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Twitter Launches Super Follower Only Spaces as it Builds on its Creator Monetization Options


Twitter Launches Super Follower Only Spaces as it Builds on its Creator Monetization Options

Twitter’s rolling out a new subscriber-only element to help creators build their in-app communities, with Super Follower only Spaces now available to selected creators that offer subscriptions.

Som förklarat av Twitter:

"Now with Super Follows-only Spaces, creators can offer an extra layer of conversation to their biggest supporters beyond Tweets by engaging them through live audio. 

As you can see in the above screenshots, the new Super Followers only Spaces will have a different color palette for the Spaces link, with a note at the top that it’s a ‘Super Followers only’ broadcast.

Those who aren’t paying subscribers will still be able to see these broadcasts when shared, but they’ll need to sign on as a Super Follower to get access.

Super Follower Spaces

That could be a good way to help build your subscriber base, by offering exclusive Spaces that others can see the preview for, and also see who else is tuning in, which may act as a strong enticement for them to also sign up.

Super Follows, overall, remains minor element, as Twitter continues to experiment with creator monetization features, with a view to giving top creators more reason to make the app a bigger focus.

Twitter hasn’t released any official stats on Super Follower usage, but in its most recent earnings report, the company noted that it brought in $94 million from subscription and other revenue (including data licensing) in the period, which is a decrease of 31% year-over-year.

Given that Super Follows was launched in September, that would suggest that interest, thus far, has been very low – though at the same time, not many people can actually activate the option as yet.

Users that do have Super Follows available can set a monthly subscription cost of between $2.99 and $9.99 a month, with Twitter taking a small percentage of each transaction.

Part of the problem with Super Follows, however, is that there’s not a heap of reason for people to pay, as they’ve been able to access people’s tweets for free forever. So why would they start paying for them now?

The process does enable creators to share exclusive tweets with their paying subscribers, and there are other ways to offer members-only elements. But in general, Super Follow goes against the nature of the platform, which has always been about more open, public conversation.

That perceptual shift is likely a key impediment for broader Super Follows adoption, which also relies on creators to come up with detailed strategies as to what they’re going to offer to their paying audience.

For many, that’s more difficult than it sounds. And while some users might like to think that people will just pay to read their tweets – because they like them and what they share in the app already – the reality, evidently, is that they won’t, unless there are some really enticing add-on elements to motivate that spend.

Which is where Super Follower Spaces could come into play, and it could end up being a good, simple lure to help creators maximize their subscribers in the app.

It’s a fairly low cost, low commitment content add-on. And if you have followers that are highly engaged in what you have to say already, airing an exclusive audio show could be the thing that makes them more comfortable about parting with their hard-earned cash.

We’ll find out – Twitter says the option is being rolled out to all Super Follower creators from this week.

Super Follows is still in testing with select creators in the US on iOS. Subscribers globally on iOS and Android will be able to join and request to speak in these Super Follows-only Spaces, while subscribers on web will be able to join and listen, but not speak in these broadcasts.



Twitter utökar innehållsrekommendationer, visar användare fler tweets från profiler de inte följer


Twitter Expands Content Recommendations, Showing Users More Tweets from Profiles They Don’t Follow

Suddenly seeing a heap more random accounts appear in your Twitter feed?

This is why – today, Twitter ramped up its tweet recommendations for a heap more users.

So you’re going to see more tweets in your feed based on things like:

  • Interests based on tweet activity
  • Topics you follow
  • Tweets you’ve engaged with
  • Tweets people in your network like
  • People followed by people you follow

There’s a heap of expanded exposure potential here, and Twitter, in an effort to juice engagement, is looking to keep people in the app for as long as possible, which, ideally, these recommendations will facilitate.

It’s similar to how Facebook and Instagram are now showing you more AI-based content recommendations, which stems from TikTok, and its focus on highlighting the most relevant content to each user, which is not directly tied to your own social graph.

There was a time when your social graph was the defining factor, which gave Facebook a huge advantage, but now, there’s been a bigger shift towards entertainment over social interaction, which expands the potential to show each user more interesting content, from a much broader range of sources.

Conceptually it makes sense, but it’s largely reliant on the platform algorithms being actually good at showing you the best content, based on your interests. TikTok is very good at this, hooking into your expressed likes and dislikes based on your viewing history.

Twitter, however, not so much.

In my experience, Twitter’s recommended topics are always pretty far off, and even within those topics, the tweets it highlights tend to also be off-topic, uninteresting, and even just weird a lot of the time.

Right now, Twitter seems convinced that I’m interested in ‘AirBnB’, ‘skönhet Influencers’ and ‘Blink 182’. I’m not interested in any of these things, which I’ve tried to tell Twitter’s algorithms by selecting the ‘Not interested in this topic’ option – yet every time I re-open the app, they’re on my Explore page once again.

It could be worse – last month it was showing me ‘Peanuts’ comics, so I had Charlie Brown’s massive head staring back at me every time I tapped over to the Explore tab.

Again, I’ve directly told Twitter that I’m not interested, but it keeps showing them to me, while today, after this new announcement, this is what my feed currently looks like:

And they just keep coming – every time I scroll back to the top, another 20 tweets are in my feed, with 80% being recommendations.

Look, this is probably a short-term push, and maybe it helps people discover new users to follow, and helps Twitter boost engagement. But again, if you’re seeing a heap more recommendations, this is why.

Hopefully, the feedback will help Twitter refine its topic and content streams.  


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