it doesn’t seem like a major innovation.

Of course, Twitter’s also working on bigger projects like Fleets, its own take the Stories format, so it’s not like we’re completely starved of tweet innovation. And as noted, these changes, while small, could have an interesting impact.

Ultimately, the data will tell the tale – Twitter säger that it’s testing this new reply layout “with a small group on iOS and web to see how it affects following and engaging with a convo”. Hopefully we’ll get more insight on the experiment soon.  



LinkedIn Announces Expanded Roll-Out of New ‘Focused Inbox’ Format for InMail


LinkedIn Announces Expanded Roll-Out of New ‘Focused Inbox’ Format for InMail

You may have noticed a change to your LinkedIn messaging tab this week.

Today, LinkedIn has bekräftad that its new ‘Focused Inbox’ format, which re-routes less valuable messages into an ‘Other’ tab in your LinkedIn message stream, is being rolled out to all users in the app.

Initially announced by LinkedIn back in September, Focused Inbox provides you with two separate InMail tabs – ’Focused’ and ‘Other’. In this context, ‘Other’ could just as easily be labeled ‘Spam’ – but the purpose, essentially, is to filter out the junk, and highlight the most important outreach in the app.

Som förklarat av LinkedIn Product Manager Deepan Mehta:

"We’ve heard from many of you that you want a better way to organize your LinkedIn inbox. So I’m excited to share that we’re now rolling out a new and improved LinkedIn messaging experience to make it easier for our members around the globe to find and respond to the messages that matter most. Focused Inbox offers a dual-tabbed experience that categorizes your incoming messages into “Focused” and “Other.” Focused contains the most relevant new opportunities and outreach, while Other contains the remainder of your conversations.”

Mehta also notes that ‘conversations’ on LinkedIn are up nearly 20% year-over-year, with many people increasingly turning to messaging to connect and engage with each other in the app.

‘Conversations’ is a bit vague, but LinkedIn’s generally pretty unclear with its engagement stats. As a reminder, LinkedIn has reported ‘record levels’ of engagement pretty much every quarter since 2018, shortly after Microsoft acquired the professional networking app.

Microsoft is actually the originator of the new Focused Inbox approach, with the functionality originally launched for Outlook, before making its way to LinkedIn.

How much it improves the experience will come down, mostly, to how many messages you receive – though it’ll be interesting to note where LinkedIn’s paid InMails end up.

You would assume that LinkedIn will still be pushing paid promos into your main inbox, though a promotion from LinkedIn got filtered into my ‘Other’ folder this week. Just one aspect to note.

Mehta says that LinkedIn is gradually rolling out Focused Inbox to all members globally, so if you don’t have it yet, you will soon.


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