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3 sätt på vilka blockchain förbättrar din produktförpackning


3 Ways In Which Blockchain Improves Your Product Packaging


Blockchain provides an immersive packaging experience.

The use of blockchain for supply chain processes sees exciting applications that can improve package tracking, consumer awareness and brand protection from counterfeit production.

Supply chains are getting more complex as the number of players involved is increasing. Tracking, communications, contracts, and payments are becoming difficult to be managed. Moreover, businesses have to also focus on their consumers while handling their operations. The use of blockchain for the supply chain can help streamline the processes involved, including product packaging.


How Blockchain Can Simplify Packaging & the Supply Chain Process

Using blockchain for supply chain, including product packaging, enhances the processes and reduces the shortcomings. Here are three ways blockchain is benefitting product packaging operations.

1. Enhanced Tracking and Tracing

With blockchain, customers and businesses can track products right from their origin. Blockchain also enables a quick and easy way for accessing the information with something as simple as having a QR code on the packaging. It forgoes the need to have long information displayed on the packaging boxes.

Since the data on a blockchain is immutable, customers can be assured of the authenticity of the information. Moreover, businesses can trace issues easily in the supply chain, such as recalls. 

Thus, both businesses and customers get enhanced tracking and tracing with blockchain for supply chain. Many companies have already adopted blockchain for the same. For example, Bumble Bee Foods lets users trace information about their yellowfin tuna fish, from when it is caught to the availability on store shelves, using blockchain technology.


2. Reduced Instances of Counterfeiting

As blockchain enhances tracking, tracing and transparency, the instances of counterfeiting are reduced automatically. It ensures businesses and customers that they are getting the right product. For example, a jewelry business can utilize blockchain to eliminate conflict minerals. 

The diamond leader DeBeers is already using blockchain for the same purpose and also eliminating child labor practices from its supply chain. Similarly, customers too can verify the authenticity of their ordered products using blockchain technology. Ardnamurchan distillery has incorporated a QR code on their single-malt scotch bottle that lets buyers verify its authenticity.

3. Improved Contracts and Payments

Blockchain enables smart contracts that enhance contract execution, completion and the payment process. The terms and conditions set in a smart contract cannot be changed once set. Moreover, the contract is executed automatically only after meeting the specified conditions. This helps reduce inefficiencies and automates the process.

Similarly, the payment is also made automatically once the contract has been completed. Looking forward, we can see cryptocurrencies being the default payment method for smart contracts executed on blockchains.

The use of blockchain for supply chain operations, including product packaging, enhances its security and accountability. This is just the beginning of the implementation of blockchain in product packaging. There are still yet-imagined use cases of blockchain in this area, and we can see new applications emerging every day as we move closer towards the ‘Internet of Packaging.’




BCN Group stärker närvaron av Microsoft Cloud Services med Evo-Soft-förvärvet


Merger Deal


BCN Group, a Manchester-based IT cloud and managed services specialist, has acquired Evo-Soft, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central specialist.

The acquisition follows the recent investment by ECI Partners, the leading growth-focused mid-market private equity firm and will bring the combined annual business revenue to more than £50m.

BCN is a digital transformation solutions and managed service provider delivering cloud first data strategies – including Microsoft Modern Workplace, Microsoft Azure, analytics, development, and IT security services – to the mid-market and public sector organisations. The acquisition of Evo-Soft provides BCN with a platform to provide solution driven services for businesses across the UK. The move enhances the group’s focus on and capability of delivering services and solutions from the Microsoft ecosystem.

Founded in 2001, Evo-Soft is a UK top five Microsoft Gold Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Partner. The solution focuses on implementing, supporting, enhancing, and accelerating the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for customers that want to build on process efficiencies, integrate their business solutions, automate manual processing of data, and gain operational control.

Evo-Soft has developed its own bespoke software called Evo-Supply for the importation, distribution, and simple manufacturing industries. The flexible distribution management software has been designed by Microsoft Dynamics developers with years of industry experience and is continually refined, ensuring new and improved features are available.

In addition, Evo-Soft has created specialist software for auction houses, aptly named Evo-Auction, a seamless and cost effective, front and back-end content management integration tool. The software reduces errors, speeds up processes and provides full reporting of live auctions with full integration.

Rob Davies, CEO of BCN Group, said: “The acquisition of Evo-Soft enables BCN to provide more value to our customers, enabling them to continue their digital transformation journey, exercising the full benefits of the Microsoft ecosystem. The existing capabilities around development, Microsoft Modern Workplace, analytics and Microsoft Azure is heightened with the delivering of core business applications services with Microsoft Dynamics. As such we are delighted in supporting further growth with Evo-Soft as part of the BCN Group and even more excited in delivering further digital benefits to our mid-market customers.”


Derek Fisher, sales director and founder of Evo-Soft, said: “We are a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions to importers, wholesalers, distributors, and the auction marketplace. We transform businesses with our award-winning, extensive library of solutions. The BCN acquisition provides a true opportunity for Evo-Soft and our customers to leverage and incorporate the complementary portfolio of relevant and vital IT services required for today’s businesses to continue to scale and thrive.”




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