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Twitter Removes Live Stream Guests Option in Order to Improve Broadcast Quality


Here’s a relatively small change, though it will impact some users. Today, Twitter has announced that it’s removing its video live-stream guests option, which enabled users to add audio-only guests into their live-stream broadcasts.

As you can see from the original tweet in this chain, Twitter launched the functionality in March last year, helping to cater to the rising interest in live-stream connection. Though even at launch, Twitter’s audio guests option was already well behind the functionality available on other apps.

At the time, Zoom was taking off as a live meeting platform, enabling multiple video participants at one time, while Instagram och Facebook both also provide streaming broadcasts with video guests (though it is worth noting that Facebook retired this option in late 2019, before bringing it back due to the pandemic).

Facebook Live with guests

That meant that people already had plenty of options for live broadcast connection, with full video functionality, and as such, maybe Twitter’s audio guests option just didn’t catch on, and wasn’t catering to demand, which is why Twitter’s removing it.

I mean, I’m assuming usage has been relatively low, otherwise Twitter would keep it – but as Twitter notes, the main reason for the removal of its live guests option is that it will better enable Twitter to improve its video playback quality, which has been a focus of late.

Interestingly, Facebook has just today meddelat a new option for gaming streamers to co-stream with friends, underlining demand for this type of interaction – so clearly, there is an interest in video connection. Just not video connection with audio, or at least, not enough to outweigh the server demands which would facilitate better video quality.

Again, it’s probably not a major loss, and if you want to have audio guests, you now have Twitter Spaces to fill that gap. And you can still stream, on Twitter or elsewhere, and cater to all the different usage options, you just can’t have audio invitees tapping into your Twitter streams.

It might mean a shift in focus or planning, but the impacts are likely minimal.

Twitter says that the update will go into effect from today.



15 sätt B2B Influencer Marketing Industry förändras [Infographic]


15 Ways the B2B Influencer Marketing Industry is Changing [Infographic]

As social platforms have become more creative, and increasingly aligned with entertainment, influencer marketing has become a more important tactic, with brands able to tap into platform experts, and their established followings, to boost their brand messaging.

And while it may not immediately seem like as a good a fit as B2C, B2B brands are also increasingly looking to influencers to help expand their brand messaging, with more and more businesses seeking endorsement and acknowledgment from key voices in their space.

That’s the finding of Top Rank Marketing’s latest ‘B2B Influencer Marketing Report’, which includes a heap of insights into key trends, shifts and future predictions for the B2B sector, which could help to shape your marketing approach.

Top Rank has also collected some of the key findings into the below infographic, providing a valuable lead-in to the main report.

You can download the full report här.


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