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Twitter Surveys Users on Possible Options for Tweet Subscriptions


Tidigare den här månaden, Twitter posted a job listing for a new position working on a project called ‘Gryphon’ which, the ad explained, would be focused on “building a subscription platform, one that can be reused by other teams in the future.”

Subscriptions for tweets? How would that work?

Twitter has since bekräftad that it is indeed working on “subscriptions and other approaches” as potential revenue opportunities, and this week, some users have reported seeing a new Twitter survey which asks them about a range of potential options that they might be willing to pay for, another step towards the next stage for the project.

The options which could be made available via Twitter subscriptions include:

  • Undo send – An option to recall your sent tweets within a 30-second window
  • Custom color options – New ways to customize your Twitter profile presentation
  • Advanced video publishing tools – The capacity to publish significantly longer videos in your tweets
  • Profile badges – A profile badge that länkar back to your business/employer
  • Auto replies – The capacity to add auto-response options to use in your tweet replies
  • Social listening – More insights into your tweet engagement and discussion around your Twitter handle
  • Brand surveys – An option to run surveys about your Twitter ads to get more feedback
  • Custom stickers and hashtags – The capability to create custom stickers and ‘hashflag’ emoji-linked hashtags
  • Job ads – Optional job ad listings
  • Administrator role management – New options to define how staff/contractors can control Twitter your account
  • Insights into other accounts – More analytics options, including the capacity to see all your past reactions with any account
  • Education resources – Access to more Twitter training courses and tools

Probably not exactly what people had in mind when they first considered subscriptions for Twitter.

In addition to these, Twitter is also asking users if they’d be willing to pay to see no ads on the platform, which seems somewhat separate to these more business-focused options.

Definitely, this is not the direction I was expecting Twitter to go with on a potential subscription model. The framework which seemed to best fit was something similar to Facebook’s Fan Subscription tools which enable high-profile users to offer exclusives to paying subscribers, including specialized content, members-only discussion areas, discount options and more.

That could also work via tweets, especially with the introduction of Twitter’s new controls on who can reply to a tweet. That seemed to be the direction Twitter was headed – but these survey options seem more specifically aligned to brand use, and providing tools for businesses, not consumers, who are willing to pay for extra services.

Personally, I don’t find any of these options overly impressive.

For one, most of them you can already facilitate via other means:

  • Custom color options are available in your account settings
  • You can set up auto replies in your DMs, while you can also set up template tweet replies in various social management platforms
  • Social management platforms also facilitate social listening, as does Twitter’s own TweetDeck
  • Brand surveys are already available for managed accounts in most regions
  • Various third-party tools provide insights into other accounts, and there’s a Chrome extension which provides you with a listing of your interaction history with any account you view
  • Twitter already provides a tweet education program in its Flight School
  • Third-party management tools – as well as TweetDeck – also offer administration tools to manage posting permissions

So, given this, you’re now looking at:

  • Undo send – Which Twitter has talked about previously, and could help to catch errors, if it could ever work
  • Longer videos – Do people want to watch longer tweet videos? 
  • Profile badges – Seems relatively minor – you can already include URLs and a description
  • Custom stickers and hashflags – I don’t see how Twitter could offer these options at scale
  • Job ads – No

Overall, given the availability of other tools and options, these don’t seem like overly enticing options, and I can’t imagine many brands would be willing to pay for such. Unless Twitter was to severely restrict its API, and stop third-party tools from providing these tools – but that would also largely go against CEO Jack Dorsey’s push for a more open internet

But then again, maybe I’m missing the point – maybe the whole idea of this initial survey is just to put out the feelers and see what people might be interested in. Many new business users, in particular, wouldn’t be aware of the functionality of various third-party Twitter management apps, and maybe, having all of these tools and options in a centralized system would be better.

Maybe users just want these tools all built into the one platform. But would they actually pay for such?

Maybe. I guess.

In some ways, the proposals here reflect the issues Twitter faces because of its open, public nature. Facebook made much of its graph private, which essentially forces you to use its own management tools to get the best results. LinkedIn limits access – but Twitter is the most utilized API for third party management options simply because it both allows for such, and Twitter doesn’t provide great, native options for the same within its own product suite.

TweetDeck is the prime example – TweetDeck actually is a good, handy tweet management platform, but it’s been given limited focus by Twitter since it acquired it back in 2011. Even in that instance, a third-party developer created a better management tool than Twitter itself had – and really, if Twitter replicated all the functionality available in other Twitter analytics and management tools, and incorporated them into TweetDeck, then made all of it available for a small subscription fee, that would probably be a better option than what it appears to be proposing.

But it’s not necessarily proposing such yet. Again, this is early days, and Twitter is just testing the waters and seeing what people might want.

My response would be ‘none of this’, but we’ll wait and see what comes next.



Meta lanserar två nya konstprojekt för att lyfta fram Metaversens kreativa möjligheter


Meta Launches Two New Art Projects to Highlight the Creative Opportunities of the Metaverse

Meta’s looking to better highlight the rising creative opportunities of its metaverse push, via two new art installations which will use mixed reality elements in their presentation.

The first is a ‘Meta House’ activation för Miami Art Week (December 1-3), which will include mixed reality experiences from emerging artists like COVLYONK och mer.

As you can see in this mini-documentary, digital artists are discovering new forms of expression within these evolving digital spaces, and Meta’s looking to highlight these artists, and the potential of such, to promote future opportunities.

Meta House will also feature live performances from Doja Cat and GloRilla, so it’s a pretty big, and expensive push from Meta to boost its appeal in this respect.

On another front, Instagram’s launching a new exhibition to showcase the work of Tomás Karmelo Amaya, which will also incorporate augmented reality elements.

“The exhibit ‘Embracing Our Sovereignty’ offers a glimpse into the lives of Amaya’s Indigenous family, friends and collaborators. For Amaya – a writer, director and multidisciplinary artist who is A:shiwi, Rarámuri and Yoeme – AR is a new space. In collaboration with Hayato Kuno, en visuell och teknisk konstnär i Japan, använde Amaya Meta Spark att lägga till lager av mening och berättande till tre av hans bilder.

Aktiveringarna är en del av Metas större satsning för att bättre integrera sig i kreativa gemenskaper och ge fler vägar för intäktsgenerering och uttryck via dess verktyg.

Som förklarat av Meta:

”Nästa generation av konst, kultur och social interaktion kommer att uttryckas genom medier som blandar den fysiska och digitala världen – även känd som mixed reality. Och vi föreställer oss att människorna som leder denna rörelse är kreativa från alla bakgrunder.”

Meta vet att om det vill att dess metavers ska bli en hit, kommer det att behöva kreatörer att delta i att bygga mer engagerande, originella och unika upplevelser. Meta kan inte göra detta ensam, och med de utökade möjligheterna med VR-konst och andra former av digitala uttryck, kommer det att anpassa sig till kreativa gemenskaper när det rör sig in i dessa element en viktig byggsten för dess nästa nivås upplevelser.

Det ska bli intressant att se vart Meta tar vägen med detta, och om det verkligen hjälper till att göra dess olika digitala plattformar till ett mer tilltalande perspektiv för framväxande artister.

Och för marknadsförare kan det hjälpa att ge lite vägledning om de kreativa möjligheterna för dina egna kampanjer, nu och i framtiden.

Metas Meta House kommer att vara öppet som en del av Miami Art Week från 1 till 3 december 'Embracing Our Sovereignty' öppnar den 1 december på 145 Plymouth Street i Brooklyn, NY.


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